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Sengoku: Revised Edition (PDF)

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Buy and Download Description Sengoku: Chanbara Roleplaying in Feudal Japan is a roleplaying adventure game set in 16th century Japan, the age of civil war. Sengoku is based on Japanese history and myth, and chanbara (Japanese "swordplay" films) and jidai-geki (Japanese period films). Sengoku uses the Fuzion game system for the basic rules of play. Sengoku builds on the basic Fuzion rules using "plug-ins," or special rules we've added to help give Sengoku the right "feel" or "flavor," simulating feudal Japan and the samurai genre with an air of authenticity and historical accuracy. You can even view a chapter-by-chapter description of what's inside the book! Click here to read the description and learn more about Sengoku! The first two printings of Sengoku quickly sold out, but this award-winning game has been re-released as Sengoku: Chanbara Roleplaying in Feudal Japan - Revised Edition! This critically-acclaimed game continues to thrill gamers, Japanese history buffs and fans of Japanese samurai movies alike! Sengoku Revised Edition features a new cover by Jason A. Engle (Shards of the Stone: Core, Eternal Legends, et al.), revised, easier-to-use character templates, clarified rules and tables, revised maps, new interior illustrations, and cleaner text (we're fixing as many of the typos as we can find). You can view the concept image for the new cover to the right. (Please Note: Sengoku Revised Edition has a new ISBN number). But don't worry. Sengoku Revised Edition uses the same rules as classic Sengoku. The changes are to the presentation, not to the rules. So Sengoku Revised Edition is fully compatible with Shiki, Shinobi and all other Sengoku material! Sengoku Revised Edition includes conversion notes for the following game systems: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition* Bushido* Chivalry & Sorcery Light* GURPS* HERO System* Legend of the Five Rings (L5R) RPG* Usagi Yojimbo RPG* Instant Fuzion* Visit for more info and Sengoku-related links, including reviews and a chapter-by-chapter breakdown of what is included in this massive game and resource book! Awards & Recognition: Best Historical Game, 1999 -- AniMail / Central Park Media Best Roleplaying Game Nominee, 1999 -- Origins Awards Best Oriental RPG Book, 2000 -- Academy of Oriental RPGs (Dragons of the East list) Grg D'Or Award Nominee, 2002 -- Guide du Roliste Galactique Read what others are saying about Sengoku... "Winner, BEST HISTORICAL GAME/SUPPLEMENT of 1999" AniMail (Central Park Media) " exceedingly thorough book. Sengoku has stepped up to the head of the line for authentic, detailed treatment of this fascinating era. If you have any interest in roleplaying in this setting at all, Sengoku is probably the first book you should buy." Pyramid Magazine (12/17/99) "Ichiban desu yo! Drop whatever you are doing and go buy [Sengoku]!" Brian's Small Press Picks, Knights of the Dinner Table #38 "3.6 (out of 4). Sengoku is a seminal work in historical RPGs. When it comes to historical Asian role playing, Sengoku sets the new standard. The most historically accurate samurai RPG ever created. Anime fans will love this book, even if they don't role play. This is one of the few books out there that deserve reading for its background information alone." AniMail Newsletter #11 (Central Park Media) "...with this book GRG presents yet another contender for the Origins Award." "Best new game of [GenCon '99]? Tough call, especially since I haven't read all of Continuum -- if it wasn't my STRPG, it might have been Mark Arsenault's Sengoku from Gold Rush Games." Out of the Box, Mania web'zine (8/13/99) "9 (of 10). Sengoku is a watershed in the RPG industry. …a masterpiece that is unique in its scope, detail, accuracy and playability. None of the Japanese, historical fantasy RPGs currently on the market or previously published remotely approach this level of detail. The best RPG released this year… Simply the best feudal Japanese, historical fantasy RPG ever published." "Sengoku is great. I can actually build Zatoichi with it, which is way beyond cool. I can't wait to see the Hero Creator plug-in for it." Mike Brislawn "Having obtained my copy of Sengoku at GenCon, I have to say that it was well worth the wait! Sengoku is awe-some! My congratulations to everyone for helping to produce such a wonderful book!" Kevin MacGregor "I'm impressed as hell. Best collection of hard info on the setting I've seen outside of my college textbooks." Gareth M. Skarka "Game I was happiest to add to my tribute pile (at GenCon '99): Sengoku." Robin D. Laws "As for my own personal 'loot' I bought a copy of Sengoku for myself... Reads well, and I was most amazed by the incredible bibliography in the back of the book!" Peter Corless, Green Knight Publishing "Love Sengoku. If there is any game to get with the Fuzion system it is this one, though it is not the Fuzion system that makes this game great." Chris Czerniak "If you ever plan on running any RPG owing anything to cinematic Japan…you will be cutting off your own sword arm if you don't pick up Sengoku first. Hai!!" Out of the Box, (8/27/99) "...a must-have for anyone interested in roleplaying historic or fantastic Japan." Steve Peterson, former President of Hero Games "impressive in detail and quality, and probably one of the best games/gaming supplements that I have purchased in a long, long time. …keep up the good, quality work!" Sengoku: Chanbara Roleplaying in Feudal Japan is a roleplaying adventure game set in 16th century Japan, the age of civil war. Sengoku is based on Japanese history and myth, and chanbara (Japanese "swordplay" films) and jidai-geki (Japanese period fi
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