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6 Years Of Guitar Lessons For 9.99

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Buy and Download Description *GuitarWorks* is now the Ultimate eDOWNLOAD! I have been a guitar teacher at my private music school for 25 years. I get much pleasure in sharing my knowledge with others and although I am entering semi-retirement I still have a great desire to give to the cause. For this reason I've compiled my entire beginner course onto a website.This material covers 6 years of guitar study. It is not just a load of cheap ebooks (as sold by many on ebay) but a complete 6 year method (which includes six volumes of study plus songbooks and more) written for the beginner to intermediate student. If interested buy it now and the download address will be sent immediately. Here you can download the entire 6 year program. If you wonder why such a ridiculous price for so much, I just want to give back as I have been so blessed and after paying ebay I might be able to add a little to my retirement fund lol. Thanks for your time GuitarWorks contains the most complete course ever written for the beginner to intermediate level. A lifetime of learning for 12.99! STARTS AT GROUND ZERO AND FINISHES AT INTERMEDIATE LEVEL! This teaching method has been used at my school for 15 years teaching the young and old to play guitar. Learn to read music like the pros! Is learning to read music important? Sheet music is a universal language. Learning to read music enables the performer to speak music in any culture. It enables the performer to play any style spontaneously. Although it presents itself as the opposite to playing by ear, the myth of music reading hindering the art of "playing by ear" is as we say in Tennessee a big bunch of hogwash. I can assure you I am very competent at both and can tell you first hand they compliment each other greatly. Have you ever had the desire to learn to read but was afraid it would be too difficult, expensive or time consuming? This book will have you reading music in days. ELEVEN BOOKS SIX INSTRUCTION BOOKS (Over 250 Pages) FIVE SONGBOOKS (Over 100 Songs) Master Chords Many students come to my school after lessons with other teachers have become useless. I am amazed they can't even play a song in time using chords. The reason for this is students must be taught to change chords in time. Do you have this problem? Do you play one chord only to stutter to the next? Learning what I refer to as realizing anchor notes and relative shape patterns can solve the problem. How do the pros change so easily and smoothly with little effort? The answers to this and other questions are in the books. If you have had any of these problems this book will solve them and will have you playing your favorite songs in days. Master Strumming Rhythm patterns are a very important asset when playing guitar chords. For example Country, Folk and Sacred music uses what is known as Bass and Alternate technique while Pop and Rock eliminates these features when playing guitar. In many circumstances rhythm patterns can create a song's identity. This book will show you how to achieve these different styles. Master Note Reading Learn to Play In the following styles using these songbooks Classical Magic Included on the cd is an additional songbook entitled Classical Magic. Arranged for guitar this book contains short movements of some of the most popular pieces ever written by composers such as Bach, Chopin, Mozart and more. Most pieces are condensed into a single page to allow for easier memorization. Great material for mini-concerts Speedy Delivery Learn to flat-pick like the pros. This book contains a collection of the hottest bluegrass instrumentals ever played. Learn to play songs in the styles of Doc Watson, Tony Rice and more! Celtic Melodies Celtic Melodies is a songbook containing over 30 of the most beautiful Celtic melodies ever written. Many of these melodies still played today, date back to over a century. They have become very popular in America, as the bluegrass style has borrowed their enchanting melodies. Mountain Melodies Learn to play the most memorable bluegrass, folk and gospel songs ever written. A songbook containing a collection of over 20 of the best bluegrass, folk and sacred songs ever written. If you are a fan of traditional bluegrass or mountain folk music you will love this collection. For those of you who sing, the lyrics and chords are included with each arrangement. Christmas Melodies A collection of the most beautiful traditional Christmas Carols ever written. Arranged exclusively for Guitar these melodies will have you performing Christmas Guitar in days. Thanks for looking! _________________________________________________________ International orders accepted. Files are compressed must be extracted and viewed with adobe acrobat reader *GuitarWorks* is now the Ultimate eDOWNLOAD! I have been a guitar teacher at my private music school for 25 years. I get much pleasure in sharing my knowledge with others and although I am entering semi-retirement I still have a great desire to
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