100 reasons to build your own pool Free S/H

100 reasons to build your own pool Free S/H 199 ebook

HOT TUBS-POOLS-SPASBUILD AND MAINTAIN E-book       Yes with our information you can even build koi ponds!     Tue April 18, 2007 Swimming Pools Build Your Own Invest in a swimming pool and you have a constant source of leisure and pleasure right on your doorstep. A pool is an investment, not only will it increase the value of your home considerably, it will save you money as there is no more cost of travel to beeches, over crowded public swimming pools and leisure centers, plus you don't have to pay parking and entrance fees. Swimming is one of the most popular sports and one of the healthiest forms of exercise. So your investment will help you grow healthy. Selecting a pool to suit your needs can be a fun process. We can give you expert advice on planning and design, the perfect solution to suit your needs and budget. Whichever type of swimming pool you decide on, indoor or out, you will have many happy years of swimming in your owner built designer pool! Concrete In ground Pools, Fountains, and Hot-Tubs You Name It! We offer a first class design & construction service for reinforced concrete, with a tiled finish swimming pools. We use the Gunite and or the Shotcrete method as it offers the ultimate in strength & freedom of design. A high tensile steel-reinforcing framework is fixed throughout the pool and high quality concrete is pneumatically sprayed in place and with the floor & walls being a monolithic construction they are normally sprayed in one day. The concrete has a tensile strength of almost double that of normal concrete and is free from construction and work joints as it is absolutely essential that there is no movement or cracking within the pool shell. In a Concrete swimming pool the finish is applied directly to the walls and floor of the pool. The shell of the pool is therefore the water-retaining unit and for this reason the construction has to be very strong, to be able to withstand the pressure exerted by the water. Copingstones are then placed around the pool to finish the edge. This type of pool offers greater flexibility as it can be formed into different shapes and the internal finishes can be created to your specific taste, whether plain tiles or perhaps a brightly colored mosaic. Eight good reasons to build a pool. The Economic Reasons Prices May Never be Lower - Today's the day. Next week or next year it may be more costly, so now is the time to purchase the pool of your dreams. As someone once said, "timing is everything." Your Pool May be Tax Deductible - That's right. If you purchase a swimming pool using a home equity loan, the swimming pool purchase can save you money come April 15th. Talk to your accountant. Swimming Pools are Affordable - Today there are many types of pools and many ways to buy them. All give the same sense of pride as well as all of the natural benefits and rewards of ownership. Explore all of your options, and then don't wait another minute. Easy to Finance - Swimming pools are extremely easy to finance. Families use everything from credit cards to home equity loans to get the exact pool they want. Low interest rates give purchasers an extra measure of affordability, which some use to get extra bells and whistles. Off Season Prices are Low – Sub-contractors offers special off-season prices. This practice helps keep our talented workforce busy when they would otherwise be slowing down. Today's Technology Keeps Operating Costs Down - Today's buyer can find many new ways to minimize the cost of pool upkeep. In recent years, pool manufacturers have added systems and technology to their product lines that have improved efficiency and cost-effectiveness for homeowners. Pools are Less Expensive Than Many Alternatives - A swimming pool can cost less than a big family vacation. It will last a lot longer, too. A weeklong cruise for a family of five can be a lot more expensive than many swimming pools     Pool with disappearing edge.   Hot Tub With Fountain. Pool with hot tub and rockscape planter and fountain.         We wrote the pool manual and created the E-book from over 40 years of experience in the pool business. The E-book is only available from us! The price will go up as the summer gets hotter!   E-Book Tear Drop Design The pool company will charge you $25,220.00 for the above Tear Drop pool and hot-tub Using Swimming Pools Build Your Own / Ebook You’re estimated Cost for the above Tear Drop  pool and hot-tub $11,730.00 Pool Dimensions-Tear Drop Design above. 3-8.6 ft deep Perimeter 80 lf Avg depth 5.75 ft Surface Area 400 sf Hot Tub Attached Perimeter 15 lf Avg depth 3 ft Surface Area 20 sf Hot-Tub Wall 10 lf You are bidding on an E-book  Pool Manual 13.5 PL0191062 Delivery by email will be within 5 minutes of payment. Items paid with paypal will be sent to your email on file with Paypal or the one provided by ebay.   If you are on a phone line connection 56k it will take longer.   It Will Be Saved Directly To Your Desk Top.     We Wrote The Book And Use It Every Day In Our Training Program.   We Build In ground Concrete and Gunite Pools In Phx, And Las Vegas. And Around The World For 45 Years~! The manual has How to pages, blue prints, drawings and hands on instructions. This is an Ebook   Links to wholesaler’s, distributors and manufactures   1.This Manual is a greater value to the Home Owner, 2.The DIY person. 3.Or if you need to make 100K a Year. 4. Or if you want to start your own pool business. 5. Or work from home. 6. We offer on line support.     We supply the home owner or consultant with the ability to build his or her own pool.   With our Ebook we Supply you with a Spreadsheet File.   We supply instructions on building your own pool. Our spread sheet does not cover any add-on design features i.e. a bridge over your pool or swim up bar and stools. Our material covers in-ground gunite and shotcrete swimming pools.  Our comprehensive material is world class, we sell worldwide,the basics are the same from South Africa to Canada! A pool plumber is not the same as a house plumber! From Design To Finish · Design · Structural engineers · City permits · Sample blue prints · Sample plot plans · Sample job plans for the sub-contractors · Checklist for you to go over with the subs. · Figure what you want to do yourself and contract out the rest. · We recommend that you use licensed and bonded subs-contractors. · We supply you with links to picture galleries. · We supply you with contacts for sub-contractors for your area. · In you’re nearest metropolitan area In the Continental United States · Our information can be used around the world. · Contacts for sub-contractors and pool products. · Equipment · After construction products · Technical support during construction and after construction   We supply you with the ability to save over 50% off the retail price of a swimming pool.   With This Ebook you Can Work From Home . Delivery by email will be within minutes of

HOT TUBS-POOLS-SPASBUILD AND MAINTAIN E-book &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Yes with our information you can even build koi ponds! &nbsp &nbsp Tue April 18, 2007 Swimming
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