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Want more resources to help your jobseeking clients with LinkedIn? This bundle has it all -- and is the perfect complement to our Getting Started With LinkedIn In Your Job Search Pass-Along Materials.

Here's what you get with this special bundle:

• LinkedIn Profile Delivery Document (2015 edition)

Do you provide LinkedIn profile makeovers for your clients? How do you deliver the new content to them? If you've been looking for an instructional guide/delivery document template, this is your lucky day! The prompts in RED are information you can supply (or, if you don't have the info for the client, the red prompts them to include that information). If you don't normally provide anything beyond the Headline, Summary, and Work Experience (first position or two), you can edit the document down to just these elements. You can copy-and-paste within each section if you have multiple items to include (i.e., copy the Project #1 and re-name it Project #2). But the 26-page page guide/template includes ALL the profile editing sections, in case you want to use them!

As always, I recommend that you RE-NAME this document. I asked some of our esteemed colleagues for suggestions on what to call this PAM (besides "LinkedIn Profile Delivery Document Template") and they had some great ideas: LinkedIn Profile Blueprint, Profile Guide, Profile Master Plan, Profile Walkthrough, Profile Framework, Profile Helper, Profile Buildup, Profile Jumpstart Guide, and Profile Builder. Use one of these names, or come up with something even more creative!

• LinkedIn Resources (2015 edition)

7 Reasons Why You Should Be on LinkedIn
4 Things You Must Do On LinkedIn
Don’t Make These Mistakes on LinkedIn
Tips for Your LinkedIn Profile Photo
LinkedIn Profile Checklist
Jobseeker’s Guide to Writing an Effective LinkedIn Profile

These resources provide great tip guides for clients to help them understand why they should be on LinkedIn, what mistakes they shouldn't make on LinkedIn, tips for improving their profile photo, and more. You can also sell the "Jobseeker's Guide to Writing an Effective LinkedIn Profile" as a do-it-yourself guide (but you'll find that many jobseekers will end up hiring you to do this anyway because although it contains several formulas to help with headline writing, we all know how hard it is to write great headlines!)

• LinkedIn Critique Form

Providing a LinkedIn critique is a great client acquisition tool. Giving the prospective client a thorough, objective review of their career communications materials showcases your value as an expert and identifies areas where you can improve their documents. 

The LinkedIn critique form is provided for both print use (for example, at a job fair) and online use (a Template form is provided so you can make changes and then protect the form -- the Online version shows you how this "protected" form can be used easily to customize a critique for a client). The finished file can then be saved and sent either as a Word document or as a PDF.

[Need instructions for how to turn the template into a protected form? Google "Protect a form in Word." You can also specify your version of Word in the search query -- i.e., "Protect a form in Word 2007."]

• How to Give -- And Get -- LinkedIn Recommendations (2015 edition)

This guide will tell jobseekers what to write in their LinkedIn Recommendations, and then show them how to actually make a Recommendation on LinkedIn. Finally, they will learn how to request their own Recommendations on LinkedIn.


Want more resources to help your jobseeking clients with LinkedIn? This bundle has it all -- and is the perfect complement to our Getting Started With LinkedIn In Your Job Search Pass-Along Materials.Here's what you get with this special bundle:&bull
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