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$25 Sony Playstation II & Other Great Bargains!

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Indigo Kitty
Buy and Download Description This auction is for an E-Book to Get All the Items Below for VERY, VERY, CHEAP PRICES The auction is NOT for the Actual Items Shown!   Prices and Info for the products you can purchase from the website:   Sony Vaio Laptop - $50 DVD Burner - $50 Flat 19" LCD Monitor - $50   Sony Camcorder - $100 Microsoft XBOX - $25 Sony Playstation 2 - $25 Sony Playstation 2 Acc. Kit - $10 Nintendo Gamecube - $20 Compaq iPaq - $50 DVD/MP3 Player - $15 Portable DVD Player - $50 42" Plasma - $100 + More to Come!!!   Shipping Info: I will send you the E-book link via E-mail ONLY.  Since I am doing this, there is NO SHIPPING FEE. It is FREE. Once you place a bid you will receive an e-mail to download the e-book. This is an instant purchase. As soon as you BUY IT, you will RECEIVE IT!           This is NOT some gimmick about writing to a manufacturer about becoming a distributor so you can get some “free” merchandise for review. To receive your product, all that is required of you is that you go to internet address in the e-book that I will send you, at close of this auction, and pay the amount listed for the item that you want.   When at the site,  it will take you about 5 minutes. It sounds easy and it is…maybe it sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t !!!   HERE''S THE CATCH! Your new product won''t ship overnight. Shipping usually takes between one and three months, but it’s well worth the wait. After all, you’re getting something worth several hundred dollars for less than tenth the retail price!  The sooner you order, the sooner you will receive it, so don’t wait!   The reason this works is simple. It’s a promotional way to get business to the website. It’s simply a great way to bring you to the website in the hopes you will tell others. Literally, that’s all there is to it. I will email you the e-book with the website link upon completion of auction. The rest is up to you.   As a further assurance that this is the real thing, We offer a full refund of the money you pay any time prior to you receiving your item. All you have to do is ask, *** please understand that in doing so you will be blocked from participating in any future promotions on the site FAQ About the Site 1. How does this work? The program is based off a straight line matrix. Basically, for each person that signs up, a portion of that money goes into a "funding" account. After so many people have signed up (depending on the size of that matrix), the person in the top position gets their item, and the next person moves up, and so on.  2. Is this Matrix legal? This program is completely legal. You are not buying into the matrix itself. You are buying reports and being placed into a matrix to receive a FREE item. The item you choose to receive as a free gift depends on which page you buy various reports from.  3. How do you make money on this if you are giving away all this "free" stuff? Take the following scenario: Based on a 10 person matrix at $20 for the reports. 10 * $20 = $200 Item cost = $125 Operational Costs eg. S & H= $50 Profit = $25  4. How can I be sure I will eventually get my item? I can guarantee it, but we all know a guarantee is only as good as the man that stands behind it. While the owner of the site is a man of integrity, there is no way that we can prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. To assure you, "I" have received 3 items in less than 2 months! If that won't convince you then there is nothing else I can offer you!    5. How long does it take to get my free items? Matrix cycles vary greatly by the amount of people in the matrix and the amount of daily signups as well as the length of cycle. We can only estimate based on previous and current cycles using calculations to determine approximately when you will receive your item. While we would love to give everyone an exact date when they can expect to receive their items, we cannot. Remember that these are free items. While some people join only to receive the free item, you must think to yourself - is it worth waiting a little while to receive your item FREE?   6. How can I get my item faster? The best way is to advertise. There are plenty of places that allow you to place free classified ads both on the Internet and off. You do not have to worry about complicated web-site addresses or affiliate numbers because this is a straight-line matrix. Just send people, friends, family, etc. to the site and as they sign up, it will move you up closer to cycling. Make sure you send them to the same item you went for if you want them to help you move up though. You are not required to advertise. We advertise the site. You can advertise to help send more people to the site and receive your item a little quicker.    7. Are you like those MLM companies? MLM, or multi-level marketing, companies are really well thought out ideas, unfortunately, only the people at the top really benefit from them. Most of them are to complicated to figure out how, when, or even if you are going to receive anything out of them. With a straight line matrix, you know that you will receive your item, it is just a matter of when based on the number of people signing up.    8. Is this is a Pyramid scheme? No. There are no pyramids involved. It is a straight-line matrix. This auction is for an E-Book to Get All the Items Below for VERY, VERY, CHEAP PRICES The auction is NOT for the Actual Items Shown!   Prices and Info for the products you can purchase from
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