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Pregnancy, Childbirth and the First Twelve Months

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Michaela Manthey
Buy and Download Description At last, there's a resource that covers every phase of one of the most exciting times in your life. Pregnancy, childbirth and the first 12 months are all covered in this comprehensive ebook that answers the questions expectant mothers have. If you're a young mother, you probably have questions about the changes that are occurring in your body -and your emotions. This is one of the most important times in your life, and it's especially important to have answers to help you through it. At last, a comprehensive ebook has been written-by a woman who understands what you're going through-that answers the questions you have in a warm, empathetic manner. It's filled with solid, reliable information and advice that will help you understand what's happening to your body, your emotions-and how to take care of yourself and your infant. "After searching for information my pregnant daughter could use to learn everything she needed to know, I have finally found a book that is useful - YOURS! Thank you so much!" (R.Tomkins-Parent) If you're a young expectant mother, you aren't alone. In 2001, more than 8.8 % of babies born in the U.S. were born to women under the age of 20. From the desk of: Michaela Manthey Dear expectant mother, I would like to share a story with you, one you may relate to. Several years ago, there was a young woman who was pregnant. She was 17 years old and had just discovered that she was going to have a baby. She was thrilled, but also a little scared. She wondered about the changes that were occurring in her body. Her hormones were changing (it seemed as if she cried at anything, from a sad movie to those anxious moments when she wondered if she would be a good mother). And after hearing her friends and acquaintances discuss in sometimes gleeful detail what childbirth would be like, she had some concerns. She felt overwhelmed at times with conflicting feelings, and knew that she needed help learning to cope with the changes that were occurring to her body - and to her whole way of thinking. This pregnant young woman had questions. So she and her mother started looking for information that would help her and that would answer her questions. She went to the local library, to the bookstore, and discovered an astonishing fact: There wasn't one book out there that could be her main resource, or that would give her the information she wanted and needed. Instead, the information she was searching for was scattered in lots of different books, each covering a tiny bit of the topic. Some books covered how to get pregnant in the first chapter (she didn't need this! She was already there). Others covered bits and pieces about pregnancy, and she had to hunt for yet others to learn about childbirth options and how a baby develops during its first year. She ended up buying and reading many books, and eventually gained the information she was looking for from many different sources. That young girl was me, and today I'm the proud mother of 2 children, and considering having my third. Both of my children are healthy, happy and a joy to me. One resource to turn to during your pregnancy I resolved during my own pregnancy, when I was fruitlessly looking for a main resource for the information I needed, that someday I would remedy this situation-and I have. After going through my own pregnancies and childbirth, I know from first-hand experience that: Mothers-to-be often feel overwhelmed with the changes their body is going through, and with the prospect of learning how to care for their newborn baby. This is natural, and during this time they especially need good, solid advice and help. The stories, opinions, and even at times frightening childbirth stories that others share can cause fear and anxiety-that needs to be combated with real facts and real support about the process of childbirth. It's often difficult to find practical, useful information contained in one resource. During a time when dealing with changing emotions, preparing for a new birth, and other changes, the last thing a young expectant mother wants is to have to spend hours (or even days) searching for the information she's looking for to help her through this time. I've talked to many young women during this time, and have noticed that most first-time mothers feel this way. Once the first excitement about discovering they are pregnant passes, they want (and deserve!) good reliable advice and information. I decided to provide you with this information, within the pages of one easy-to-read book. Practical Advice that Answers the Real Questions You Have-and makes learning about pregnancy, childbirth, and the first year of your baby's life easy I've created a comprehensive ebook that answers the questions that first-time expectant mothers like you have, sensibly and practically. This ebook is meant to cover the important issues about pregnancy, childbirth and the first year of your infant's life. It makes learning about this time in your life easy. In fact, the hardest problem you may face is putting this book down, since I've filled the pages with practical information and helpful advice. I remember having the same questions you do-and here, I share the answers. You'll learn about: How to tell if you're really pregnant: in the first chapter, I'll discuss common tests used to determine pregnancy, and the symptoms that often occur are discussed in easy-to-understand language. The changes your body is going through: you'll be able to understand exactly what's happening to your body during the different stages of your pregnancy, from day one until birth You'll be able to read a week-by-week discussion of the changes that occur to your developing baby during all 3 trimesters. You'll also learn about potential difficulties that can occur, and warning signs you should be aware of-as well as things you can do to help prevent problems. I also discuss doctor visits and what to expect (and why this type of care is so very important for you and your developing baby!) Emotional changes: these are often overlooked or minimized in many books, but I address them carefully. After all, this is a time when emotional support and caring guidance is most needed in a young woman's life, as you deal with the tremendous physical and life task changes that occur. Getting ready for baby: from cradles to cribs, toys and nursery items, I'll discuss the equipment you'll need to prepare for your coming child, and even cover how to choose a name! Going through childbirth: I discuss hospital birth and home birth options in this section. You'll learn about the stages of labor, what it's like, and the pain relief options you can choose from. This chapter takes a lot of the mystery out of it, and can help you prepare for a good experience. Caring for your newborn: there's no replacement for good, practical advice that covers how to care for the new life that you've brought into the world. You'll learn how to give a bath, do a diaper change, and other aspects of taking good care of your newborn. Feeding your infant: here, you'll learn about different feeding options, including a discussion of the pros and cons of each, and practical advice to help you during this time. I'll explain such things as how often to feed your baby, breast care tips for moms who choose to breast feed, and how to tell when your baby is ready for solid foods. Developmental milestones: I cover the entire first year, with a discussion of normal development during this time. You'll learn month by month what to expect, as well as parenting tips for caring for your new baby during those first critical months. Commonly asked questions: There are many questions that young mothers-to-be have, but are hesitant to ask. I ask them, and provide you with answers. I covered all of the areas that I knew young expectant mothers have questions At last, there's a resource that covers every phase of one of the most exciting times in your life. Pregnancy, childbirth and the first 12 months are all covered in this comprehensive ebook that answers the questions expectant mothers have. If yo
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