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Buy and Download Description eBay Fees Calc by Webbyguru eBay Fees Calc will help you learn whether or not you are making a profit with your eBay auctions. It provides a user-friendly interface that quickly and easily allows you to see your true profit or loss. I used to have a hard time figuring out if I was making money on auctions. After some research I learned that a lot of people, even some PowerSellers, were not making a profit on some of their auctions. In many cases it looks like you are making money on your auctions, but when you factor in all the costs, like the cost of your product (including shipping fees, packaging costs, etc.), eBay auction fees, PayPal fees, Postal fees and more, your profits go down dramatically. On the surface you may not be fully aware of these so-called "hidden" fees. eBay Fees Calc takes that problem away, before you list your auctions. I wrote this program to help me get a grip on my auctions, and so far it's helped me tremendously. With eBay Fees Calc you can get my true Profit/Loss dollar numbers, see your eBay and PayPal fees, find out what your Total Costs are, and set a Margin for each auction you list. eBay Fees Calc looks at your calculations as a strategy. You can save your strategies in template formats. This way you can always reload a strategy if you want to test variations in your strategies. Knowing in advance how much of a profit you could make with your auctions gives you a distinct advantage that you otherwise may not have had before using eBay Fees Calc . The difference in knowledge could stagger you. Here are some of the features: Insertion fees (Auction or Store) and Extra fees (Upgrades) calculated for you as you type. Picture Services fees calculated. Calculates trueProfit/Loss dollar amount with visual colors of geen/red respectively. Gives you the Total Costs for your item, which includes the Cost Per Unit and all fees. Allows you to set a Margin for your listing with visual colors of geen/red respectively that tells you if you meet your Margin. Provides links to useful eBay and related web sites, and even allows you to set your own Custom Link to any web page. When eBay changes their fees, eBay Fees Calc allows you to change the fees in the Setup section. This way you don't have to wait for an updated version of the software. Calculates the Reserve Price fees according to your Closing Price, and adjusts accordingly if your Closing Price meets or exceeds the Reserve Price. Easy access to the Windows calculator. Determines PayPal fees whether for Standard account for a Merchant account rates. Calculates Insertion fees for Store items based on your selection of days (30, 60, 90, 120 or GTC) If you don't use PayPal services, just go into the Setup section and uncheck thePayPal Options checkbox. PayPal fees will no longer be used in your strategies. Allows you to save your strategies as templates for later use. This allows you to adjust your strategies based on previous settings. This is good for testing out new strategies. Purchase eBay Fees Calc now and get free updates for all 1.x versions. When you purchase eBay Fees Calc you will receive a download link, which will contain your download and any update files for the software. This auction price is for the download version of the software. Add $3.00 to Shipping if you would like eBay Fees Calc on CD. This covers shipping, the CD, and packaging materials. System Requirements: Windows 98SE, ME, NT, 2000 and XP OUR GUARANTEE If you are not satisfied with eBay Fees Calc within 30 days of your purchase, just email us and you will be refunded 100% of your purchase price. Questions or Comments? Email us at info@webbygurustuff.com Support Email us at support@webbygurustuff.com Click the Buy Now button and pay only $9.99 for the eBay Fees Calc program. From the HELP file: Starting or Reserve Price : Enter the dollar value that you start your auction. Closing Price: Then enter the amount you either get for the auction or you predict you will get. Type: Select the auction type, either Auction or Store. If you select Auction the eBay Fees Calc program will calculate the Insertion fees based on a percentage according to eBay's Insertion Fees table. If you have an eBay Store and you select Store the amount eBay currently charges for store inventory items is 2 cents. Extras Check off any upgrade items that you wish to use for your auction. The fees for upgrade items will automatically be added to your Upgrade Fee, Total eBay Fees, and Total Fees amounts. Picture Services Select the number of pictures your auction will be using. eBay allows you to upload your first picture for free. eBay will charge $0.15 for each picture you use over 1. PayPal Fees eBay Fees Calc will calculate your PayPal fees if you use PayPal for Buyers to pay for your auctions. Select either Auction or Merchant. Auction will charge the standard fees rates and Merchant will charge a better rate for processing credit cards. You must sign up for a Merchant Account with PayPal to get Merchant Rates. Visit PayPal for more information. PayPal Profit/Loss Enter the Item Cost Per Unit dollar amount. If you purchased a lot of 10 items and the lot cost $100.00 then your cost per unit would be $10.00. If you want to include your cost to have the merchandize shipped to you calculate the total shipping cost and divide by the number of items in the delivery. Basically, anything you paid to get the item to you you would divide the cost by the number of units purchased, and add the total dollar amount in the Cost/Unit field. The Final Bid and Fees should already be populated. Once you enter the Cost/Unit your Profit Loss will be calculated. Margin: eBay Fees Calc will figure out your margin. Say you decide that you want your margin to be 25%. You enter 25 in the % textbox. eBay Fees Calc will determine your margin to be the Total Costs plus 25% of the Total Costs. For example: If your Total Costs are $2.52 (which combines the Cost/Unit and your Fees), and your Margin is 25%, the percentage would come to $0.63. Add the total cost and your Margin comes to $3.15. This means that if your Final Bid is higher than $3.15 you made your Margin on this sale. The Marg eBay Fees Calc by Webbyguru eBay Fees Calc will help you learn whether or not you are making a profit with your eBay auctions. It provides a user-friendly interface that quickly and easily allows you to see your true profit or
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