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everything R.U.G.S currently offers, and you're taking advantage of it for the bare minimum. 


The ebook explains how you can please God, and begin living in his image as he created us to do. Remember, in Genesis, it was said, "The Lord God created man in his image". Some of us have totally forgotten this, others use it to try to take God's throne, forgetting they are not the creators of the universe. 


The product helps you better understand what R.U.G.S is all about. The book also touches base on each letters representation of the word it's replacing. Meaning, R.U.G.S is Religion, Universe, God, and spirituality. 


The ebook is all about R.U.G.S, and our new clients getting to know R.U.G.S.  The ebook contains personal information as to things that took place in my life, and how I was later able to go back, and piece together what I was once naive to. I have applied "The Laws of Attraction" and manifestaion without God, and with God. I quickly learned, when it's with God, the gift are things you truly need and desire. 


I'm sure you've heard the saying, "There's much power in the brain and tongue". The saying is true. I proved this in my life before I truly began manifesting and learning and applying the laws. The same holds true when they say, "Becareful what you ask for or wish for". You may be unaware of this, and maybe not, but the universe is always working.

God gave us a covenant to honour, and laws to follow. They are commands to be upheld in order to reach your place in heaven. If you don't reach this place, God will allow you to walk in the way you which. If this way is in sin, he'll allow you to do so, and when time is right, and you think you're so happy and things are great, God will come in and intefere. He is not to be forgotten, mocked, disrespected, or disregarded. 


The ebook was created in order to shed light on the strength of faith and belief. Faith without doubt can make a big difference in the outcome of your situation. Jesus in his teachings to the disciples taught a lot about faith, and much times, he used parables to do so. Yet, it holds true. Think of a time you may have gotten bad news, but in no way at all did you let it affect your emotions. Later on, when you go to handle the situation, you discover it has handled itself. 


In order to manifest, there are actions you must take to do so. I got to a point of being able to manifest my ex every weekend until I stopped manifesting. I was also able to manifest a scratcher lottery ticket win on numerous occasions, visualizing within a hour of purchase, and just before going in to make the purchase. I can tell you without any doubt, the celebrities that I have given you as an example are able to live financially free. The thing is, they lack in other areas of life. When you manifest with God, every area of life is blossomed.


In the scriptures, God is quoted saying, "Be ye slow to speak, but fast to hear". This is the problem in most relationships that fail. It doesn't matter the type of relationship, hearing and  listening impacts all relationships. We don't realize it, but there is a difference in listening and hearing. When we hear, we care, and will take the necessary actions being asked of us. If we listen, at that moment, our ears are open to the words of someone speaking.  


You will receive step by step guidance and training on manifestation, understanding the scriptures of the biblical doctrine, weekly packets to work on, and submit Monday of each week. Every Friday, you'll be required to take that week's test. You will be given a R.U.G.S log to keep tract of what you see change, what you want to change, goals and intentions to bring forth change, prayers to God, and notes you decided to take on the information you obtain. If ever you want to speak, you can call me, and I'll be available to you after a designated time is chosen. If for whatever reason you decide you want to SKYPE, or speak via Google Hangouts, it is my job to satisfy my clients, therefore, send out an email letting me know you'd like to speak to me. I will respond with time slots for you to chose from and set your appointment with me. 





                             6 MONTHS OF R.U.G.S MAGAZINE

                            90 DAYS OF 1 ON 1 CONSULTING

TRANSFORMATION 360 everything R.U.G.S currently offers, and you're taking advantage of it for the bare minimum. IN HIS IMAGE The ebook explains how you can please God, and begin living in his image as he created us to do. Remember, in Genesis, it
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