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Hands Up! Who's Happy?

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Russell J Walker
Buy and Download Description ***Description*** Having undergone a dramatic change and transformed his life, Russell was compelled to share his experience and help others live a less stressful and happier life. In his book, Hands Up! Who's Happy?, Russell delivers to you the best of what he's learned. His powerful insights are going to encourage you to wake up and start living the life you deserve! He addresses how the majority of people give away their true power on a daily basis - for example by being financially insecure, doing a job they dislike, resent or even hate and having difficult or unfulfilling personal relationships. Disillusioned with their work life, personal life or both many people lead an unhappy and stressful existence. "Yet it doesn't have to be like this" he says, "you can live a richer and more rewarding life - if you want it!" ========== ***About the Author*** Russell currently lives on the Isle of Man - a small, beautiful island in the British Isles. He has assumed many different roles throughout his life, including being a son, brother, university student, police officer, husband, father, manager, friend and mentor. Until he was 37 years old he lived a life not so different from the majority of other people and as a result, he experienced life in a similar way; always with drama, sometimes good and sometimes not so good. With the benefit of a meditation practice (vipassana/insight meditation), his multifarious life experiences and years of personal research, Russell has now created a work that can bring about a profound change in how you see the world and live your life - if you want it! ========== ***From the Back Cover*** Embracing the uncertainty of life as you walk the path to freedom in a world of ever-increasing confusion and chaos, the message is what counts: "...my life has been transformed to such an extent that I can honestly say every day now is a beautiful day, where I experience more joy, love and happiness than I could ever imagine previously." Written from the perspective of an ordinary man, Russell J. Walker dispels the myths and reveals new ways of seeing your problems and your potential. Hands Up! Who's Happy? shows you it's time to wake up and take control of your life. Eminently suitable for the needs of contemporary life this book makes effortless reading, as it succinctly describes what you need to realise in order to restore a sense of vitality and joy in your life, and to live with more contentment. This book is essential reading for anyone who wants a life of greater purpose, meaning and connection. Full of practical, inspiring and spiritual wisdom it offers simple yet profoundly illuminating insights that can help you find real happiness in your own life. ========== Excerpted from Hands Up! Who's Happy?: How to Free Yourself from the Chains That Bind You by Russell J. Walker. Copyright © 2004. Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. ***From the Introduction*** ...The real turning point for me, at the age of 37 years, was meeting Shelley who is my closest friend and life partner, and the appearance into my life of our teacher and now good friend, Michael Kewley, Dhammachariya Pannadipa, a former Buddhist monk and meditation master of international repute. They say that when the student is ready the teacher appears; and I was certainly ready! When I heard Michael speak I immediately felt a deep connection. He spoke of Siddhatta Gotama, a prince who lived in Northern India in 6th Century BC and who became the Buddha. Buddha is actually a title, meaning the Enlightened One, the one who is awake and no longer deluded by the appearance of things. These teachings are as applicable to our lives today as they were almost 2600 years ago. The core human conditions of happiness and unhappiness are not new. Anyone, no matter what faith or religion they believe in, can use and apply the teachings. Spirituality is not exclusive to any religion. After all, truth is truth... I am human and just like you I want to be happy. I can tell you that there is a way and I now know that life does not have to be such a struggle. This does not occur simply by gaining more knowledge per se, but more a case of gaining in wisdom, the two biggest enemies to which are comfort and arrogance. In fact, it can be seen more as a case of un-learning the conditioning that has been fed into you. I should mention here that I am not a Buddhist or follower of any organised religion and this book, although spiritual in overall context is written for the benefit of everyone. We all have to live in the world and deal with everyday concerns like money, work and relationships, which are all sources of worry and anxiety for so many people. This book addresses these everyday issues. ***Description*** Having undergone a dramatic change and transformed his life, Russell was compelled to share his experience and help others live a less stressful and happier life. In his book, Hands Up! Who's Happy?, Russell delivers to you the
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