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Overcome your Skiing Fears with Hypnosis SHU

Overcome your Skiing Fears with Hypnosis SHU PLDZ-20153SHU
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Hypnosis for Fear of Skiing

If this is the first time or more than likely the umpteenth time you will be nervously donning your ski jacket and pants, saying to yourself  “this year it really will be different” but knowing it might not be, this recording is for you.

Hypnosis for fear of Skiing – Take control now!

You’ve seen the professionals visualising what they are about to do, this the same technique but on a deeper level.

This Self-Hypnosis session will help you to overcome your fear of skiing by changing how your sub-conscious mind thinks about it.  This will then change how you feel and alter how you behave and react, so that for the first time you can relax, stay calm and enjoy the thrill of skiing without all that tension and those fears, anxieties and nerves. (This session is for skiers only, not snowboarders)

What you get in this Hypnotherapy session:

  • An introduction to Hypnosis.
  • Deep, progressive relaxation induction to prepare your body and mind for the process
  • Drifting – “special place” for disassociation of the conscious mind.
  • Confidence-boosting and positive affirmations.
  • Imagery and visualisation of the perfect skiing descent – Restructuring of the conscious mind, seeing it, doing it.
  • Post-Hypnotic techniques for skiing in the future without tension, fear or anxiety.
  • Relaxing re-entry into the conscious world with a feeling of confidence and positivism about skiing.
The lure of the mountains, the fresh air and scenery and the camaraderie of like minded people around you is a magical potion, and for those bitten by the skiing bug – far too good to miss.

But for some of us, how ever much we love this sport, the fear always kicks in. That gut-wrenching feeling of dread just won’t go away when we are actually faced with the daunting prospect of setting off down the slope. It even begins before we get to the slopes, even before we arrive at the lifts, it usually starts when we are getting dressed in morning; does this sound familiar…? The day has arrived – you’ve had some ski tuition, you’ve managed the chair lift, button lift or drag lift and now you are facing down the slope on your skis with a pole in each hand… knowing that to get to the bottom, you have to trust in your own ability to control your skis…but just thinking of this can stop you in your tracks!

The longer you stand facing down the hill trying to psyche yourself up to “go with the flow” the steeper the hillside appears to you!

Your begin to become preoccupied with all the negatives such as ice, uneven snow, being hit by another skier or boarder etc and so, before you know it all you want to do is remove your skis and walk down.

Now think about being on the same piste…feeling really calm…relaxed and confident…knowing you really are in control your skis. Remembering all your tuition without even thinking about, as if on automatic pilot. Skiing along…approaching whatever you are confronted with feeling self-assured, positive and in a confident frame of mind; breathing gently and rhythmically without tension in your body and without fear. When the core thoughts in your mind work like this,  it can be the same in reality – because you have already experienced it in your subconscious mind; it’s just that simple.

Apple users please note:

The Download version of this product will include 2 Tracks in MP3 format, and a ‘Zipped’ folder that also contains the same MP3 files.  The reason for this is that we have found many skiers need to use this Hypnosis session in the ski resort (when the fear hits them) when they don’t have a PC or Laptop with them. We know from experience that Apple makes its difficult for people to transfer files that have been purchased outside of iTunes, we have therefore  included a ‘zipped’ folder for this product only,  in the hope that if you are struggling to transfer the individual files into your iTunes library,  you have the option to unzip the folder and try to do it that way. We cannot offer technical support for Apple products but we do know that thousands of Apple users have downloaded our products successfully. It may involve using a 3rd party application for direct download – iPhone/iPad.

Hope you have a great season and the snow is plentiful!

Hypnosis for Fear of Skiing If this is the first time or more than likely the umpteenth time you will be nervously donning your ski jacket and pants, saying to yourself “this year it really will be different” but knowing it might not
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