PC Rescue 25% Off Today 3-21-08

PC Rescue 25% Off Today 3-21-08 PCRES-A1

Fix Computer Errors!

PC Rescue is easy-to-use software that finds and fixes errors on your computer. The FREE SCAN examines your computer's registry for invalid entries that are a common cause of computer errors and crashes. It then shows you what problems were found, and you can choose to correct them with the simple click of a button. Using PC Rescue will increase system speed and stability. Added features include System Restore, IP ad blocker, Internet Optimizer, and more!

Registry Repair:
Dll , activex, runtime errors, windows errors, etc.

PC Rescue will repair your computer errors for sure.

3 Fix Computer Errors! PC Rescue is easy-to-use software that finds and fixes errors on your computer. The FREE SCAN examines your computer's registry for invalid entries that are a common cause of computer errors and crashes. It then shows you w
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  • Michelle Holte

    Very Dissappointed

    Rating 2

    I have paid for and installed this product twice in the past 6 months and I now realize my mistake because there is no Tech support and E.Mails sent to them does not get a response. I do not recommend this product to anyone.

  • Michel J. Gaudet

    NOT a HAPPY customer!

    Rating 2

    While the program MAY fix broken links, it ALSO shows EVERY SINGLE ONE of my SHORTCUTS as BAD, but it does NOT remove them, THANK GOD. For those of you that want your monies back, and you have had the program for say less than a week or so, all you need do is write either an email or registered snail mail to the company, telling them you want your monies put back on your card, because the software is not DOING AS YOU EXPECTED. If you paid by CREDIT CARD, give the company thirty days to refund your monies. If they have NOT done so, just send proof to your card company that you told them this. Make sure to wait the thirty days before getting the credit people involved, and be able to show YOUR letter or email AND THEIR RESPONSE. The card company will turn it over to their legal department and you WILL be refunded.

  • George

    Dont buy this product

    Rating 2

    I purchased PC Rescue on March 27th and tried to run it. It locks up thru the scanning process and never completes. I did the required take a Screenshot and sent to Healthy Computer showing that it will not fix the errors found but they dont respond at all to any of my E-Mails. I am reporting them to Paypal and also the Internet Fraud Complaint Center at http://www.ic3.gov This I believe after seeing all the other complaints is a fraud!



    Rating 2


  • Jerry Johnson


    Rating 2


  • Alan

    reverts to unregistered version

    Rating 2

    PC Rescue works well for few times and dose what its supposed to? I hope but it keeps reverting to unregistered version which finds probs but dosent clean them untill I remove and reinstall and reactivate which a neusance. would not recomend to anyone


    The Worse ripoff ever

    Rating 2

    your page and prices suck!!!!!!!!!!!what an asshole!!!! get a real job!!!! Haaaaaaa Payloadz-EXPRESS!!!...lmao...great name for the cheat-o-matic...and sweettooth... stupid MFer.....DONT GO TO MY EMAIL AGAIN!!!!

  • ding ching


    Rating 2

    fantastic site great seller and well worth the money

  • Anonymous

    Questionable program.

    Rating 2

    First, this program comes with a false 100% satisfaction guarantee. They will only refund your money if you can prove that it did not fix all of the errors it identified. The tihing is that it may identify errors that don't exist just to "fix" them. It fixes all errors simultaneously or not at all. The only choice is "fix all errors." The Healthy computer club has no contact information other than two email addresses, and all responses are brief and ignorant of any problem you may have had. There also seems to be an all purpose registration key for unlocking the program. If you care to experiment with it make sure that you back up everything before. D41E36G3D21D44I40I19J49-34751325 All the five star reviews for this program are probably posted by the healthy computer club.

  • John Rosell

    No Customer Service

    Rating 2

    Their scan said it found errors so I bought it but I'm still not able to access several sites that I need. Repeated attempts for their input go unanswered.

  • Judy

    Another customer rip off

    Rating 2

    Their ad is false and misleading. No where on the home page does it indicate that you must purchased the "fix" portion. They offer a free trial but you have to buy the program to fix errors it identifies. None of the so called errors were found by other programs. They refused to refund my money--dissatisfaction is not a valid complaint. Your $39.99 is better given to a charity where it at least will do some good. BEWARE!!!!!

  • mary


    Rating 2

    This is the biggest rip off ever!!!! DO NOT BUY!!! They dont even answer your emails....... What I got was $39.95 gone from my wallet!!! Someone should investigate this scammmmmm

  • Mark

    AWESOME product, saved me tons of problems

    Rating 2

    I am so happy about this product. Customer service was good too. It fixed up my computer nicely.

  • Paul

    Don't do it

    Rating 2

    I used it on my system, ended up having to re-format, and I didn't think it was from PC Rescue. After paying 40 bucks for it you'ld think you can use it more than once, but I've made several attempts to contact them to get a new download so I can use it again, but they seem to be ignoring me. To me this seems like a scam. Don't do it!

  • Susan Schiff

    Messed up my hard drive

    Rating 2

    It deleted so many files, that I have to bring my computer in, where I will probably have to have the hard drive wiped. Now I have to save all my pictures, and I have thousands of them. Don't go near this program!

  • Bob

    I got a refund!

    Rating 2

    PC Rescue did not remove any of the 217 errors it found. After several complaints to Healthy Computer Club and PayPal, My $39.95 was refunded.

  • Virgil

    pc rescue

    Rating 2

    I payed for this product but didn't get anything if I don't get my 39.95 back I will turn it in as a fraud they won't respond or give me an answer Virgil

  • Arlene Lewis

    Very disapointed!

    Rating 2

    Very poor service. I lost my PC Rescue program in a computer crash and have been trying to get help@healthycomputerclub.com to respond with an activation key so I can reinstall and use my PC Rescue program that I just recently purchased. Looks like I'm out $39.95 and I'm angry.

  • Joe


    Rating 2

    The company won't return my emails and there is no support. It looks like I am going to need to wipe the hard drive completely and start over again. It found the same 92 errors others mention. I only found these reviews after I purchased the program!! SCAMMED AGAIN!!!!

  • B.Sewart

    Questions of "If it sounds too good to be true..."

    Rating 2

    Purchased this product before reading all the reviews on it. It seems now, that some of my Windows RUN.DLL or Visual C++ is now running properly. It identified over 92 errors, but whether it truly corrected the issues or not remains to be seen. I can not honestly say that $39.95 is a worthy price. At the time, I was a little desperate in trying to clean up my registry. After reading the reviews, I get this sinking feeling I've been taken Hook Line and Sinker. (I've emailed them, stating that I would like more information about the product and the company. I also requested return credit since I was not happy with the product, and stated I expect some written form of response within 24 hours. Will submit/pursue issue if met with resistance. Will update as time goes on.