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Printable Butterflies Coloring eBook + RESELL Rights!!!!

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Buy and Download Description Are you looking for a fun activity to keep the kids busy on a rainy day? Perhaps you are an avid arts 'n crafts person looking for new templates? Well, we have the solution... Butterflies Printable Coloring & Crafts! Color them in -- Cut them out -- Be Creative! Butterflies Printable Coloring & Crafts provides hours of fun for everyone in your family, regardless of their age! And, the best part is, you can access it within seconds of purchase and reuse the pages over and over again. This is because Butterflies Printable Coloring & Crafts comes to you as an Adobe PDF file that you can instantly download from the internet! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Used by teachers, craft artists, and kids, this ebook will provide you with 105 total pages of printable butterflies! The images of the butterflies are realistic and beautiful, not cartoonish or silly! The way you use these printable pages is only limited by your imagination! Here are some real-life activities that people are doing with their copies of Butterflies Printable Coloring & Crafts: "I printed them out for my kids and they colored all afternoon. My daughter even cut them out and hung them around her room. Thanks again!" "My Grandmother is a shut-in and we are always looking for things that she is able to do that will occupy her time, her mind, and her hands. We purchased these coloring pages and had them printing out within 5 minutes. It's hard to find coloring books for adults out there, most are geared for kids, so this was a really nice treat. Thank you so much." "I teach 3rd grade. Not all the kids finish their work at the same time. Some are quicker than others. For the kids who finish their work early (to keep them from goofing off!), I let them choose a sheet to color in. They really like these and it keeps them occupied. I like them because I have an unlimited supply! Terrific job!!" "I like to make stained glass from different patterns and templates. I saw these and I just HAD TO have it! These printables are PERFECT! Very easy to work with and use. I would recommend them whole heartedly!" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What makes Butterflies Printable Coloring & Crafts different from a regular coloring book I could buy at the store? What are the advantages of purchasing this ebook over those? Pages can be printed as needed, as many times as needed. A regular coloring book you can only use once. Not so with this ebook format. You can print out enough copies for all of your children. No more fighting over the book! So, just save the pdf file to your computer or a cd and use it again & again. Great for parties, at home, or in the classroom. Because they are printed on separate sheets of paper, you never have to worry about those torn edges you get from regular coloring books when you rip them out for display. These look a lot neater hanging on the fridge! They are also much easier to work with! Many times, children only want to color certain pages of a coloring book, leaving many pages going to waste. With this pdf of coloring pages, print only what you want, when you want! If a child "messes up" coloring and wants to do it again, it's no problem! Just print out another. This pdf of coloring pages is also tailored for those who like to do craft projects. Many of the images are very suitable for coloring in and then cutting out with scissors. You don't have to wait for your coloring book to be shipped to you and you don't have to go to the store and purchase one. It will be delivered to you within seconds of purchase via internet download! Butterflies Printable Coloring & Crafts is a real money and time saver! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How do I view and print Butterflies Printable Coloring & Crafts? All of the images are in black & white and are ready to be colored in. If you have a printer (just a black and white printer will do!), you are ready to print these wonderful coloring pages. Please note that upon viewing the images on your computer screen, the images may appear fuzzy or incomplete. This is because we've optimized the images for print only. Please rest assured that the actual pages are sharp, clear, and crisp upon printing. You can print the pages on regular copy paper (8 1/2 x 11), or any paper of your choice. All images should turn out beautifully. (To achieve the "feel" of a regular coloring book, consider using recycled copy paper!) You can even print on both sides of the paper if your printer has such functionality, which will save you paper if you so desire. The total file size is relatively small considering the number of pages you get, and you need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the file. This file should print flawlessly on almost any operational printer. Should you have any trouble opening or printing the pdf file after purchase, please contact us and we will work quickly to assist you. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FREE GIFT WITH PURCHASE: MASTER RESELL RIGHTS! Butterflies Printable Coloring & Crafts comes complete with Master Resell Rights and professional sales kit. Upon purchase, you will receive the following: 111 Page Ebook Butterflies Printable Coloring & Crafts in Adobe PDF format, so it can be read on almost any computer! The ability to brand the software with your name and website. Full TRANSFERABLE Master Resell Rights, so you can begin selling this ebook within minutes of receiving it. You keep 100% of the profits! Plus, you are able to pass along these same resell rights to your buyers! Professionally Designed Graphics Pack. Web Sales Letter that can be easily edited to include your information. "Sales Guide & Resources" document to assist you in reselling this ebook. Generous Terms of Use Allow for Maximum Distribution You are free to sell this ebook and keep 100% of the profits. To respect the value of this package in its entirety, you must sell this ebook for a minimum of $2.95 USD. Suggested retail price is $4.95. Your Master Resell Rights license allows you to do the following with this ebook (including any sales materials that accompany it): Grant others the Master Resell Rights to this ebook. Brand it with your name and web site info. Store it on a hard drive, web site, CD, or other storage medium. Sell it on eBay and other auction sites. Include it on a membership site. Include it with an ebook package that sells for a minimum of $2.95. You may print this ebook out for your own personal at-home reading. You MAY NOT do the following with this ebook (including any sales materials that may accompany it): Give it away as a stand-alone gift. Alter it in any way. Except for branding mentioned above, the entire ebook must remain exactly intact. Claim the copyright as your own. Distribute for sale or otherwise in any printed version whatsoever. (For example, this means you may not print it out and bind it as a hard copy book for distribution.) These Terms of Use are generous enough to allow for maximum distribution, but still protect your investment and the market value of the ebook. Everyone wins! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Don't delay! Order Butterflies Printable Coloring & Crafts today! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To gain instant access to Butterflies Printable Coloring & Crafts, simply click on Are you looking for a fun activity to keep the kids busy on a rainy day? Perhaps you are an avid arts 'n crafts person looking for new templates? Well, we have the solution... Butterflies Printable Coloring & Crafts!
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