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Subliminal Lose Weight Program with INSTANT DOWNLOAD

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Buy and Download Description This Quick, 20 Minute Course Offers Cutting Edge Technology for People Looking to Lose Weight - and to Keep it Off Day After Day! Using Background Sounds with Positive Affirmations "Behind the Music," Your Subconscious Mind Will Hear Subliminal Messages to Help YOU Lose Weight Safely and Effectively - Without the Constant Worry of Herbal or Drug Side Effects - Behind the Relaxing Sounds of Ocean Waves Gently Rolling Over a Beach. Are You Satisfied With Your Physical Appearance? If you answered positively, this disc is probably not for you - unless you want to use it to help you relax and sleep! If you answered "No," please take about 30 seconds to read over the rest of this ad and see if you can benefit from this exclusive offering. This is a Revolutionary Way to Lose Unnecessary Weight!! Why is it revolutionary? Simple - there are no pills to take, no shakes to mix, no special foods/program items to purchase from the store or via a health center, and no special "watching what you order" at a restaurant. Best of all, there is nothing else we recommend you to buy, either, after this purchase - in other words, don't worry about having to buy a new month's supply of pills here on eBay from a fad diet pill pusher! Medications, Diet Pills, Shakes, Etc. are Only Effective As Long As You Take Them - If You Want to Keep the Weight Off, Try This Course! This course is Absolutely Loaded! What do we mean by loaded? It's loaded with empowering mental suggestions and powerful affirmations to help you with your weight loss objectives. I have personally lost weight with this program and it has worked for me! If You Are Like Me, the Diet Pills Make Me Nauseated, Feel "High" or Out of Control, Then Leave Me With a Headache - and Hungry - After They Wear Off! Use This Program and Throw the Rest Away! This program is loaded with the Best in Hypnotic Suggestion & Subliminal Hypnosis. This can certainly help you curb your cravings and assist you in your goal of losing weight - it certainly has for me! Why not use the power of your subconscious mind to obtain the physical appearance/results you desire? One of the main reasons people take the diet pills or the store-bought diet programs is it gives them the "extra" push mentally to lose weight. Oftentimes, there are undesired side-effects to these pills from a mental and health standpoint, not including the constant drain on your wallet or pocketbook to maintain the program. Ouch! This same mental state of mind can come from the empowering mental suggestions of our subliminal program - unlike the continued monthly cost of medications, you can have years of benefit for the same price as one bottle of the pills (and how long do they last, anyway)! How Do You Use It? This is Not Something You Just Listen to Once and Put it Aside! Play it Again and Again! Listen to it at night as you go to bed. The gentle sounds of the ocean waves will relax you and, in addition to the positive affirmations to assist you in your weight loss, you'll get an excellent night's sleep. Ever since I started listening to the ocean waves' sound at night, I haven't slept better! Listen to it while you're at work. I do this, too! It will play as background material as you complete your workday - relaxing, for example, to what may be a stressful environment that contributes to weight gain in the first place! I've Seen Ads on eBay That Tell Me I Can Lose 95 Pounds or so in 2 Months - Will I With This? If you really think about it, are these ads realistic? Heck No! It certainly is a tremendous accomplishment of losing 95 pounds over the course of any weight management program, however any reputable health professional will tell you first that losing that much weight that fast is not healthy at all. How many people do you know that have lost that much weight that fast? Or, if they did - were they able to keep it off? Odds are they probably gained it right back and then some more. If you are extremely obese then absolutely, with pills and other items I am certain you can quickly lose that amount of weight that fast via the various water-reduction remedies out there - but we all know it will come back. Bottom line here is I lost 14 pounds with the program in 3 months: about one pound per week. I did it safely with no pills, no special diets, no special anything - and have kept the weight off. I also have extra money in my pocket because I don't have to keep buying the dietary pills month after month! The power of subliminal messaging is largely due to the direct communication/contact with the subconscious. The positive affirmations will eventually overtake negative connotations or information in our subconscious and literally reprograms our inner thoughts - promoting positive beliefs and in turn begins your cycle of self-fulfilling prophecies. This subliminal course contains a soothing twenty-minute track of gently rolling ocean waves. Mixed in with these soothing ocean waves is a track of spoken custom subliminal affirmations. There is no music in the background - just the waves and the positive affirmations. You will not actually hear these affirmations, but your subconscious mind will: the only thing you will hear consciously at normal volume levels will be the soothing ocean waves. This subliminal program was created under the direction of noted psychologist Cameron Paige, who has over 20 years of experience. What Can You Do? Increase your metabolism and burn fat off quickly. Increase your ability to decline food and eat smaller portions. End emotional or reactive eating for good. Boost your willpower to enhance your mental focus to lose the extra weight. Train your subconscious mind. Get the best results by listening to this program regularly. It will not work to make you miraculously lose 95 pounds in two months as many of the diet claims on eBay shamelessly false promise. You can, however, get the best results by listening to this program over the course of six weeks. I would recommend listening to it in a continuous repeat mode while sleeping or as background music during your workday. This Quick, 20 Minute Course Offers Cutting Edge Technology for People Looking to Lose Weight - and to Keep it Off Day After Day! Using Background Sounds with Positive Affirmations "Behind the Music," Your Subconscious Mind Will Hear Subliminal Me
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