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New 5 Volume Subliminal Audio Arousal Toolkit Download!

New 5 Volume Subliminal Audio Arousal Toolkit Download! SAAT2 Instant Download Price
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Buy and Download Description This is the new and improved state of the art five volume Subliminal Audio Arousal Toolkit, Version 2.0! After much consideration and customer feedback, we have revised, updated, improved and added to the previous Subliminal Audio Arousal Toolkit which was four volumes to make it even better! All the program mp3s in the toolkit are based on the simple fact that humans respond to sexual sounds with sexual arousal – especially females, for whom the visual aspect of arousal is less important than it is for males. When you hear the sounds of intense and passionate sexual pleasures for long enough, your body will typically respond with sexual arousal. If these sounds are subliminal, and only perceived by the subconscious, this process is even more pronounced! Everyone has a sex drive, so there is potential for these programs to work on everyone. However, in the real world, different people will require different specific approaches. That is why we brought you not just one or two volumes in the toolkit, but five. For the sake of both stealth and privacy useful for if the files are discovered by children, curious spouses, girlfriends, etc. these programs are named as “pse” The Poetry of the Silent Eros plus a volume number. The programs are all different, of course. Here's how: Volume 1 is an hour of ultrasonic subliminal audio. It is designed to be apparently silent when played. Neither you, nor they, should hear anything. This is useful for both stealth and allowing you to do things that would be interrupted by other sounds. For instance, if you want your partner to get in the mood but you want things to flow smoothly into it, you could play this while you watch a movie. One of the specific benefits of this program is that it uses only the sounds of passion, so there are no subliminal commands. The result of this is twofold. First, it means this program will work on anyone who hears it regardless of which language they speak. Second, it means that this program will cause short term arousal only. Perfect for just an evening. Because it uses ultrasonic subliminals, it can work even on people who have poor hearing. Some studies suggest that it can even work for people with certain kinds of deafness! Volume 2 is identical to Volume 1, with a major addition: It has subliminal commands embedded in it. These commands, which are spoken in English, create an active feedback loop which speeds up, increases and intensifies arousal. It also helps to eliminate resistance to not only the sexual arousal, but acting on that sexual arousal. This means that you'll get a faster, more powerful, more enthusiastic response, and you'll get responses from people who might not respond to Volume 1 because of naturally low sex drive, post partum depression, and other factors that can impede results. Furthermore, this program can be used as sleep programming to generate erotic dreams and increase morning sex. If this program is used as a normal subliminal for mind programming 30 days straight, it will in many cases cause a permanent increase in sex drive and may result in hypersexuality and/or nymphomania. No joking. It really can. I have experienced this first hand. Be careful. Since it is embedded with speech, it will work vastly better on people who understand English. Because it uses ultrasonic subliminals, it can work even on people who have poor hearing. Volume 3 is identical to Volume 1, but is not silent and uses no ultrasonic subliminal encoding. Instead, it hides the sounds of intense erotic passion in the gentle, soothing sounds of the ocean, which is in turn mixed with soft ambient music. This is very relaxing and pleasant to listen to. Like Volume 1, this program is designed to work on anyone who hears it, regardless of what language they speak, and will have relatively short term effects that typically only last hours. Volume 3 is useful for when you want some ambiance with your short term audio arousal. Volume 4 is much like Volume 2, with the sounds of passion and the subliminal commands which cause faster, more powerful, longer lasting arousal, but unlike Volume 2, the erotic sounds and the subliminal commands are buried in a beautiful soothing thundering rainstorm along with the sound of wind through the trees, wind chimes, and relaxing ambient music. This sound track is wonderfully relaxing, and is wonderful for use during a massage, romantic evening, or even to play while you sleep. The new Volume 5 is a combination of the amazing Volume 2 and the extraordinary Volume 4. It has the same sound track as Volume 4, with both the subliminals found in Volume 4 hidden in the thundering rainstorm and the stealth silent ultrasonic subliminals found in Volume 2. This means it is presenting the subconscious mind with twice the input, on different “channels”, and makes Volume 5 even more powerful and more effective than the already alarmingly ! effective Volumes 2 or 4 alone! That makes Volume 5 so exceedingly potent that it really can be dangerous if you use it too much! This Subliminal Audio Arousal Toolkit gives you everything you need to arouse and stimulate in virtually any circumstances. It's the perfect aphrodisiac - Safe, effective, re-usable and discreet! This fantastic Subliminal Audio Arousal Toolkit comes with complete instructions on how to use it, what to watch for to know when it's working and how well, how to get the most out of your toolkit, and even troubleshooting. We've got you covered! Plus, if you have any questions that the instructions didn't answer, you're always welcome to send me an e-mail on eBay and ask for help. You'll get an answer directly from one of the most knowledgeable people in the world concerning subliminal seduction – me, the creator, tester, and seller of this amazing toolkit! Just how well do these programs work? First, let me tell you about something I personally experienced. Then I'll let you read some feedbacks left specifically concerning the CD version of this toolkit on eBay. A while back, I attended a party that started out being just a friendly get-together to celebrate the groups mutual friendships and have a good time. Someone asked the right questions, discovered I sell subliminals, and being very skeptical, asked if they could try one on themselves. Since I know that only the subliminal arousal programs work fast enough to show an effect in the timespan of a party, I handed him the CD of Volume 2 that I happened to have in my car. Knowing what was going to happen, I chose to move myself and my conversation into a closed room just off the one the CD was being used in. About two hours later, my conversation was interrupted by a banging on the door. When we answered, there he was, wearing only boxers, looking tired, sweaty and tousled, with his bedraggled looking but very happy girlfriend in tow. “What the hell is on that CD, man?!” he said. For a moment, I was worried something had gone wrong. “Why, what happened?” I asked, in a neutral tone. “I started playing that CD like you showed me, and about 20 minutes later, she jumps on me and drags me to the bedroom, where we proceeded to have some of the most intense, animalistic sex we ever had! I literally couldn't stop!” he exclaimed. I had to laugh, because that was exactly what the CD was designed for, and I myself had been through it while testing them. I reminded him that it was, after all, a subliminal aphrodisiac CD, and that was what it was designed for. His skepticism melted and he was incredulous. His girlfriend then dreamily asked me, “Can we keep it? Please?” I had to laugh out loud, because she sounded like a 6 year old asking daddy to keep a stray puppy. At a later date, I was told that he had used the CD to spark off an orgy at a different party. Yes, these programs are that awesomely effective. And consider these actual feedback This is the new and improved state of the art five volume Subliminal Audio Arousal Toolkit, Version 2.0! After much consideration and customer feedback, we have revised, updated, improved and added to the previous Subliminal Audio Arousal Toolkit wh
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