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MS Agent is a piece of Microsoft Windows® technology that has lay dormant for many years. While some applications have used it, most web functions have never really been explored. We would like to "awaken the beast" so to speak, by introducing you to MS Agent Javascript Editor (MJE). MJE is a point and click interface that allows you to automatically create javascript routines that will use MS Agent functions to bring your web site to life! Each Agent can talk to your visitors, direct them to the important areas on your site and help you promote a certain product or service you offer. To see how MS Agent works. Just click below here. You have to be using Internet Exploror for it to work MS Agent Demo Many people are not even aware that MS Agent is included with the Windows® operating system. The default character of Merlin, is the only one included, but there are 100s more available for download. With MJE, webmasters can easily enhance their Web pages with interactive personalities in the form of animated characters. These characters can move freely around the computer display, speak aloud (and by displaying text onscreen), gesture, wink, wave and be animated in many other ways to help get your message out.
The interface makes this very easy to create javascripts that can be used on your web site. It will actually embed the scripts for you automatically. The buttons on the screen are clear and simple. SHOW: This will make your Agent appear on the screen. HIDE: This makes the Agent go away. SHOW FAST: Agent appears instantly HIDE FAST: Agent goes away instantly MOVE: You can click on the Character and move him any where on the screen and click the Move button. You also can enter the X & Y coordinates. PLAY: Each Agent has its own set of animations it can play. Like doing Magic, or Announce, or Read, etc. SPEAK: Whatever you have in the text box above, will be spoken by your Agent. THINK: Whatever you have in the text box will appear in a balloon (like speak) but only words are shown. WHISPER: Same as Speak but in a muffled voice. SIZE: You can enter a certain size or percentage for both width and height of the character. TEST SCRIPT: Opens a browser so you can see what you script will look like. CLEAR SCRIPT: Removes all commands from the script below. EMBED SCRIPT: Will create all the javascript routines needed and actually insert them into an existing file. CLIPBOARD: Same as Embed, but only copies the created routines to the clipboard, so you can manually place it where you want in your files. SAVE SCRIPT: Saves the current list of commands as a MJE script. WebMasters will be amazed at the response they will get from users! These characters can take an ordinary webpage and bring it to life with just a few simple lines. Show visitors what is important on your site. Direct them where to go to find additional information about a certain product or service. Greet them and ask them to sign up for your newsletter or download your latest software creation. Tell them What to buy and How to do it! The uses for MS Agent technology is endless. Most important, when you buy MS Agent Javascript Editor within the next 24 hours, you are also getting the FULL Master ReSell Rights. This means you can place it on your web site, sell it, and You keep 100% of the profits! That's right, 100%. We even include a copy of this web page along with all the graphics that you can use right on your own web site.
The retail price of MsAgent Javascript Editor is $39.95 and is worth that price 10 times over. Order NOW and take advantage of this one time sale price of: $15.00 You will get free bonus with this MS Agent JavaScript Editor. The bonus will be a package of MS Agent Charaters to add to your c:\windows\msagent\chars so you will have bunch of charaters to work with. YOU GET MASTER RESALE / RESELL RIGHTS. Keep 100% of all money you made!
All you have to do is here: 1. Click on buy it now button. 2. Check out and go to your paypal and pay to me. 3. get the email with the item. 4. read the book and enjoy it. 5. Make your own ebay ad for this ebook. 6. click on sell button at top. 7. set up your auction :D 8. wait for money in your paypal account ;)
This software will make you a Millionaire :D
Requirments: any versions of windows will work. WinZip software. get it from the WinZip website. Its possible to open the packages in linux or other OS. its up to you. The .EXE formats will not run on other OS. Shipping Info: I will only email you the item. It will be about 57 MB for the package. I automatically email you the item after you paid with your paypal account, so you should get it about few mins after your paypal session. Please check your email inbox after making the purchase. If you do not receive an email from us please make sure to look in your junk email folder. If you still do not see the item. Please email us ASAP.
MS Agent Javascript Script Editor with full resell rights MS Agent is a piece of Microsoft Windows® technology that has lay dormant for many years. While some applications have used it, most web functions h
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