Java Script Pro is a revolutionary

Java Script Pro is a revolutionary 10000058

Ebooks Members Area Script PHP, Perl, etc Software     Html        Banner Buddy        DropDown Wiz        EZ Auctions        Html Compress        Html Editor        Html Encryptor        iCovers        Java Pro        PayLock Gen        Quick Site        Templates     System     Other Websites Contact Us License Search Sales Area Java Pro Java Pro   View Sales Page   At Last The Breakthrough Software You’ve Been Waiting For - SoftwarePak's Html Encryptor Protect your webpage's html and graphics the easy way! ORDER BONUS: Order now and receive resell rights so you can sell SoftwarePak's Html Encryptor and keep 100% of the profits! Stop Internet Thieves In Their Tracks!   Features  Java Script Pro is a revolutionary software that will turn you into a PRO webmaster overnight! 15 different website scripts are built into the software. All you have to do is push a couple buttons and the customized code will be rendered. You can also preview the effect from within the software. Paste the code into your site and watch it come to life! You Won't find a comparable product to Java Script Pro! Take a look at what Java Script Pro can do for your website! Blur Text-This script creates an eerie aura around your text similar to a motion blur. A great visual effect! Multi-Search Engine-Your visitor can enter in their search term then choose which engine they'd like to search from a down menu. Page Fade In-Create a GREAT intro for your site! This script loads a blank screen and then fades the visitor to the site you're sending them to. Flying Text-This script creates a pattern of 8 sets of words to follow as the mouse moves around the screen. Alerts-A great script that allows you to welcome and say goodbye to your visitors! No SPAM Email- A script that keeps your email address from being spidered by those pesky SPAM robots. Number Countdown-Create a countdown on your website. Great for showing when those offers expire! Refresh-Redirect-Automatically forward your visitors to another page after a given time. Dictionary/Thesaurus- A great script that allows your visitors to query related terms Exit Windows-Make that last sales pitch before your visitor leaves your site. Auto Pop And Close Window- Make windows that automatically open, and then close after a given time period. Jumping Text-A great script sure to grab their attention! Link Message-Hide affiliate ID's! Browsers wont be able to view the REAL link address, but instead the message you put in the status bar. Typing In Status Bar-Another attention getting script. The status bar continuously changes! Status Bar Wiper- Another fancy display down in the status bar. Some Software Programs Are Designed To Perform Only One Of The Tasks Above! We Give You 15!

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