Your Guide to Acquariums MS Reader

Your Guide to Acquariums MS Reader YGA-1

Something’s Fishy!
Your Guide to Saltwater Aquariums
and Freshwater Too

Has this happened to you?  Picture this.  You are just returning from your very first diving vacation.  On the flight home you just can’t get the beauty you’ve experienced out of your mind.

Everywhere you turn you conjure up more visions of stunning coral, the gorgeous marine plant life and the incomparable fish.  Your reverie is suddenly interrupted by your spouse jabbing you awake as the attendant brings your snack.

However, you still can’t get the experience out of your mind and you wonder how you can capture those memories other than the normal pictures and videos you carry home with you.

If this sounds familiar it’s no wonder.  The same scenario plays out day after day.  People who enjoyed the spectacular experience are often prone to wonder how they can capture their memories permanently.

The good news is that you can! 

Maybe you are one of those folks who had an aquarium to hold your goldfish when you were a kid.  It was a great hobby, but like most kids you lost interest, the goldfish died and you either sent him to a watery grave down the commode or fertilized the family garden.

Well, aquariums have come a long, long way since your childhood experience.  If you are looking for a means to keep those vacation memories alive, an aquarium can be just the ticket to help you do just that!

Setting up and maintaining a modern aquarium can be a tricky process, however, and you will need all the help you can get before you get started on this new adventure.

”Something’s Fishy!” truly is Your Guide to Saltwater Aquariums - and Freshwater Too.  Take a look at what you will learn:

Ø    Learning About What Fish to Buy – All fish are not created equal.  Learn the do’s and don’ts about ing just the right fish to meet your needs.
Ø    Feeding Your Fish – Remember, this is not your childhood goldfish.  Selecting the right food is the difference between life and death for your aquatic pets.
Ø    What Are Invertebrates – Learn more about our spineless friends!
Ø    Choosing the Best Aquarium – How to create the best home for your fish and get it set up properly.
Ø    Heating and Lighting Your Aquarium – Too much?  Too little?  Must-have knowledge to insure the safety of your fish.
Ø    All About Filters – We just can’t seem to get away without doing housework and that applies to your aquarium as well!
Ø    Accessories to Delight Your Fish – Feng Shui for fish?
Ø    About Saltwater – It’s salty, right?  Well, yes but it isn’t that simple.
Ø    Then there is the “technical stuff” like the Nitrogen Cycle and Algae.
Ø    Fish Diseases and Treatment – Catching it early is key!
Ø    Fish and Invertebrates to Avoid – Yep, even fish have trouble with some of their neighbors.

Having an aquarium is a wonderful hobby that the entire family can share and enjoy.  It’s not an inexpensive hobby but it is one that will bring priceless hours of shared time with your children.

In today’s stress filled world there is no such thing as too much relaxation and enjoying an aquarium is one of the most relaxing past times imaginable.

The soft light, brilliantly colored fish and quiet hum of the filter are known to lull even the most stressed out individual into a totally peaceful and relaxed state of mind.

You may not be able to write it off on your taxes BUT adding an aquarium to your environment might lessen some of the visits to a therapist! 

”Something’s Fishy!”  really is just what you need to create your own aquarium AND capture those vacation memories.

Remember, before you start arm yourself with knowledge.  Take the first step, grab your copy now and launch your new hobby tomorrow!

Something’s Fishy! Your Guide to Saltwater Aquariums and Freshwater Too Has this happened to you?&nbsp Picture this.&nbsp You are just returning from your very first diving vacation.&nbsp On the flight home you just can’t get the beauty you’ve e
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