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Buy and Download > Description Item Pictures Item Description Shipping Info Payment Info Sick Vacation Safety Dicipline  Policy Manual Forms Docs <> Item Description: <>Employee Policy and Management Document in a WORD.doc format emailed to you with the completion of payment.   This document is 34 pages long and has several other documents included for separate printable forms.  The detailed description is below.  The forms and procedures included are also in the screen shot pictures to the left.. Is this one of those generic programs that I will have to spend hours getting it to work? This is not some program where you have to answer questions and fill out what you need to modify some generic template. This is a ready to use, where it will take about than 1 minute to change to your company information, then about 15 minutes to read entirely through it and deleting and modifying where necessary. Then you can then print and have your employees sign within the day. Do you accept offers? This is a buy it now and accepting offers.  We will accept offers for parts of this manual, procedures and forms as well if you are not interest in this in its entirety. If you are interested in any part, make an offer and we will see about accepting it under your particular needs.  Please be fair as we paid over $1000 to have this drafted and approved by a lawyer to make sure this is binding in a court of law protecting and enforcing policies towards and with employees. Will this apply to me in my state? You will need to check with some of the policies to make sure they apply in your state, but a consultation is much cheaper than having a lawyer write and entire manual for you.  For reference this was for use in the State of Illinois.   Click on Pics for Super Size Screen Shots                     Click on Pics for Super Size Screen Shots Click on Pics for Super Size Screen Shots How Do I use this? This is actual ready to use policy manual that is useful in helping business owners determine and execute policies for employee management.   Simply open the file in word, go to edit, and then  replace. Then, in the "find what" line type COMPANY NAME  and type in "replace with" your actual company name and click Replace all.  Then do the same replacing OWNER NAME with your name and then again CITY,STATE with your actual city and state.  This will update most of the changes you will need to make the manual without having to search and replace them individually throughout the document.  From there you will want to read the policies and make changes so it pertains to your use or policies that you want or already have in place. Where did this come from? This is a document from our previous company of a vehicle customization facility specializing in mobile electronics retail sales.  It was written and updated based on changes that occurred with the growth of the company and new violations the employees forced the company to add.  What can this manual be used for? This policy manual can be used for any business application by simply deleting the unused sections about tools, procedures and safety where most general policies about discipline and work days apply to all businesses. What does this manual cover?  These manual includes policies regarding everything listed in the index below. Also included are employee forms for violating the policy manual and keeping track of such safety violations and time off sheets.   INDEX   SECTION 1               PURPOSE         SECTION 2               EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY POLICY   SECTION 3               DRUG-FREE WORKPLACE POLICY   SECTION 4               SEXUAL HARASSMENT POLICY   SECTION 5               FULL TIME WORKWEEK DEFINED   SECTION 6               OUTSIDE EMPLOYMENT   SECTION 7               VACATION POLICY   SECTION 8               SICK LEAVE   SECTION 9               PERSONAL LEAVE DAYS          SECTION 10           BEREAVEMENT LEAVE                         SECTION 11           JURY DUTY LEAVE                    SECTION 12           DISCIPLINE/TERMINATION POLICY        SECTION 13           DRESS CODE POLICY                           SECTION 14           REDUCTION IN FORCE                                                   SECTION 15           PROCEDURES & GUIDELINES   SECTION 16           POSTED IN STORE POLICES                 SECTION 17           REQUIRED TOOLS         SECTION 18           SAFETY GLASSES POLICY                                SECTION 19           EMPLOYEE, FRIENDS & FAMILY PURCHASES   SECTION 20           WEEKLY MEETINGS     SECTION 21           STORE CLOSING POLICY                      SECTION 22           PRIVACY POLICY   SECTION 23           COMPUTER USE, FILES, INTERNET & E-MAIL POLICY   SECTION 24           RIGHT TO AMEND   SECTION 25           NON-DISCLOSURE POLICY                    SECTION 26           EMPLOYEE TRAINING AGREEMENT   SECTION 27           HANDBOOK AGREEMENT AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT  Forms included Accident log Accident or illness investigation Report Agreement to Care for and Return Company Equpiment Employee Emergency Contact Information Receipt Store Policies to print on the back of your receipts Safety Violation Report Time Off Request Form Procedures included Amplifier Install Basic Tech Basci Tech to give to customers Head Unit Install Installler Durties Remote Start Install Sales Tasks Sales Duties Solderi Item Pictures Item Description Shipping Info Payment Info Sick Vacation Safety Dicipline &nbspPolicy Manual Forms Docs &
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