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Buy and Download Description "Discover The PGA Tour Players' Swing Secrets" "Who Else Has Struggled With Their Swing... Been Frustrated By Inconsistent Shots, Lacked The Distance They Want On Drives, Felt Embarrassed Playing In Front Of Their Peers... And Has Ever Wondered What Fantastic Secrets The Pros Know That Gives Them The Elusive Ability To Make Playing Incredible Golf Look Easy?" Except here you have a veteran PGA Tour Player about to share with you his proven, tournament tested techniques, drawn off of successfully competing with the best golfers the world has ever seen, honed through 30 years of instructing and tested on thousands of satisfied golfers. To top it all off, it is based on just 5 Simple Principles and not one single frustrating if not painful or agonizing swing mechanic or thought. With this technique all you have to do is: Understand these simple principles Throw out all of the other technical, mechanical garbage you've been so engrossed in Adopt the 5 principles and develop your own Authentic Swing Forget ever thinking about the 5 principles again Play better golf than you probably thought possible! "That's really all there is to it." Now, I know you already want to know what these 5 simple principles are and who the heck is the "Golf Genius"" that discovered them and I promise I'm going to get to that in just a bit. But before I tell you who he is and what his secrets are (the same secrets all of the Great Tour Players use) I first need to share with you a great golf problem that no one seems to want to talk about these days, and I need to ask if you are a quitter. "Are YOU a Quitter?" That question will make more sense to you shortly. Here are some facts that you may or may not be aware of: According to Sports Marketing Surveys (2004 survey census), there were: 61.1 million golfers worldwide 6.9 million in Europe 13.6 million in Asia 1.7 million in Australasia 1 million in South America 500 000 in South Africa There are 37.1 million golfers in the US alone (we've seen this number listed anywhere from 26.1million to 37.1 million That's a heck of a lot of golfers! And According to the PGA: Golfers spent $24.3 billion in 2002 on equipment and fees! They spent $19.7 billion on public and private green fees and dues in 2002 They spent $4.7 billion on equipment (clubs, balls, bags, gloves, shoes). The average score on an 18-hole regulation golf course was 97 in 2004. The average score was 95 for men and 106 for women. 11% of golfers score 120 and above 30% of golfers score 100-119 31% of golfers score 90-99 20% of golfers score 80-89 And just 8% of golfers score under 80 That's a lot of golfers, spending a lot of money and not turning in many good scores! Now, I just threw a lot of numbers at you that may or may not have been of interest to you. I did that to make sure you have a handle on the big picture in the golf world. Next I'm going to share an even more important statistic that you must do everything in your power to make sure you never become a part of. The craziest statistic I'm sure you didn't know is... "By the end of 2006, almost 200,000 golfers in the US alone will Quit the game of golf... most of them for good!" I already asked you once if you are a quitter. I am going to assume that the last thing you think of yourself as is a quitter. Even so, you may be surprised how easily you could end up labeled just another number in the long list of golfers that got so frustrated with all of the 247 if not 2470 tiny, mechanical, technical, frustrating, little swing thoughts that plague most every golfer today, that they put down their clubs and swore they were "Done with the Damn Game". So what can you do? Well the first thing all golfers need to do is stop banging their heads against a brick wall. What I mean by that is, you've got to make a conscious choice to go with a completely new solution... Right!? Exactly! Don't forget the definition of insanity: "Doing the same thing over and over again, all the while expecting different results." If the current "Swing Fixes" you're using aren't creating dramatic improvements and more importantly, aren't creating Lasting Improvements, then you need to do something different. Enter -- Concept Golf's: This is the perfect introduction to the most effective, fast, easy to use and Permanent solution to your swing problems EVER. This isn't just theory but as I stated before, it is a technique that has been proven by thousands of golfers from 18 different countries around the world. "Discover The PGA Tour Players' Swing Secrets" "Who Else Has Struggled With Their Swing... Been Frustrated By Inconsistent Shots, Lacked The Distance They Want On Drives, Felt Embarrassed Playing In Front Of Their Peers... And Has Ever Wondered
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