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The Power of Creative Selling

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Buy and Download Description The Power of Creative Selling EARL PREVETTE "This book is for every person who has chosen salesmanship as career and livelihood. It teaches basically everything you need to become a successful salesman and how to make it a fulfilling craft" TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER PAGE 1. I STUBBED MY TOE 1 How my Hundred-Thousand-Dollar Dream Came True 3. How an Idea Gave Me Faith 4. How I Converted Faith into Results 5. The Essentials of a Good Sales Plan 6. A Lesson from the Actor 7. A Sales Plan Gets Results 7. 2. YOUR PLACE IN OUR ECONOMY 9 The Need for Creative Selling 10. How to Overcome Negative Thinking 11. How Courage Gives You Power 12. How to Make Your Effort Pay Off 13. 3. How TO ATTRACT THE PROSPECT ….14 How to Attract the Prospect's Interest 15. How to Use the Law of Attraction to Make Sales 16. The Importance of Knowing Yourself 17. The Three Sources of Sales 17. Your Prospect Has Three Main Interests 18. The Three Advantages Your Prospect Desires 18. You Have to Give in Order to Get 19. The Power of Creative Selling Lies in You 20. How to Turn Your Creative Power into Cash 21. 4. How TO CREATE A SALE …..22 A Good Sales Plan Can Create a Market 23. Gain Your Pros- pect's Interest by Showing Interest in Him 24. You Must Plant Ideas to Harvest Sales 25. Get the Facts, Then Study Your Prospect 26. How to Present Your Sales Plan 27. The Impor- tance of the Right Word in the Right Place 29. How to Build Your Sales Plan Scientifically 30. The Power of Thought Forces 30. 5. WHY THE PROSPECT BUYS ….32 Anticipate Your Prospect's Questions 33. The Five Scientific Reasons Why a Prospect Buys 34. The Prospect Buys It Be- cause He Needs It 35. The Prospect Buys It Because He Can Use It 36. The Prospect Buys It Because It Adds to His Wealth by Owning It 39. The Prospect Buys It Because It Will Satisfy His Pride 40. The Prospect Buys It Because It Will Satisfy His Caution 40. How to Use These Motives to Make Sales 43. 6. HOW TO TURN OBJECTIONS INTO SALES ... 44 How to Prove an Objection Is Groundless 45. Don't Sell the Product, Sell Its Advantages 47. How Creative Thinking Turns Objections into Sales 48. An Objection Is Often a Reason for Buying in Disguise 50. How to Get Around an Objection 51. The Importance of Constructive Suggestions 52. How Creative Selling Will Increase Your Sales 54. 7. HOW TO PERFECT YOUR SALES PLAN .... 55 Repetition Will Make Your Sales Plan a Part of You 56. The Importance of Conviction 57. The Key to More Sales 58. Per- fecting Your Sales Plan Pays Off 59. 8. THE POWER THAT SELLS 61 The Power of Faith 62. The Two Kinds of Faith 63. How to Discover Truth 64. The Infinite Range of Thought 65. How to Discover Your Spiritual Power 66. Spiritual Power Can Change the World 67. How to Realize Your Potentialities 68. 9. THE SCIENTIFIC TIME AND WAY TO CALL ON A PROSPECT 70 When to Contact Executives and Self-Employed Prospects 71. When to Contact Professional Prospects 71. When to Call on Other Employees 73. How to Make a Good First Impression on the Prospect 74. What's in a Name?—Plenty! 75. How to Avoid Offending Prospects 76. The Importance of Courtesy 77. Pleasing the Prospect Pays Off 78. 10. THE PHILOSOPHY OF SELLING 79 Take Stock of Yourself 80. A Philosophy of Selling 81. The Importance of Wisdom 82. The Potentialities of Creative Sell- ing 84. Apply the Philosophy and Get Results 85. Personal and Financial Profit Await You 86. 11. How TO CLOSE A SALE 88 Closing the Sale—the Final Step in Selling 89. Review Your Sales Techniques 89. When to Close the Sale 91. Tested Clos- ing Sentences 92. How to Close Sales Effectively 93. 12. How THE LAW OF AVERAGES CAN DOUBLE YOUR SALES 95 What Is the Law of Averages? 96. How to Use the Law of Averages 98. How the Law of Averages Works for You 100. The Law of Averages Can Double Your Sales 102. 13. THE ACCUMULATED VALUE OF SALES EFFORT . 105 Keep a Complete Record of Your Sales Effort 106. Make Peri- odical Reviews 107. Turn Your Accumulated Effort into Cash 108. Cash in on Your Investment 109. 14. THE MAGIC POWER OF PERSONALITY ................ 111 You Can Change Your Character 112. Analyze Your Present Habits 113. Rely on Yourself 115. Develop the Spirit of Op- timism 116. Keep Active 116. Take It Easy 117. How to Develop Your Powers of Expression 118. How to Achieve Clarity in Your Speech 120. Make the Power of Personality Work for You 121. 15. How TO MAKE APPOINTMENTS 123 How to Make an Appointment 124. Make the Telephone Your Junior Salesman 125. How the Telephone Can Increase Your Sales 127. How to Use the Telephone Effectively 128. Selling by Appointment Will Increase Your Prestige 129. Every Call is Money in Your Pocket 130. 16. WATCH YOUR WORDS 132 The Importance of Your Vocabulary 133. How to Use Ket/ Words 134. It Pays to Know Your Words 138. How to Use Words Effectively 139. How to Increase Your Word Power 141. How Word Power Will Mean Money in Your Pocket 141. 17. How TO TURN YOUR IMAGINATION INTO A JUNIOR SALESMAN 143 How to Put Your Imagination to Work 144. Train Your Imagi- nation to Visualize 145. Train Your Imagination to Think Up Something 146. Train Your Imagination to Observe Children 148. Train Your Imagination to Ask Questions 150. Train Your Imagination to Gather Ideas 151. How You Can "Get the Breaks" 152. Make Your Imagination Your Junior Salesman for Life 153. 18. How TO TURN HUNCHES INTO CUSTOMERS . . 154 The Importance of Instincts 155. How Intuition Can Help You 156. Where Do Hunches Come From? 157. How to Make Your Spare Time Work for You 158. How Your Hunches Will Increase Your Sales 160. 19. How TO GET CHARGED UP AND GO AHEAD . . 162 How to Assure Physical Health 163. Breathe in Plenty of Air 164. Discipline Yourself to Masticate Your Food Thoroughly 164. Drink Plenty of Water 165. Take Walks in the Sun- shine 166. How to Have More Power 167. Develop a Positive Attitude 168. Co-ordinate Your Thoughts and Ideas in Har- mony 169. Be Inquisitive and Question Your Own Thoughts 169. Peep Inward Now and Then 170. Visualize with a Clear Conception 170. How to Assure Spiritual Health 171. 20. THE SECRET POWER OF CHARM 174 Six Rules to Enhance Your Charm 175. The Rule of Adapta- tion 175. The Rule of Preparation 176. The Rule of Interest 176. The Rule of Praise 177. The Rule of Tolerance 179. The Rule of Natural Tendencies 179. 21. A LETTER HE WILL REMEMBER 181 How a Good Letter Is Constructed 183. How to Write Effec- tive Business Letters 185. How Letters Can Increase Your Sales 189. 22. TAKE THE BRAKES OFF 191 Learn from the Sermon on the Mount 191. A Positive Formula for Relaxation 193. The Importance of Prayer 195. How Re- laxation Will Add to Your Selling Power 196. Relax, and Watch Your Sales Climb 198. 23. You LIVE IN CLOVER 199 The Economic Strength of America 200. The Big Idea: More and More Things for More and More People 202. The Future Is Bright 204. 24. How THOUGHT AND LOVE DO IT 205 The Power of Creative Selling EARL PREVETTE "This book is for every person who has chosen salesmanship as career and livelihood. It teaches basically everything you need to become a successful salesman and how to make it a fu
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