Like a Child's First Step

Like a Child's First Step ss14

Performed by Mig Ayesa heard on GUIDING LIGHT.

Performed by Mig Ayesa heard on GUIDING LIGHT.
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  • Kay

    Awesome Song and Singer

    Rating 5

    The music and lyrics keep me listening again and again. The song and artist are gold mines waiting to be discovered. MiG's voice is incredible - every note reaches a part of your soul.

  • mbucksfan


    Rating 5

    What a great song and it's so full of meaning. MiG Ayesa is a gifted artist both singing and songwriting. I would love to hear this frequently on the radio. It would rapidly climb the charts.

  • 2-ton


    Rating 5

    I love this beautiful song, and now I can listen to it all day!

  • Wanda Ward


    Rating 5

    This is a truly AWESOME song. Love to hear MiG's voice. Beautiful.

  • Lily

    Love it!

    Rating 5

    LOVE this song!!!

  • Lisa


    Rating 5

    Listening to this is like a little bit of heaven! I hope someday there will be a video of this song.