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Storytelling for business 4 week course plus bonuses

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Buy and Download Description “What if you could create impassioned, persuasive, PROFITABLE stories that deliver your most important messages with emotional impact and draw all the right people to you in minutes?”   One thing unites people more than anything else.  Regardless of your reader/listener’s background, race, beliefs, age or gender, the best way to connect souls and lives in a heartbeat is to…   Share stories.   And since you are passionate about spreading the word about your business, cause, or organization, you need to master the power of Story.   But there is a pattern you must understand, because it will make your challenging people and situations easier to overcome.   Dear fellow entrepreneur, visionary, or dreamer, If you long to start or grow a business, gain support for what is important to you, leave  the world a little better than you found it, make a difference globally, and/or create a successful business that allows you to monetize your passion, then this might be the most important letter you'll ever read. If you don’t want to accept the Call to Adventure – the call to make a huge difference in the life of thousands or even millions of people while earning a substantial income, stop reading now.  This program is not for you. If you have a dream but are not willing to take action to bring it into being, go watch television.  This program is way beyond you.  Stop reading this letter NOW if you do not want a life guide that unveils the subtle but true pattern of your life without robbing you of your free will or corrupting your creativity. Stop reading now if you have decided that change is just too much work. Here's why You Need Storyation:   I know something about you. If you are still here, I know you are a hero.  You want to make a real difference in the world. You want to change lives. You have a passion within you that sometimes keeps you up at night.  You are on what Joseph Campbell called the hero’s journey.    But you may not know this is the path you walk. And you need a road map…   And you need to understand what happens to the hero – YOU so you do not misread the signs…   You see, sometimes people begin to follow their dream, but when a string of trials and tribulations hits, they decide they must have the wrong dream or that God must not want them to take this course of action.   But challenges are a sign that you are growing.   Why is this true?   Look to nature and see that any plant or animal that is sheltered and never faces danger withers under the slightest stress, but those that overcome tough conditions thrive.   How do I know all this?   My name is Ronda Del Boccio, and I’m a lot like you…   I’ve felt a yearning to touch countless lives, even though I’m just an ordinary person…   …with hopes and dreams…   …flaws and foibles…   but a fire within me to add great value to people’s lives.   You see, I’ve figured a few things out, but let me tell you a little about myself.   I am mostly blind.  To me, this is no big deal, but people are always saying, “Ronda, you are so inspiring,” and “Ronda, you are so amazing.”  Inspiring?  Living my life to the fullest is inspiring and amazing?  But I look around – so to speak – and see that so many people are not really LIVING.  They’re just going through the motions.   I don’t let anything get in my way.  I love life and live it with enthusiasm. My guide dog Molly and I travel around the country to attend conferences where I teach, mentor, and sell books.  I run my own business, love to cook, enjoy the occasional movie, and adore spending time with friends.  Humor and a positive attitude take me wherever I need to go.   Why would I let a little thing like limited vision douse my fire?  I don’t!  There’s too much life to live.    Some people are jealous of me because they think I’m “lucky” or that I “get all the good breaks.”   We all create our own luck…I call it Storyation, and it is a proprietary process I want to teach to you.   You can live a charmed life and make your dreams a reality – starting right now!   Thank you for joining the League Of Extraordinary Storyators a 4-week reality re-creation experience You Simply Can't Beat This No-Risk Investment Opportunity... If after participating in the first live group session you feel you learned nothing that will help you share your message and/or grow your business, simply email me and I will give you a refund. Now, I know you're probably skeptical. There are a lot of people on the web who make bold but empty claims.  That's normal and healthy. Let me give you three excellent reasons I can back up what I claim: Three Reasons To Believe What I Say Reason one: Joseph Campbell studied all the world’s great spiritual and mythic traditions and found that there is a common path of the hero.  I realized something about you… No matter what culture, time or place you study, there is a predictable pattern that the hero follows.  I have realized that the Hero’s Journey applies to entrepreneurs and visionaries as well.  Reason two: There is a missing ingredient in the Secret – the law of attraction – that most people do not understand.  I will reveal it and show you how to master the secret behind the secret.   Most people create images of what they want but fail to put their desire into action.  I will show you the technology behind the Secret.   Reason three: Tapping into the power of your past and the depth of your dream allows you to develop your business from an authentic, impassioned core.   Without your story, you’re just another business or organization.  Your story is a huge part of what sets you apart from the rest.   Here is what others are saying about Storyation…   “One thing the Storyation process does, it allowed me to relive an experience that will empower me and also empower my company because we are in direct alignment because of the Legend Platform.  It also gave me a greater sense of how I became who I am in order to do what it is I’m doing right now.  The way Ronda was able to break things down, she allowed me to see a cycle I had never paid much attention to, but I could directly relate to everything she said, and it made so much sense.  It caused me to think and think and think.  Because now I realize that I have more stories in me than I realized.” -Muriel Moton   “One of the things I do is I always ask people to start with their story.  Before the Storyation process, it was very difficult for me to pull it out of them.  This is the missing link for me that will help me move people into doing their Legend Platform.  I think you’ve really hit a home run.” Walt Laurel, business success coach, ___     Here is a summary of the benefits you receive   4-week live teleseminar series These live calls will be recorded, but you’ll master Storyation skills much more quickly when you participate You will receive all course materials, including a Storyation Reality re-Creation Journal, audios, videos, and additional bonus material “What if you could create impassioned, persuasive, PROFITABLE stories that deliver your most important messages with emotional impact and draw all the right people to you in minutes?” &nbsp One thing unites people more than anything
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