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Your Credit Success
Buy and Download Description A better credit score can save you $49,000 to $130,000... Did you know that having a good credit score before you buy a home could save you $49,000 to $130,000 over the life-time of your loan? Did You Know you can Improve Your Credit Score in 24Hours? Our Information shows you how it's done... As Credit Repair Specialists we have seen many people that don't know you can raise your credit score in 24 Hours, but you can. Only recently with modern breakthroughs in technology has it become possible to improve your credit score in 24 Hours. We've been able to help our clients change there credit score in as little as 24 hours and save thousands...some clients have even raised credit scores in as little as 4 hours. We've found at least 3 techniques that could help you do the same thing! Most people have less than a week to improve there Credit Score... You know that you've been there! You're at the mortgage loan officer's office or the car dealership, and you discover that you're only eligible for the worst kind of loan...the one with high interest rates, points and fees OR worst...that you might not get a loan at all! You only have a few days to increase your credit score. YOU CAN. Why you may never hire a Credit Repair Specialist again? Lenders we know where sending people to a credit repair specialist that charged $638 per Item for removal! When we started improving our customers credit so dramatically lenders started send there clients over to us. Over the years, we've helped hundreds of people with all types of credit problems including bankruptcies, foreclosures, repossessions, medical bills and charge offs clear their credit. With these newest techniques we've help all types of clients boost their credit score quickly. So we decided to put everything we knew into a little inexpensive E-Book, including 5 Contest Letters that have generated the best response for you to use. By this point you would easily pay $200 for this information. But, there's more... Secret Information the Credit Bureau's don't what you to know... Having previously been employed by one of the Credit Bureau's Experian, Equifax or TransUnion I have learned how to repair credit quickly. If you know the right people in the credit bureaus you can get free scores and uncover little known secrets. Have you noticed that credit bureaus like Equifax love to hide their phone and fax numbers? That's because Equifax loves to change their phone and fax numbers every month. With "24hr. Credit Repair Plus" we will arm you with the right fax and phone numbers so you can fix your score quickly! Most Lenders don't know these techniques to improve credit scores... Most lenders are not even aware of these fast credit-boosting techniques - not only have we boosted clients credit 7, 10 even 40 points in one week to a few lenders amazement, but we actually got people from Sub-Prime into Prime Interest rates...all because of good credit. " 24hr. Credit Repair Plus" can help you do the same! We could have easily sold this E-Book for close to $200 for the whole range of ways that will increase your credit scores. There's no comparison, similar products out there in the market retail in the range of $121 to $256. But none of them have or are using the same strategies; you're about to discover... we want to help as many people boost up there credit score as we can with this product. That why we've priced it so that everyone (from first time home buyers to retirees and web savvy office folks) can afford to take advantage of this incredibly useful program that can raise your FICO credit score anywhere from 12 to 45 points. Here is what you will find inside our Ebook "24hr. Credit Repair Plus"... . Our new techniques to Increase your Credit Score in 24hrs. . Secret phone and fax numbers for Experian, Equifax and TransUnion for quicker results. . A little known timing trick that will improve your credit score 12-43 points each month. . The 5 elements that determine your credit score and how to leverage them to your advantage. . A Full Credit Game Plan to put your credit on the right track. Start Today! . Myths about credit "Inquiries" on your Credit Report and how they really affect your Credit Score. . What the Credit Bureaus will never tell you. . 5 Contest letters with tested results for you to use, over the years and hundreds of letters these top 5 got the best response. Get the edge on your credit with the cutting edge E-Book "24hr. Credit Repair Plus"! Learn what the Real Estate Pros, Lenders and Credit Repair Specialists don't know about credit scores. Other Credit Repair books are twice the price and don't have half the information! A better credit score can save you $49,000 to $130,000... Did you know that having a good credit score before you buy a home could save you $49,000 to $130,000 over the life-time of your loan? Did You Know you can Improve Your Credit Score in 24
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