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Time To Sleep Better Hypnosis Audio - Hypnotherapy MP3

Time To Sleep Better Hypnosis Audio - Hypnotherapy MP3 RMJ-SB1
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Do you have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep?

Are you exhausted, sick and stressed as a result?

Is your lack of quality sleep impacting on your life and/or work?

If you have trouble falling or staying asleep, and you are left feeling exhausted and ill, then this 'Time To Sleep Better' hypnosis audio is exactly what YOU NEED!

It is not unusual to have a bad night’s sleep occasionally, whether it is because you are nervous for an important event, excited about seeing a friend or going on holiday, or simply too stressed to drift off, sometimes our emotions can impact our normal sleep patter. However, for some people the impact that their mental state has on their sleep can become a serious problem, as they spend each night tossing and turning, or find themselves waking up in the early hours and unable to fall back to sleep. This type of sleep problem is more commonly known as insomnia, and not only is it frustrating and tiring, but it can also leave you feeling ill, depressed, and unable to function normally.

You may develop disrupted sleeping patterns over time as you begin to experience the negative effects of insomnia; you may begin to worry about losing sleep, which in turn makes falling asleep even more difficult. The process of not sleeping, feeling exhausted and unwell, and worrying about getting a good sleep becomes a destructive cycle that only worsens your quality of rest. Subconsciously you begin to develop certain beliefs, you begin to have anxious thoughts of ‘I have to get to sleep’, ‘I only have 4 hours until I need to wake up!’, ‘Why can’t I fall asleep?’. Of course, the moment you start worrying about sleeping and TRYING to fall asleep is the moment it becomes the most difficult to. For most people falling asleep is not something you have to ‘try’ to do, rather something that happens naturally and effortlessly.


This hypnotic audio has been carefully and professionally designed to help you, whilst relaxing somewhere quiet, to achieve a state of 'self hypnosis' where the words and sounds you hear will allow the powerful suggestions being made to by-pass your critical CONSCIOUS MIND and embed themselves in your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND.

It is your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND (which you are not consciously aware of) where you can learn to relax into a deeper, better quality sleep.

This audio works to steadily and progressively 're-programme' your subconscious mind to help you to:

- Retrain your mind and body back into a natural sleep pattern
- Sleep better and wake up rested
- Reduce stress and anxiety caused by insomnia
- Feel happier, healthier and more relaxed 

All you have to do is listen to the audio ONCE A DAY to start developing an improved sleeping pattern.


There are many self-hypnosis products available on the market, but like many things in life you really do "GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR", both in terms of QUALITY and RESULTS.

It is strongly recommended that you look at the PERSON behind the PRODUCT. With Rory M-J Human Development you are receiving powerful professional audio hypnosis sessions from someone who:

- Runs a successful hypnotherapy practice in London, UK (on the prestigious Harley Street, W1)
- Together with his clinics, has been featured on National TV, National Radio, BBC and extensively in the Media
- Has an international reputation for success - working with clients from over 62 countries worldwide
- Is a published author (his latest book '7-Day Mindfulness' peaked in the Top 5 in 'Self Help' on Amazon
- Has overwhelmingly positive reviews for his Clinical Hypnotherapy work and in helping individuals and organisations to make positive changes

Though known as Rory M-J (a lot easier to say!), if you research his full name "Rory James MacLaren-Jackson" you will find a level of experience and credentials in this field that speak for themselves.

Rory M-J has produced these audios to provide wider access to the life-enhancing possibilities of his approach hypnotherapy for those unable to visit him in person. Whilst there is no 100% replacement for tailored, 1-2-1 hypnotherapy, the results from using these audios alone can be LIFE-CHANGING!

The cost of a 1-hour session with Rory M-J is over $300 and most of his clients see him for between 2-4 sessions, so the value of these audios really cannot be understated. Remember, you can listen again and again until you have reached your goal! 


Your download includes links to the following MP3 tracks: 

1. Time To Sleep Better - Introduction (includes session guidance)

2. Time To Sleep Better (Wake Up)

3. Time To Sleep Better (Sleep)

PLUS the '10 Steps To Better Sleep Hygiene' guidance PDF!

You are provided with 2 versions of the 29-MINUTE AUDIO - one which wakes you up at the end (ideal for day time use) and the other which lets you drift off to sleep at the end (for use at night time). 


Simply order and download for IMMEDIATE ACCESS! The first step to BETTER SLEEP starts HERE!


Disclaimer: Hypnosis is a powerful and effective way to create and support positive change. However, there are no guarantees since results vary from individual to individual. This hypnotic audio product is not intended to be used as a substitute for medical or psychiatric care. If you have epilepsy, or are currently receiving treatment for a mental health condition, it is advised that you consult your doctor before listening. Do not use or listen to this audio product while driving or operating machinery. 

Copyright: This audio has been produced by and the rights are wholly legally owned by me, Rory James MacLaren-Jackson and Rory M-J Human Development.

POWERFUL HYPNOSIS AUDIO MP3 DOWNLOAD FROM VIP & CELEBRITY HYPNOTIST & 'TOP 5' AMAZON AUTHOR Do you have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep? Are you exhausted, sick and stressed as a result? Is your lack of quality sleep impacting on your
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