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Pegleg Pappys Pillaging Pack of Polergeist Pirates

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Beaded Legends by Chalaedra
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A fiercer, more zany group of pirate poltergeists never sailed the seven seas. Five different pirates can be used as charms, earrings, or to make a fun mobile. Couple with Gertie Ghostie's Gang of Gleeful Ghouls and have a regular Halloween ghostie party!

Pattern includes clear color picture of the actual Pack, individual color charts of each pirate, finishing details in separate charts with thread paths, written instructions, suggested beads with bead counts. Basic stitch instructions not included. Quick and easy, you can make these guys in a day or two.

Suitable for seasoned beginners and up.

Stitch: Brick

Beads Used: Delicas, but suitable for all sizes of seed beads

Approx Finished Size: 1+" x 1.25" to 1.5" x 1,75"

Pages to Print: 5

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