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MKT 421 Week 5 FINAL EXAM(2017 New Version)

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                         isbestdefinedastheprocessofcontinuouslyobtaininginformationoneventshappening outsideacompanytorecognizeandinterpretpossibletrendsthataffectmarketing.


Relationship marketing Digital marketing

Customer relationship management


Environmental scanning


A                         is often referred to as a businessfirm.

government agency nonprofit organization publicly owned organization

for-profit organization


The                         refers to the seven stages a company goes through to recognizeopportunitiesand convert them into sellable services orproducts

service gap analysis strategic focus and plan

new-product process

psychographic segmentation process



                        differentiates retail outlets depending on whether contractualsystems,independent retailers, or corporate chains own theoutlet.


Form of ownership Retail servicing Level of service Merchandise line


Which of the following is true of the price equation?

Extra fees are not part of the price equation.

Sellers subtract the add-on charges from the list price.

The amount paid by customers is always the same as the quoted price.


Customers are more inclined to pay additional fees than a higher list price.

A society’s                         representsociallyorpersonallypreferablestatesofexistenceormodesof

conduct that persist over time.

languages symbols

values customs


                        segmentation is done according to an objective measurable, physical,orother classification attribute of potentialconsumers.



Demographic Behavioral Geographic


A                         isanyword,device(shape,design,color,orsound),orcombinationthereofusedto

differentiate a seller’s services or products


brand name trade name trademark

brand personality


Yes Music is the authorized distributor for products of Trompa Instruments, a popular manufacturer of trumpets and other brass instruments. Yes Music purchases products from Trompa and distributes them to music stores across the country. What kind of intermediary function does Yes Music perform for Trompa?

Managerial Facilitating

Transactional Logistical


The ideaofthe                         describes the phases a new product goes through in themarketplace.


product life cycle

strategic marketing process new-product process marketing life cycle


                        are small, downloadable software programs that work on tabletdevicesand smartphones.



Apps Databases RFIDs


                        is the combination of benefits such as convenience, quality, andon-timedelivery provided to targeted buyers by firms at a particularprice.


Customer value Seller Value Manufacturer value Business value


The                         sells a marketing plan to readers by being clear anddirect.

mission statement


executive summary company description strategic focus and plan


                        relate to the effort spent in makingsales.


Marketing input data Marketing outcome data Observational data Primary data



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