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Buy and Download Description Announcing - a Powerful NEW Book Especially for Writers, Copywriters and Speakers. 15,000 phrases that give your writing and speaking power and uniqueness. Great writer's resource - stop writer's block fast - lost phrases used by famous writers and copywriters Muscle Phrases for Writers and Speakers is a hot new book edited by Susanna K. Hutcheson, popular, well-known copywriter. Grab your own personal copy today!!From the desk of Susanna K. Hutcheson I've been a published writer since I was very young. My first article was published in 1967 in a small motivational publication. I earned $5.00 for the article . . . an article over which I poured much sweat, expended a good deal of effort, and wrote many drafts. My next article sold to a national sales magazine. I wrote some 700 words and earned 2 cents per word. I continued to write and discover the power of words. I worked on newspapers, I owned newspapers, I wrote freelance for many national and international magazines and I became a highly paid copywriter . . . all because I knew how to sell and I knew how to write. I learned early that the key to making money was in the words you used to sell a product or service. Furthermore, I discovered that the way you used those words, how well you could put rhythm into them and incorporate special effects in them . . . determined how excited you could make prospective buyers. When they become excited, they buy. One of my power techniques is the use of special phrases. I use lots of similes, antonyms and homonyms in my work. However, mostly I use similes. Why? Simply put, I use them because people relate to them and are swayed by them. With southern roots, I grew up in a family who used many similes. Southern people love to tell stories and . . . well to be honest . . . to embellish a good deal. They are masters of the simile. My aunt once was telling me about a young man she had known and loved when she was very young. She said, "He was handsome and smelled as fragrant and fresh as a magnolia tree on a hot sultry night in the deep, dark Mississippi night." Wow! Beat the hell out of saying, "The ol' boy sure smelled good." When The New York Times was interviewing Hillary Clinton once, they asked her about her husband. "He's a hard dog to keep on the porch," she told them. "What an odd thing to say," replied a reporter. "What did she mean?" Well, a Yankee newspaper wouldn't know I guess. But it's quite easy to understand if you've spent any time in the south. It's a colorful way of saying that it's hard to keep him home . . . he's a philanderer. Yes, it's more than telling your story. It's more than writing an ad that says all the right things. It's also about how you say those things. People take notice of how things are said and when you put muscle in your writing, you get people excited. They want to read more. They want to learn more. They become interested. The person who can write with class and style, the person who can develop a talent for using colorful language and mastering similes, will develop powerful writing. Start now to put muscle in your writing. This book will give you much to work with and many phrases you can incorporate into all of your writing. For example, I am currently using one of the phrases on my own home page. That's how much I believe in what is written here. Now some of the phrases are quite old. I kept them in, however, because if you are a copywriter as I am, you will find them extremely useful. Let me explain. What you'll find in this exciting, powerful book Here are the types of phrases you'll get . . . and you'll get lots of them! USEFUL PHRASESSIGNIFICANT PHRASESFELICITOUS PHRASESIMPRESSIVE PHRASESPREPOSITIONAL PHRASESBUSINESS PHRASESLITERARY EXPRESSIONSSTRIKING SIMILESCONVERSATIONAL PHRASESPUBLIC SPEAKING PHRASESMISCELLANEOUS PHRASES Here are just a few sample phrases. aching desireacrimonious warfareairy splendorcelestial joycavernous gloomfaltering tongueliquid eloquenceseething hateLike green waves on the seaLike fragrance from dead flowersLike notes which die when born, but still haunt the echoes of the hillThe breathless hours like phantoms stole awayThere is an air about you like the air that folds a star Want more??? Buy the book!!! The famous copywriter, Eugene Schwartz was in his prime when I was just starting out. He wrote some of the greatest ad copy every produced. One ad that he wrote had this headline: 71-Year-Old Man Has Sexual Congress Five Times a Day! Now let's put things in perspective. He was selling a product that was supposed to increase male sexual prowess . . . much like our modern day Viagra. He wrote the ad in the sixties and his target audience was men in their forties or so. The words "sexual congress" were not words used then or now. Fact is, they were words used in the nineteenth century. Why did Schwartz use these words in the ad? He used them because the words instantly got interest. Yes, they were ancient words. That's exactly why they caused such a stir and sold so much of the product! That's why you should consider using some of these very old phrases in your own writing from time to time. This is a large book . . . 619 pages. I suggest you print out a copy for your desk. Then keep a copy on each of your computers. When you're looking for a phrase on a particular topic or just looking for something that will spice up your writing open it up and search for the right phrase. May the book be exceedingly useful to you. Get your copy now! Instant download. You'll get an e-mail notification from PayLoadz within a few minutes.Many of these phrases are literally lost - they were used in the nineteenth century and then forgotten. People lose interest in writing that is common, writing they've seen before. You see, for example, the common headline that starts out "Who else . . ." - duh, what a bummer! People see that so much they no longer pay attention to it. Plus, it's stupid. You won't find these phrases in many books today. Some you won't find at all. Get ahead of the competition with this powerful book! 15,000 useful, powerful, phrases to improve your writing and speech You get Fifteen thousand useful phrases in this dynamic practical handbook of dynamic Expressions, Striking Similes, Literary, Commercial, Conversational, and Oratorical Terms - For The Embellishment Of Speech And Literature, and the Improvement of the Vocabulary of all people who use and love the English language. Get your own personal copy now! Announcing - a Powerful NEW Book Especially for Writers, Copywriters and Speakers. 15,000 phrases that give your writing and speaking power and uniqueness. Great writer's resource - stop writer's block fast - lost phrases used by famous writers an
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