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Buy and Download Description All the tools you will ever need to create, maintain, promote, protect and transform your web site into an eye-catching masterpiece! Full resale rights included. Keep 100% of profits made from sales! Also included in this great package is your very own branding tool, rebrand this ebook to promote your web site, then sell it on promoting your site with every sale. Inlcuded, 13 powerful web tools + 2 FREE bonus ebooks! ---------------------------------------- Amazing web tools package contents Included in this powerful web tools package aare the following titles; Instant site maker ($34.95 retail value!) Quickly create stunning web pages in less that 5 minutes No coding involved, instant site maker automatically creates your web pages for you No software to install, just download and run! (requires IE 5.5 or higher) __ Instant Affiliate link masker ($34.95 retail value!) Stops you from loosing your hard earned affiliate commission No html coding required, just click generate code and instant affiliate masker does the rest for you Instant affiliate masker puts the money in your bank account, not somebody else's. Make sure you get the credit you deserve! __ Instant e-mail scramble ($34.95 retail value!) Help stop getting spam! Are you fed up with all the junk e-mail you get? Do you want to reduce the amount of Spam you get? If so this may be the package for you! e-mail scramble hides your e-mail address on your web site so harvesting robots cannot find it. However at the same time customers to your web site can still read and use it no problem. Help stop SPAM today! __ Popup Generator ($34.95 retail value!) Ever wanted to take advantage of the power of popups, this ebook is the one for you! The popup generator will create popups to your own specifications in minutes. Then just add the script to your web-site, simple as that! __ Java script magic ($34.95 retail value!) Add cutting edge java scripts to your web site at a touch of a button. Don't waste time searching the internet for java scripts, just use this great resource and get 1st class scripts for your site now! __ Instant bookmark ($34.95 retail value!) No HTML coding involved, just enter the details and at the click of a button generate a script to allow visitors to your web site to bookmark the page in their browser. Get your customers coming back for more. __ Affiliate defender ($19.95 retail value!) The affiliate defender ebook cloaks you affiliate links so no one can steal from you. Affiliate defender is so easy to use and simple - in less than 2 minutes you can have a save, secure and completely hidden affiliate links on your site for any programs of ebooks that you choose. Secure your web site in 3 easy steps, don't loose out with people stealing your products! __ Instant Meta maker ($34.95 retail value!) Create your own meta tags for your web site in a matter of seconds. Post the generated code onto your web site as instructed in this great ebook and help get that top position in search engines __ Defend your domain ($27.95 retail value!) Defend Your Domain from Hackers! This e-book contains valuable information as to how to protect your source code from being read. This will prevent others from by passing your PayPal links that give immediate access to your ebooks or membership sites. Protecting your source code is also a good idea to protect your search engine rankings. There is nothing worse then someone using your key words to beat you in the rankings. Additional Bonuses! We have included several scripts that will be useful to you. One of which is a perl script that will turn your website into an Ebay type auction site! __ Popup power and hit exchanges combo! ($27.95 retail value!) Fantastic section in this ebook contain; How to really work hit exchanges How to get more than one hit per click When and why not to use exit exchanges Every popup and pop-under your web site needs Popup power software package Your own java script rotator page Your own java script auto start page Bookmark this page - java script Impressive ways to close your popups Advertise for free in these ezines Bonus; customize you 404 page errors Bonus; robots.txt - exclude the search engines __ Instant site safe ($34.95 retail value!) DON'T LET OTHER SITES STEAL YOUR CONTENT! No html coding required, just click on generate code. No software to install, just unzip and run! This great ebooks protect your site by stopping in running in a frame on someone else's site, and many more security features! __ Vend-O-Matic ($34.95 retail value!) Automatically build profit generating web vending pages A absolutely foolproof to create stunning ready to run web vending pages that can sell almost any product. Set all this up in less than a minute __ Bonuses included; Traffic generating script ($17.97 retail value!) Profitable scripts in a box ($34.95 retail value!) All the tools you will ever need to create, maintain, promote, protect and transform your web site into an eye-catching masterpiece! Full resale rights included. Keep 100% of profits made from sales! Also included in this great package is your
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