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Fibromyalgia Detox Program Bundle

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Geri Richard
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It's Time to Say GoodbyeTo Constant Pain & Inflammation! Introducing the NEW "Detox Diet For Fibromyalgia" Bundle ...The Solution You've Been Waiting For...



My name is Geri Richard ... and I understand your pain! I have suffered from Fibromyalgia for over 10 years and I've spent countless hours scouring the internet for information on Fibromyalgia, as well as spending thousands of dollars on massage therapists, physiotherapists, doctors, Naturopaths, supplements ... and much more!

Throughout all my research, I've used myself as a guinea pig for countless methods and treatments in the hope of finding something that would work, something that would stop the pain.

And finally after years of research, I found the answers I had been looking for. And the result of all this hard work is this "Detox Diet for Fibromyalgia" Program.

"Why not check out this program and learn how I stopped my constant pain & inflammation through Detoxing..."

And my reason for creating this program wasn't just to solve my own pain problems.  I truly wanted to create a healthy detox program that would help anybody else who has found themselves in the same situation as me to learn how to stop their constant pain & inflammation.

How would it feel to live a pain free life, full of energy and vitality?

To be able to do the things you used to do, without pain?   

How would it feel to have more energy to...

  • Play with your kids
  • Play sports
  • Do gardening
  • Hang out with friends and family without always having your constant pain in the back of your mind
  • Take long walks (and yes, that includes shopping!)
  • Or any other things you'd love to do that your Fibromyalgia currently curtails


Why a Detox Diet for Fibromyalgia?

I’m sure you’re just like me and have spent countless hours trying to figure out why you have fibromyalgia … what caused it, how can you reverse it. 

Through using diet, nutrition, detoxing and supplements, I’ve been able to eliminate most of the symptoms that I’ve suffered from, including the pain.

The modern world we live in now has a huge impact on our health…

Now, I bet that in all the researching you’ve done, you’ve began to see a pattern … you’ve started to put two and two together and realise that a lot of the advice we’ve been receiving from government agencies about what we should be eating, how much we should be eating and how much we should be exercising, has been confusing and conflicting and has had a big part in the downward spiral of our health, as a society.

And on top of that, when we add the toxic insult to our bodies from all the chemicals, preservatives and additives that surround us … in what we eat and drink, the air we breathe, and everything around us in our environment ... the result is the perfect storm for multiple health problems to arise.  (And yes, government agencies also tell us how safe all these chemicals are and that they are no danger to us, but nobody has ever look at the cumulative effect all these chemicals have on our bodies!)

Let’s face it, our modern 21st century lifestyle has had a profound effect on everybody’s health and fibromyalgia is just one of the many, many health conditions that are increasing in numbers daily.

That’s why following a Detox Program is so powerful …

Our bodies are constantly overwhelmed by all the toxins surrounding us and can’t detoxify quickly enough and when that happens, system-wide pain and inflammation increase.

So when you follow a Detox Program, you support your body’s natural detoxification pathways to help it to detoxify all these toxins, which in turn decreases or even eliminates the pain and inflammation which is the main symptom of Fibromyalgia.

So why not check out the NEW Detox Diet for Fibromyalgia Bundle for yourself … and start your journey to stopping the constant pain and inflammation of Fibromyalgia!


It's Time to Say GoodbyeTo Constant Pain & Inflammation! Introducing the NEW "Detox Diet For Fibromyalgia" Bundle ...The Solution You've Been Waiting For... Hi My name is Geri Richard ... and I understand your pain! I have suffered from Fibromya
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