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Buy and Download Description Book Publishers: Are you ready to enjoy outstanding cover design and watch your sales and profits explode? Here's what one of our customers has to say: “I Received My Book From The Printers Today And The Cover Is Brilliant. I Cannot Rate Your Software High Enough… A Lifesaver.” var mydate=new Date var year=mydate.getYear if year "+dayarray[day]+", "+montharray[month]+" "+daym+", "+year+"" Friday, May 11, 2007 Dear Publishing Friend, You spent countless hours working on that book…You know it has the potential to make you more than a nice little chunk of profit. So far, you've managed to keep the costs down… But the cover has to close the deal. So, you do a little searching for a designer and, Whoa you can't believe the cost just to have one basic book cover concept! You want to try doing it yourself – but the program you're using isn't cutting it… or, you've bought one of those high-end, high-cost programs that you neither have the time nor the patience to learn how to use… What Can You Do? Good news: There's a big ray of shining hope upon the horizon. We reveal a powerful new weapon that can level the cover design playing field better than ever imagined. Finally, independent and volume book publishers can have exquisite cover design that parallels or exceeds their big-budget competitors… But without paying one single red penny for outsourcing… Read on… nce upon a time … I was a cover designer working with hundreds of clients, happily chugging along, creating book covers for publishers both large and small. After many years of experience, I felt I had a pretty good idea of what publishers want in book cover designs. My belief was, that no matter how big or small the the budget, everyone deserves a fair and equal fighting chance to optimally profit from their book. So armed with that information, I hired a team of highly-competent programmers to design an iron-clad software package that followed three important rules: Contain all the necessities required for creating outstanding book cover design Be comprehensive and hassle-free for anyone to apply and finally, Make sure it's compatible with book printers worldwide. And the rest is history… The BookCoverPro Revolution has begun! “We are so excited about using BookCoverPro in our publishing business. It is fun and easy to work with, plus it allows us to work faster and with more flexibility in our publishing schedule. We especially love all the updates that are included, the fact that you don't have to be connected to the internet to use it, as well as the great customer support.” — Anthony and Crystal Obey, Authors Whether you have 1 or 500 titles, Consider this… What if I told you that you could easily design your very own book cover, in less than an hour, and it would look like you paid a high-cost professional to do it. Would that pique your interest? Okay… What if I threw in over 40 professionally designed, layered templates, and over 130 importable background images to quickly and effortlessly create a stunning piece of work… And, continue to add more new high quality templates and images about every week or so? … Add a spine-width generator to automatically formulate the width according to industry standards – by simply typing in your page count? … Provide free lifetime upgrades? … Give you free lifetime support? … How about adding a free ISBN barcode generator that automatically generates 13 digit barcodes, from either your 13 or 10 digit ISBN? Yes, FREE. Built right in. And, it's 100% industry compliant. If that's not enough for you, I'll sweeten the deal: I'll give you another program – absolutely free. PrintMarketingPro is promotional design software that lets you easily create your own marketing materials like brochures, bookmarks, fliers, mailers, business cards, CD covers, barcodes, and more…The interface contains preset industry standard sizes, or you can customize to any size desired. Export as hi-res PDF, PNG, and JPG… Import your background images from our library… And, import your BookCoverPro cover images. Normally I sell this little gem for $97 alone! I'll also provide free lifetime upgrades and support for this product. “I received my book from the printers today and the cover is brilliant. I cannot rate your software high enough, and the automatic updates work a treat. As I said before, a brillant program and a lifesaver. Thanks a million.” — Fred Harding, Author With The All New BookCoverPro Solution, You Can: Create fresh, unique book covers front, back and spine Dust jackets or paperback, spiral, perfect bound, saddle stitch… Any style, any genre, any size, with professional-grade quality. Choose metric or inches for precise measurement, type in the size of your bleed area, and and set optional flaps for book jackets or hardcovers. Auto-adjust your spine width to exact specifications...If not sure, simply type in the page count and it generates! All elements are layered – so you can move, resize, change the layered order, add and remove items anywhere you want, effortlessly. Import your own .TIFF, .JPEG, .PNG, .GIF, or .BMP images. Automatically generate your own ISBN-13 barcode, with or without the price, from your 13 or 10 digit ISBN — right on your cover. Choose from our private, full library of fully editable cover design templates and background images. Simply download and import into BookCoverPro. Choose from several integrated fonts, styles, & RGB or CMYK color schemes. Change the opacity of your color bars or color background to show alpha transparency. Just like Photoshop. How cool is that? Coming in the May '07 release! Generate a final high-res 300 dpi .pdf file - ready for your professional traditional or online book printer. Create e-books by saving as a .png or .jpg file – and for web images or electronic files. Export your .png or .jpg cover file into PrintMarketingPro and create all your promotional materials in a snap! Generate hi-res files that are compatible with most online and traditional book printers. Work with a program fully integrated with the newest Java Technology for greater functionality. Plus... BookCoverPro runs on Most Windows versions, including Vista, and Macintosh 10.2 or later. But wait! There's more… - Easy setup – start your design within minutes of installation No design experience required No professional designer required — ever again! No high-cost programs to buy — No Photoshop™, Illustrator™, Quark™ … No more headaches trying to figure it all out… Nothing! Free Book Cover guide and user manual to help you get started. In this we reveal coveted designer tricks. Consider this one of your secret tools to edging out the competition! Free Support - whenever you need help or advice for your cover project, we offer plenty of hand-holding, back-patting, and friendly consulting at your beck and call. We want your book sales to explode! N Book Publishers: Are you ready to enjoy outstanding cover design and watch your sales and profits explode? Here's what one of our customers has to say: “I Received My Book From The Printers Today And The
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