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How to Plan a Highly Successful Scrapbook Crop

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Buy and Download Description Would you like to discover how to make several hundred dollars in just 1 DAY by hosting a scrapbook crop? Keep reading to find out about the recordings that have scrapbookers around the world talking... Hi! I'm Susan Whitehead and it's safe to say I am a die hard scrapbooker. I love putting my photos and memories together into one layout that my family will have for generations to come. It's part of who I am...just ask my 4 kids! One thing I love about scrapbooking is the scrapbook crop. It is the modern day equivalent to the Quilting Bee where our grandmothers got together with their friends, sang songs and created beautiful quilts for their families. Now, instead of sewing, we're scrapping, cropping and embellishing! Many scrapbookers are already familiar with crops, but have never taken the leap of trying to make some serious money from one. I sat down recently after my kids were in bed and recorded every detail I could spill out into over 30 minutes of scrapbook crop planning information. These mp3 recordings will let you in on what I've learned through my experiences about putting together a Highly Successful Scrapbook Crop. Here are some issues people have when trying to plan a scrapbook crop: Should you have vendors? What locations are the best to use? How can you get goodies for FREE? For vendors: What kind of gift should I give away? These recordings are over 30 minutes of nothing but details on how to put together a Highly Successful Scrapbook Crop. When I planned my very first Scrapbook Camp, I could not find any good information online about how to do something as big as I had envisioned. Even now, there are only small bits and pieces online about how to plan a crop, but I have yet to find anything that helps you plan a crop to make money!! Why doesn't anyone else want you to know how to plan a Money Making Scrapbook Crop? I'll tell you...they want to keep you in the dark so they can keep planning their own crops and making all the cash!! Not any more! Here are the facts: The scrapbooking industry is thriving with over $2.5 BILLION in sales in 2004 alone! Approximately 25% of US households scrapbook! The average money spent by scrapbookers is around $100 per year (but I think that is a VERY low estimate!) Dedicated scrapbookers spend over $50 PER MONTH on scrapbook supplies and have over $1500 in scrapbook supplies in their own personal inventory!! If those statistics don't totally open your eyes to the amount of money to be made in the scrapbooking industry, nothing will! Now you can have your piece of the pie by planning your own scrapbook crop and making money for yourself, not someone else! So, why am I sharing this information with you? Good question, but my answer is very simple. I root for the underdog. I love the idea that someone just like you, maybe with a husband and a handful of children, can plan an event in your spare time and make some serious cash to pay bills, have a housekeeper or maybe buy the newest scrapbook gadget that's just come out on the market. I love helping out families who just want some extra spending cash to spoil themselves or their families. All the big name companies get enough of our paychecks. Now it's your turn to start taking in your fair share of the cash flow scrapbooking has created. Who are these recordings for? If you are an avid scrapbooker with lots of friends, this is for you. If you're a scrapbook consultant who'd like to take your business to a whole new level, this is for you. If you've ever dreamed of having a scrapbook retreat, but aren't quite sure how to begin, start by planning a crop...this is a great starting point for you. Not only do you get these 4 recordings almost instantly in mp3 format, but I'm going to throw in some awesome Bonus Gifts! BONUS GIFTS: Scrapbook Crop Checklist - $15 value - Take out all the guess work of planning a scrapbook crop with my handy checklist. This checklist is over 2 pages long and includes all the details about when to do what for your crop. It even has space to include other details unique to your crop. Scrapbook Crop Bingo Game - $10 value - Use this template at your crop as a fun way to give away some of your door prizes! No need to come up with all this information on your own! It's all here! Email Support - $150 value - My main source of income is by being a life coach, helping people make and achieve success. I usually charge $150 per hour for my time, but to show you how committed I am to your success, I will help you along the way as you plan your first crop. I'm including 30 days of unlimited email support from me as a bonus. I'll even critique your ads and any other files you want me to look at. (Note: This bonus will come down after I get a certain number of orders. I just can't afford to leave this bonus up forever!) SECRET BONUSES - Priceless!! I'm even including 2 Secret Bonuses when you order. They're so secret that I don't want anyone who just happens to come by my site to figure them out. Trust me...these 2 files alone will set you apart from all the other scrapbook crop organizers! Now, a lot of consultants, scrapbook and craft store owners aren't going to be thrilled about me releasing this information. In fact, I expect to get some not so nice emails from them begging me to take this off the market because I am selling their secrets at such a low price. I could easily sell all this information for $97 and keep the numbers of people who have access to all this valuable information to the folks with fat wallets. But, remember, I root for the underdog, so I am going to slash that figure in half and sell these recordings and 5 bonuses for only $47. Now, for a limited time, I'm offering these recordings and all the bonuses for just $37!! This offer could easily be gone by tomorrow, so don't hesitate to click the link below and take advantage of this super low introductory price! Click Here to Order Now! My 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: I stand behind my products. If you, for any reason, aren't satisfied with your purchase, I will gladly refund your purchase within 30 days. You have nothing to lose. Buy it, try it, like it. If not, email me and you'll get your cash questions asked. Happy Scrappin'! Susan Whitehead Owner, P.S. If you're a casual scrapbooker who just wants tips on how to host a scrapbook crop for your friends, this is NOT for you! Only scrapbookers who are serious about taking their love of this craft to the next level should buy these recordings! P.P.S. These are all digital files and you will get access to all this valuable information almost instantly! No shipping charges to pay, EVER! Would you like to discover how to make several hundred dollars in just 1 DAY by hosting a scrapbook crop? Keep reading to find out about the recordings that have scrapbookers around the world talking... Hi! I'm Susan Whitehead and it's s
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