Enduring Legacy of DeForest Kelley

Enduring Legacy of DeForest Kelley PLDZ-1

DeForest Kelley's former personal assistant Kristine M Smith has compiled the memories and reminiscences of fans and friends whose lives were blessed and changed forever by the career or kindness of the late actor who portrayed Dr. Leonard McCoy in the original Star Trek series.  All who contributed to the tome have realized the immense impact that the iconic "Bones" has had on their lives and careers. Smith reveals that Kelley's enduring legacy includes fans who continue to boldly go where few have gone before, making a difference every step of the way."

DeForest Kelley's former personal assistant Kristine M Smith has compiled the memories and reminiscences of fans and friends whose lives were blessed and changed forever by the career or kindness of the late actor who portrayed Dr. Leonard McCoy in t
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  • Sandra

    A big thank you

    Rating 5

    Thank you Kris for this little treasure. A great companion to A Harvest of Memories, it says so much about a humble man who deserves to be recognised.

  • Emily

    deeply moving, and an inspiration

    Rating 5

    As a fan of the original Star Trek series, I was delighted to "discover" this book. Kristine M. Smith writes with a lovely engaging voice, true professionalism, and a humanity that shines through her words just as Mr. Kelley's shone through his work.

  • Antje

    He isnĀ“t really gone...

    Rating 5

    Thank you Kris, that you did it again! Thanks for sharing your memories. Everybody who loves De Kelley must love you and your books. You gave us a real treasure!

  • Jane

    Another great one!

    Rating 5

    Kristine, Thanks for another great read! From the moment I started your new book, I couldn't stop. I think I finished it in under 2 hours. I relished every moment. Thanks for sharing!

  • Mary Doman

    He's not dead as long as we remember--and emulate--him.

    Rating 5

    Kris has lovingly compiled an anthology of well-written, thought-provoking and inspiring reflections from De's admirers about the ways in which his life and work still continue to influence their lives for the good. Well done, Kris; I'm sure De is proud!

  • Andrew Matner

    De lives forever in our hearts

    Rating 5

    I purchased this wonderful ebook as a companion to my copy of A Harvest of Memories. Kris has out done herself collecting a beautiful range of memories from people all over the world who's lives De touched in so many different ways. Bless you Kris & De

  • Cheryl Haynes aka Laurie Foston

    Precious Memories

    Rating 5

    Kristine, I read your memoirs and I have to say that I shed some tears over it. Maybe that was not your intentions but to share the joy of the people whose lives were affected by DeForest Kelley was very moving. The man on the screen seemed no different than the one described in your memoirs. I don't know if June Lowry cast him in that role or not but he has the gentle look of a healer. He never lost that on the screen, even when he picked at Spock. He brought outer space back down to Earth with his characterization of a country doctor on a spaceship. When I heard of his passing I felt a lump in my throat because of the personal bonds to Star Trek that he helped form among the fans. For lack of a better analogy I can only compare Deforest Kelley with the turpentine that lends itself a medium for the oil paint to adhere to the canvas. The show would not have been received as well without him. God bless you for your recognition and memoirs of a special man, and your labor of love.

  • Lisa


    Rating 5

    Fantastic moving book! I loved it very much. Kris Smith has done it again!

  • Sue

    The Enduring Legacy of DeForest Kelley

    Rating 5

    Great book, as usual from Kristine M. Smith!!

  • Billie Rae

    Great Book!

    Rating 5

    Great book, Kris! I'm honoredl to be a small part of it...and meet fellow travelers from the USS Enterprise.... most especially those who interned as I did under its Chief Medical Officer Leonard H. McCoy, MD[aka De Kelley]. "He's not gone...." God Bless

  • Jackie

    Kris Does It Again!

    Rating 5

    I thought Kris's first book, DeForest Kelley: A Harvest of Memories was great. This one is equally remarkable -- I can't wait for the second and third editions. This one went by way too fast! De's fans ALL seem to be wonderful writers!

  • Karen


    Rating 5

    Congratulations From the moment the download finished I was glued to my computer. Enjoyed from start to finish Bravo Kristine and all for sharing