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EZ Fun Guide to Walt Disney World Vacation Planning Package

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EZ Fun Guide to Walt Disney World
Buy and Download Description How to Get The Greatest Value For Your Disney World Vacation! The EZ Fun Guide™ to Walt Disney World® Can Help You Have Your Dream Vacation!Hello, my name is Anne Easterling, and I want to tell you about a family that I met at Disney World last year. One evening, I walked into the Magic Kingdom carrying my new book, a Disney World travel guide that I had titled the EZ Fun Guide to Walt Disney World. A Disney photographer was taking pictures in front of Cinderella's Castle, so I got in line. A young dad and mom got in line behind me with their two little ones, a girl about 5 and a boy who was around 3. I couldn't help overhearing the dad and mom talking:"So what should we do?" That got my interest, so I started chatting with them. They told me this was their first trip to Disney World. They had arrived by airplane about two hours earlier and came to the Magic Kingdom immediately after checking into their hotel. Less than 10 minutes in the theme park, and they were already overwhelmed and starting to panic! "We don't have anything planned," the mom said.Had they read any Disney World guidebooks, I asked. The mom said she had bought one of the popular travel guides. "But there was just so much information, I couldn't figure out where to start. It would take so much time to read everything," she said. We chatted for a few minutes, and I gave them some suggestions on how to organize their time. My new travel book was a big help in showing them about Fantasyland and other attractions that seemed right for them."Can we just follow you around?" the mom asked.Right at that moment, it was my turn to have my picture taken and another photographer called to my new friends.Even now, I wonder how their vacation turned out. How much time had they wasted? How much money? How many dreams? Even more important: Could that be you?A vacation at Disney World is a major investment of time and money and hopes and dreams! Yet, over the years, I have seen so many many families who are not prepared. My guess is that you know why. It just takes so much time!A Personalized GuideThe truth is that traditional travel guides are like encyclopedias. Page after page of words, with a few graphics or maps, are the standard. That's nice if you happen to like reading encyclopedias. Most of us need a travel guide that takes us by the hand and guides us through the park - like following me around the park, just as the family I met wanted to do. That's exactly what you'll find in the EZ Fun Guide to Walt Disney World.Start with the EZ Fun Maps™After we made several family trips to Disney World, our friends and family started asking for help planning their Disney vacations. Because they didn't like any Disney World travel guide in the bookstores, we would sit down together and talk about what they wanted to see and do, then I would draw sketches of the parks. They loved my maps!Because I'm a writer and graphic designer, it didn't take long for the idea of a book for families planning Disney vacations to take hold. This would be a book that even Walt Disney himself would be proud of.First came the EZ Fun Maps™. EZ Fun Maps are color-coded descriptive maps that portray the major theme parks, water parks and other ed locations. Each EZ Fun Map page is a diagram of one area of the theme park that shows where everything is located, with a short description of each attraction, restaurant, shop and other features. That means you don't have to flip back and forth between the map page and a description somewhere else in the book as in other travel guides.With an EZ Fun Map in your hand, it's like I'm walking through the park with you, pointing out every attraction, restaurant, shop and other feature. And notice the checkboxes. That makes it easy for you and your family to check off and remember what you want to include on your vacation.In total, the 34 EZ Fun Maps™ are all designed to make it easy for you to plan the perfect Disney vacation. Checklists Make It Easy!Some very important information does not fit well into the EZ Fun Maps. So you will find that information in easy-to-read checklists and tables. What makes each park - Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney-MGM Studios, Disney's Animal Kingdom - unique.Three styles of theme park touring, and how to accommodate everyone's touring preferences.How to use Extra Magic Hours to extend your vacation enjoyment.The single most important thing that you can do to reducetime spent waiting in line.How to use FastPass, which is free for anyone!The basics of planning meals in the theme park.And much, much more about recreation outside the theme parks.Of course, you'll want the basics on the Disney resort hotels. Everything you need to know is packed into one page for each resort. Theme and decor, both exterior and room stylingRoom rates, and when those rates are available Did you know each resort has different rates for the same room at different dates throughout the year?Restaurants, shopping and recreationTransportation from the resort to the parks, Downtown Disney and other Disney World destinationsI know that I told you that this was a simpler Disney travel guide, and I promise that it is. But there are a few more things you should know. So there are a few more tables and checklists: Restaurants at the parks and resorts.Souvenir suggestions, with descriptions and prices.Transportation basics and discount information.Now You Have Everything You Need to Plan the Perfect Vacation! Most Disney travel guides stop here. But that's not everything you need! As a Disney vacationer myself, I know that you have to make dozens of decisions. So the EZ Fun Guide™ has one final chapter: The EZ Fun Vacation Planner.In this 25-page chapter, 12 specially designed worksheets called EZ Fun Sheets™ walk you through the entire vacation planning process: Review what you have learned about Disney World, and make important decisions about what the "perfect Disney World vacation" is for your family.Decide who is in charge of planning your vacation, set a budget, and write down your "must do" activites and a few other basics.Compare the different Disney seasons, determine when crowds are heaviest or lighter, and when Disney offers special events, such as sporting events or special holiday events.Decide how many days you will spend at Disney World, and make an outline of what you will do in each theme park.Compare the cost of flying and driving. Decide on your Disney World resort hotel. Compare the cost and features of the Value, Moderate or Deluxe Resorts, Fort Wilderness Campground, and the Disney Vacation Club Resorts. Research discounts, and make reservations.Compare the features of the Magic Your Way tickets, and learn about the different options. See how the Water Park Fun and More Option can save you money. See why the Parkhopper Option is important. Calculate ticket prices, and pick the best ticket for your family.Add even more fun to your vacation by planning recreational activities, like tours, waterskiing, watercraft rentals, and kids' clubs. Learn about the dining programs, and calculate whether they are a good buy for your family. Calculate a realistic dining budget, and see how your resort shop can actually save you money.Plan ahead for the most unexpected vacation expense: souvenirs!And pull it all together with a realistic, complete vacation budget and schedule.One more cool fact: Each of these planning pages tells you the exact page number where you can find more details. You simply won't find this kind of planning aid in any Disney travel guide anywhere! Messages from a Few of My ReadersThis is the third edition of the EZ Fun Guide™ to Walt Disney World®. We have a great reputation among our readers. Here are comments from just a few of them:Thank you so much for sending me your book. It was a great feeling reading through. I was walking the streets of Disney in my mind. What a great feeling. How to Get The Greatest Value For Your Disney World Vacation! The EZ Fun Guide&#8482 to Walt Disney World&#174 Can Help You Have Your Dream Vacation!Hello, my name is Anne Easterling, and I want to tell you about a family that I met at Disney Worl
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