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Automated Cash Machines (with Master Resell Rights and Bonus!)

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Buy and Download Description Simple 4 Step System To Create Your Own Automated Cash Machine! Dear friend, I have discovered a revolutionary method for making money on the internet. I call it my Automated Cash Machine because it literally generates cash for me every single day. I have made as much as $914.39 in a single day with my Automated Cash Machine. To build an Automated Cash Machine you need 4 things: 1) A Product to Market. 2) A Simple 1/2 Page Web Site. 3) Ability to take Credit Cards orders online. 4) Traffic Generator -- ie: a way to get people to your web site. Here Is What I Do: 1. I create a very simple web site that gives away an information product -- an electronic book, or report or an email training course. This is my traffic generator. 2. When people receive their free information product they also receive an offer for a similar product -- but this time they have to pay for it. 3. When they are ready to order they click on a link to a company called PayLoadz. PayLoadz takes the credit card order via PayPal, sends the customer to a web site where they can download the product. And then they send me an email to let me know about the order. That's pretty much it. Once I get it set up it runs automatically and generates cash for me every single day. It is a beautiful thing. The thing is, it took me over 4 years -- and thousands of dollars -- to figure this system out and get everything working. It sounds simple -- it IS simple -- but if you are starting from scratch it could take you years to figure it out on your own. That is why I have developed the Incredible Automated Cash Machine. Not only do I show you HOW to put it all together -- I also give you everything you need to put it together! Here is what you get: Web Site templates: These are Plug-In-Play -- all you have to do is change the relevant info to your own and you are ready to go. (By the way, I'll show you exactly how to do this -- it's easy!) Traffic Generator: You will get a BRANDED copy of my popular ebook -- 101 Internet Business Ideas to give away. Branded means that the book has your name instead of mine -- and all of your links instead of mine. Of course, I'll show you how to set up these links. My Marketing BOTS: This is how I get people to order my products. I use marketing Robots ("BOTS") that market automatically for me. I can't reveal much about this here but everything is explained in the Incredible Automated Cash Machine. I will even give you the BOTS! No Cost Alternatives -- To get your Automated Cash Machine running properly you need a web site, credit card merchant (like Clickbank) and a domain name. These things are inexpensive but they do add to the cost of getting your Automated Cash Machine off the ground. So I have come up with No-Cost alternatives that you can use. I'll give you all the details. Reprint Rights -- You get 7 different products that you can market! Complete with all the marketing material, web site templates, cover images -- everything you need. Here are the titles of the products you get: A Cheap and Easy Guide to Self Publishing Ebooks (suggested sell price - $22.95) This eBook is a complete guide that teaches step by step instruction on how to publish your eBooks. It includes where to find the most up-to date marketing information, how to sell eBooks without "talking and selling" anyone. This eBook includes many marketing techniques that require no marketing budget. It also teaches you how to negotiate eBook publishing contracts from your computer at home. Classified Ad Secrets (suggested sell price - $24.97) Classifieds are the best dollar-for-dollar return in advertising! However writing successful classified ads is an ART and should not be taken lightly. This latest eBook will show you the secrets to writing and making money with "order-pulling" classified ad. Wholesale Sources (suggested sell price - $24.97) This is the Most Useful Wholesale Source Guide Ever Put Together... Save up to 90% on over 1,000,000 top quality brand-name products. You will have access to thousands of wholesale sources internationally where you can find Computers, Jewelry, Electronics, Household Goods, Sporting Goods, Clothing ... This guide is perfect for entrepreneurs that do business on the Internet, mail order, flea markets, or simply want to buy products for themselves at wholesale prices. E-mail Marketing Strategies (suggested sell price - $49.95) How To Eliminate The Three Most Lethal And Costly Mistakes That Everybody Else is Making! How To Use E-Mail Marketing So You Never Get in Trouble With Your ISP - No Matter What Type of Business You Have! How To Turn a Lot More of Your Web Site Visitors into Repeat Customers! Start Seeing Profits From E-Mail Immediately! 7 Secrets of Unlimited Traffic (suggested sell price - $9.95) This is a short ebook that offers seven suggestions on how to increase traffic to your Website. Learn about targeting, ezines, search engines, and other techniques that take advantage of the power of the Internet to bring more traffic to your site. It's easy to read, the interface is attractive, and you may be able to pick up some pointers fairly quickly. Cash Flow eBuisness (suggested sell price - $20.00) At last, a concise, accurate and very effective book covering the marketing topics that will cost you little or nothing to successfully promote and market your business. In this e-book, you'll find covered the most fundamental principals of promoting any business, product or service successfully on or off the Net. Self Publish at the Speed of Thought (suggested sell price - $50.00) Learn how to self-publish your thoughts and your eBooks with the best selling eBook author and self-publisher. This eBook will walk you step by step through writing your first eBook and then present free resources and marketing plans that will allow you to market your eBooks using the same free resources that helped the author publish 3 eBook bestsellers and two print on demand best selling title at Master Reprint Rights -- You are going to LOVE this -- I am giving you the Master Reprint Rights to the Incredible Automated Cash Machine! That means you can sell this entire package yourself. And keep all the profits! You even have the right to sell the Master Reprint Rights to your customers. Simple How To Instructions -- Everything is explained in detail so there is never any doubt what you should do. I am even going to take you Behind the Scenes of My Automated Cash Machine to Show you EXACTLY How it Works! Imagine creating multiple Automated Cash Machines that literally run themselves while you are on vacation. Order today and find out just how easy it can be to make money on the Internet. You'll understand the concept within 20 minutes and will be able to get started the same day you order the Incredible Automated Cash Machine. P.S. Remember, you get full MASTER resell rights to The Incredible Automated Cash Machine when you order. Just plug in your name and address, follow my Step-By-Step instructions and you are making money. Simple 4 Step System To Create Your Own Automated Cash Machine! Dear friend, I have discovered a revolutionary method for making money on the internet. I call it my Automated Cash Machine because it literally generates cash for me every si
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