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Buy and Download Description The QuickSilver LottoWheeler is a special software program, designed to help you improve your chances of winning any six ball lotto game up to 53 numbers that does not use a bonus ball as much as is realistically possible (which is quite a surprising amount).

This program sets itself apart from the masses of other programs that claim to do the same by being based in reality, instead of wishful thinking.  Everything in it came from an assessment of what actually works.  This program uses a combination of full wheeling, a wide variety of extremely customizable static and dynamic filters, and pool reduction.

If you're not familiar with these terms, I'll explain.  Full wheeling means it creates all possible combinations of six unique numbers from a "pool" of at least seven numbers you choose.  For example, if you chose seven numbers to wheel, you would get seven unique combinations of six numbers back; but since the number of combinations rises drastically as you increase your "play pool" of numbers to wheel, LottoWheeler uses an extensive array of both static and dynamic filters.

Static filters are filters that can be configured independent of what happened in the game's drawing history; dynamic filters take advantage of the statisical probability that certain trends will or will not continue.  For example, if you know the last four drawings had four even numbers in them, you know that statistically, this situation is very rare, which makes playing a combination with four even numbers in it for the next drawing a bad bet - so you could filter out those combinations that have four even numbers in them from the results of your wheel with the click of a mouse.

But even with all the incredibly powerful filters I have put into LottoWheeler (and there are many),  and even making them as easy and configurable as I have made them, the lotto games deal with such huge numbers of combinations that we must employ another, even more powerful method for bringing the odds under control.  We must effectively change the game we are playing to reduce the odds significantly enough, and that means we must determine which numbers are least likely to play in the next drawing, and remove them from even being considered.

This technique is known as pool reduction, and it is the most drastic and powerful method in existence for odds reduction.  Removing just one number from play will often reduce the odds against you by over a million to one, and very likely two or even three million to one or more!  Now imagine removing ten, fifteen, or even twenty numbers from consideration, without removing any of the winners, and you begin to see why this method is so incredibly powerful, and important, for really making a difference!

Pool reduction in LottoWheeler is accomplished through either or both of two special modules, known respectively as PoolGen and PoolGen II.  PoolGen is the more advanced, complex and powerful of the two; PoolGen II is for those who prefer quick and simple, while still being very accurate.

LottoWheeler's filters include:
  • The ability to allow or reject each possible number of evens in a combination individually.
  • Minimum and maximum sum of set.
  • Maximum difference between any two consecutive numbers in a set.
  • Specify a maximum amount of numbers that may appear which played in the last drawing.
  • Specify how many numbers that played in the last drawing may play again in the same position.
  • The ability to automatically reject combinations that have the same sum as any of the last 15 winning draws.
  • The ability to reject any combination bearing the same sum value as any of the last 25 sum differences.
  • The ability to specify how many numbers of each ones place and tens place value may pass.
  • Specifically allow or reject two or three consecutive numbers, two pairs of two consecutive numbers, or require at least one pair of consecutive numbers.
  • Maximum consecutive numbers limit.
  • The ability to auto-reject any combination that has the same pattern of even and odd numbers as any of the last 25 winning draws.
  • Individually settable minimum and maximum values for each number position, with the option to set it by the actual game history at the click of a button.
  • The ability to lock a number into any specific position, or lock up to five numbers out of any specific position.
  • Require any, all or only one of up to five key numbers
  • Filter combinations against the game history, and reject any combination that has too many or too few numbers that have already played together.
  • Reject any combination that has a sum value that has not played, or has not played enough times
  • And of course, reject any combination that has too many or too few numbers above or below the midpoint value.

Properly used, LottoWheeler has been known to reduce odds of winning the jackpot by as much as an unbelievable 22:1!  If you spent $1 on the game, your odds of winning the jackpot would be the same as buying $22 worth of random tickets!

LottoWheeler is designed for the serious player who intends to play at least $5 worth of tickets each week, although it is possible to reduce the output even further than that.  It is ideal for lotto clubs, where $20 to hundreds of dollars are spent each week playing the lotto, and allows for nearly unlimited control, filtering and configuration.

Now you can play as aggressively as you like, knowing you won't be wasting your money on garbage bets anymore.  Of course no lotto software can guarantee you a win, but LottoWheeler can do something other programs can't: consistently skew the odds towards winning. 

This is easily proven by observing the results of the runs against the actual numbers that win: if the combinations were purely random, statistics dictates that the most likely result is 0 hits, followed by 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 winning numbers.  But with LottoWheeler, you'll see this consistently change.  Instead, you'll see that it's most likely that you'll have at least one winning number, followed by the rest - which is truly an amazing feat!  LottoWheeler definitively proves, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that you actually can literally improve your odds of winning, as long as you play smart!  See for yourself!

LottoWheeler lets you do just that: play intelligently.  You'll still need luck, of course, but you definitely won't be wasting your money anymore when you play!

When you see for yourself how powerful, yet easy to use this software is, you'll be amazed and thrilled every time you play!
The QuickSilver LottoWheeler is a special software program, designed to help you improve your chances of winning any six ball lotto game up to 53 numbers that does not use a bonus ball as much as is realistically possible (which is quite a surprising
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