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Welcome to MyKiEnergy. Follow in the footsteps of 1000s of people who have developed themselves using our courses over 20 years. Today, we offer you the Core Power Programme 1, the first step in our Core Power Programme to help you develop your self-awareness and unlock your potential.

The Core Power Programme is a life changing course for those that seek to develop their mind, body and spirit. You will learn to harness your inner voice and connect to the power and energy available to you in the universe. By practising specially designed exercises you will be able gather more energy and let go of negative thoughts, beliefs and patterns that hold you back.

To achieve mastery of this, you will go through three distinct steps:

  • Learn to listen to yourself completely and follow your intuition;
  • Learn how to use your energy to be the person you want to be;
  • Learn how to use your energy to connect to the universe

Our courses teach you how to relax yourself completely, let go of tension and negativity and feel more grounded. They also teach you simple exercises for meditation and mindfulness. The exercises are very simple to use and have been designed to activate your unconscious mind and let you communicate directly with your own inner guru. They also develop your intuition or inner voice and give you tools to tap into this whenever you need to.

Core Power Programme 1 is a 6 session downloadable course. You are lead through a series of exercises and guided meditations, each focussed on a different aspect of self-awareness. The exercises are practical, easy to follow and proven to work. There is also a series of self-reflection questions at the end of each session to help you.

Learn how to develop your intuition and listen to your inner voice
Easily learn to meditate, develop mindfulness and be more present

  • Simple exercises let you see, hear and feel what your intuition is telling you
  • The exercises are tools that you can use again and again whenever you need them to tackle life’s challenges
  • Find it hard to meditate? Our exercises show you a simple pathway to meditation. See yourself improve quickly and easily. Guaranteed!
  • Find it hard to stop thinking when trying to focus on the here and now? Our exercises teach you practical ways to do this without realising you’ve done it.

Learn how to relax, feel more connected and to sleep better
Feel more confident, happier and positive

  • Always tense? Follow the guided meditations to relax your whole body and mind
  • Feel disjointed & don’t sleep well? Learn how to connect your mind, body and spirit and let go of tension
  • Safely confront self-doubt and lack of confidence inside yourself and programme yourself to be more positive
  • Heal differences with friends, family with our exercises

What’s special about the course?

  • Well, first, they are non-denominational and non-judgemental; you don’t need to have any particular beliefs to do them.
  • Second, they are experiential courses. Students learn techniques and exercises to experience the power within them and the universe. It is only by experiencing this power that YOU can unlock your potential.
  • Finally, these courses can change your life. We often watch students change before our eyes after only a few sessions.

Hello. We are Michael Hawkins and Carla Garner and we created MyKiEnergy to give people everywhere the chance to develop meditation, mindfulness and their intuition. We have been working in the field of spiritual self-development, meditation and mindfulness for more than 20 years. We have worked with people from all walks of life to help them unlock their inner power and become masters of their own destiny. Now we want to help you by giving you our knowledge and experience in a simple, downloadable course.

You can be confident that our course works. We have run practical courses all across the United Kingdom and overseas. We also developed the 1st spiritual self-development courses to be run in a university in Europe, at the University of Westminster in London. In our Core Power Programme 1, we have chosen exercises that are easy to follow and proven to work. You will discover the amazing power you have inside you and be able to use it in your everyday life.

At MyKiEnergy, we want to create a family of people who all want to better themselves. We are always only an email away, so you can tell us how the course helps and what you need more help with.

We will be adding other courses in the coming months. Look out for our courses on the chakras, connecting to the universe, angels, guides and much more.

Welcome to MyKiEnergy. Follow in the footsteps of 1000s of people who have developed themselves using our courses over 20 years. Today, we offer you the Core Power Programme 1, the first step in our Core Power Programme to help you develop your self-
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