Cardinal Astrographs ... easy trading tools !~!

Cardinal Astrographs ... easy trading tools !~! CAETT

STOP PRESS!~! ... yet another award for 2003, read on: ........... some EASY and PRACTICAL astrotrading tools, in over 650 pages of astrotrading knowledge, just for you. Limited edition: Invest $360.oo in your easy trading tools and you will learn exactly what W.D.Gann did NOT tell you about TIME and PRICE !! You will also learn about financial and business astrology from 12 practising traders and astrologers !~! Three ebooks giving you a PRACTICAL introduction to trading the markets, using the cosmic clock. Hi folks, First book: "Cardinal Astrographs ... easy trading tools" was written as an introduction to some simple astrotrading tools that you can use immediately. It makes no claims to being the holy grail of trading, but it does present a refreshing perspective about using the cosmic clock for better market timing. It has taken a lot longer than expected, to write it, but it has been worth the wait!! You will learn about some NEW trading tools to EASILY forecast TIME and PRICE !! Over 180 pages of PRACTICAL and EASY trading tools, including time and price projections, trading strategies and an introduction to SIMPLE astrotrading .... (only a basic knowledge of astrology required) and there's NO EXPENSIVE software needed to put these methods into practice. If you DO NOT like simple mathematics and geometry, you will hate Gann's work (and mine). Learn how to identify TIME & PRICE targets !! Add to that, help by FROOP, 21 price charts, 9 figures and 13 tables to help illustrate the points made in the text ..... now we can start to see, why it has taken so long for this little gem to be unearthed. My motivation for writing this ebook was to open up discussion on many areas that have been previously considered taboo .... like price and time projections and their relationships to astrotrading strategies, as one example. To this end a discussion forum, for investors in this book, has been setup to answer queries and promote further exchanges of ideas on this trading frontier. Easy trading tools to confirm your own technical analysis of ANY market ..... For chartists, this book introduces some simple methods to help you realise the FULL potential of the TIME axis on their charts. That means, getting more information out of the charts to help make better market timing decisions. Using PRICE as our primary indicator in technical analysis gives us only HALF-OF-THE-STORY, since the indicators derived from price alone are, by nature, lagging indicators. Don't miss this opportunity to get your charts really talking to you, revealing the whole story, by evaluating both the TIME and the PRICE axis, with easy trading tools. Add some advanced charting tools to include analysis of the TIME AXIS and go "beyond Gann" to explore how you can use the cosmic clock for better market timing. How to use SIMPLE astrotrading tools to identify key trading days ...!! For fundamentalists, some simple mathematical formulae can be used to approximate price extremes and probable key trading dates. Often it is on these key dates, when markets breakout to continue the old trend or make a trend reversal. These key dates, will often coincide with company or commodity news that is due to hit the marketplace, resulting in a windfall for those informed in a timely manner. Develop your trading skills, with some easy trading tools ...... .... easy trading tools that will provide you with some ESSENTIAL and PRACTICAL trading techniques going forward. Soon, these trading methods become second nature, just like riding a bicycle ... once learned, never forgotten. You can also be assured that most of what you will find, in my "Cardinal Astrographs" ebook on market timing, has NEVER been seen in print, before now. Improve your WIN/LOSS ratio in your trading: By using these easy trading tools, as part of your overall trading plan, your market timing will improve and you will trade more profitably, as your win/loss ratio gets better. At last, the private investor now has the opportunity to use some cutting edge trading tools, before the funds and brokers. You also have access to a support group of other traders using these new methods ... A forum, where these new trading concepts may be discussed and expanded upon has already been setup by the author, as a support mechanism for all those investing in this ebook. At US $360.oo, "Cardinal Astrographs ... easy trading tools" is presented in .pdf format, as a permanent record on CD-ROM, along with a copy of my first trading-related ebook ... "Trading Plan ... wozzat?" ..... that's the second book in this package. "Trading Plan ... wozzat?" has been recently upgraded, too. Develop your own trading plan, one that you feel comfortable trading, that's what the second ebook is about. That brings us to the final ebook in this unique package. ISBA Book on Business and Financial Astrology: The ISBA E-Book on Business & Financial Astrology, by authors and astrologers Karen Boesen, Barbara May, Madeline Gerwick- Brodeur, Georgia Stathis, Manfred Zimmel, Ellen Jameson, Bill Meridian, Han van Straaten, Maarit Laurento, Robert Gover, Maurício Bernis and Paula Falcão. For you, great value ... three books for the price of one!! PayPal accepted, go to: ... and send US$360.oo to: paul nipperess Here's hoping the trading gods smile on you for the remainder of 2003. top trades paul yogi nipperess P.S. ........ You will also belong to an exclusive group of only 2,000 traders worlwide. Yes, this ebook is a LIMITED EDITION and you have my personal guarantee that only 2,000 copies of this ebook will be sold, EVER ..!! P.P.S. ....... Finally, you will be placed at the top of the invitation list to PREVIEW my next Gann Signs series of ebooks ..... From this new ebook, you will learn how the the coded messages in W.D.Gann's 1927 romance "Tunnel Thru the Air" were unravelled and what these messages mean to you, as a trader ..... Fire your useless market analyst ... do-it-yourself !!: Order "Cardinal Astrographs ... easy trading tools" NOW !! PayPal accepted for just US$360.oo, you will: Learn exactly what Gann did not reveal about TIME and PRICE. Learn how to easily project TIME and PRICE. Use easy trading tools to confirm your own market analysis. Learn how to identify key trading days in ANY market, using simple astrotrading techniques. Improve your trading skills and your trading WIN/Loss ratio. Have access to a backup forum of like-minded traders. Have the opportunity to use cutting-edge trading tools, BEFORE the fund managers get to use them. Claim your copy of "Trading Plan ... wozzat?" = book #2. ISBA Book on Business and Financial astrology is the #3 book in this package and it lifts the veil, hiding the astrological facts that make up the study of financial and business astrology. TWELVE internationally-renowned authors, say it how it is ..... over 405 pages, crammed with details that all astrotraders need to know. Be placed at the top of the invitation list for "GOGILS", Gann's starcodes unravelled from the coded messages, cleverly embedded in the text of Tunnel Thru the Air. Best of all you will belong to a new generation of only 2,000 traders in the world, using these methods. Yes,

STOP PRESS!~! ... yet another award for 2003, read on: ........... some EASY and PRACTICAL astrotrading tools, in over 650 pages of astrotrading knowledge, just for you. Limited edition: Invest $360.oo i
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