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Stop Sugar Cravings Hypnosis Audio - Hypnotherapy MP3

Stop Sugar Cravings Hypnosis Audio - Hypnotherapy MP3 RMJ-SC1
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Are you always craving sugary foods?

Do you find yourself mindlessly snacking when you are bored?

If you are sad or angry do you find yourself turning to sweet treats to feel better?

If you struggle with resisting the temptation of sugary sweets and snacks then this 'Stop Sugar Cravings' hypnosis audio will help you break free from the negative pattern of 'sugar addiction'.

Sweet and sugary foods are one of life’s little indulgences, always ready to put a smile on your face whenever you wish to treat yourself. However, you may have found this urge to treat yourself becoming an increasingly frequent event. What used to be one chocolate bar a month quickly becomes multiple chocolate bars, cakes and cookies a day, and not only is your waist line increasing, but you self-confidence and happiness is dropping lower and lower.

You may be suffering from a form of sugar addiction, where the positive feel-good chemicals released from your brain when you eat sugar condition your subconscious mind to associate sweet treats with happiness. As time goes by every time you want a ‘pick-me-up’ you turn to sugary snacks to make yourself feel better. Do not worry though, because with hypnosis this subconscious emotional connection to sugar can be reprogrammed into a healthier and happier relationship.


This hypnotic audio has been carefully and professionally designed to help you, whilst relaxing somewhere quiet, to achieve a state of 'self hypnosis' where the words and sounds you hear will allow the powerful suggestions being made to by-pass your critical CONSCIOUS MIND and embed themselves in your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND.

It is your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND (which you are not consciously aware of) which is responsible for your habitual behaviors around sugary foods and junk foods.

This audio works to steadily and progressively 're-programme' your subconscious mind to help you:

- Become free of the constant urge to eat sugary foods
- Eat a healthier and more balanced diet
- You can lose weight, have clearer skin and healthier teeth
- No longer turn to sugary snacks when you are stressed or feeling down

All you have to do is listen to the audio ONCE A DAY as you break the sugar habit and learn to eat clean and healthily! 


There are many self-hypnosis products available on the market, but like many things in life you really do "GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR", both in terms of QUALITY and RESULTS.

It is strongly recommended that you look at the PERSON behind the PRODUCT. With Rory M-J Human Development you are receiving powerful professional audio hypnosis sessions from someone who:

- Runs a successful hypnotherapy practice in London, UK (on the prestigious Harley Street, W1)
- Together with his clinics, has been featured on National TV, National Radio, BBC and extensively in the Media
- Has an international reputation for success - working with clients from over 62 countries worldwide
- Is a published author (his latest book '7-Day Mindfulness' peaked in the Top 5 in 'Self Help' on Amazon
- Has overwhelmingly positive reviews for his Clinical Hypnotherapy work and in helping individuals and organisations to make positive changes

Though known as Rory M-J (a lot easier to say!), if you research his full name "Rory James MacLaren-Jackson" you will find a level of experience and credentials in this field that speak for themselves.

Rory M-J has produced these audios to provide wider access to the life-enhancing possibilities of his approach to hypnotherapy for those unable to visit him in person. Whilst there is no 100% replacement for tailored, 1-2-1 hypnotherapy, the results from using these audios alone can be LIFE-CHANGING!

The cost of a 1-hour session with Rory M-J is over $300 and most of his clients see him for between 2-4 sessions, so the value of these audios really cannot be understated. Remember, you can listen again and again until you have reached your goal! 


Your download includes links to the following MP3 tracks:

1. Stop Sugar Cravings - Introduction (includes session guidance)

2. Stop Sugar Cravings (Wake Up)

3. Stop Sugar Cravings (Sleep)

You are provided with 2 versions of the 21-MINUTE AUDIO - one which wakes you up at the end (ideal for day time use) and the other which lets you drift off to sleep at the end (for use at night time). 


Simply order and download for IMMEDIATE ACCESS! The first step of your HEALTHY NEW START begins RIGHT NOW!


Disclaimer: Hypnosis is a powerful and effective way to create and support positive change. However, there are no guarantees since results vary from individual to individual. This hypnotic audio product is not intended to be used as a substitute for medical or psychiatric care. If you have epilepsy, or are currently receiving treatment for a mental health condition, it is advised that you consult your doctor before listening. Do not use or listen to this audio product while driving or operating machinery.

Copyright: This audio has been produced by and the rights are wholly legally owned by me, Rory James MacLaren-Jackson and Rory M-J Human Development.

POWERFUL HYPNOSIS AUDIO MP3 DOWNLOAD FROM VIP & CELEBRITY HYPNOTIST & 'TOP 5' AMAZON AUTHOR Are you always craving sugary foods? Do you find yourself mindlessly snacking when you are bored? If you are sad or angry do you find yourself turning to s
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