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Geography & History Leaving Cert Essays
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A collection of 40 A-standard Geography answers on Regional, Physical, Elective and Option questions.

— Eleven A1 answers on Regional Geography:
1. Agriculture - Greater Dublin Area
2. Manufacturing Greater Dublin Area
3. The Growth of Dublin City
4. Manufacturing - Brazil
5. Population Distribution in Brazil
6. Traffic Problems & Solutions - Brazil
7. Tourism & Transport - Brazil
8. Agriculture - Paris Basin
9. Manufacturing - Paris Basin
10. Tourism - Mezzogiorno
11. The Growth of Paris City

— Seventeen A1 answers on Physical Geography:
1. Rock Formation - Igneous
2. Rock Formation - Sedimentary
3. Rock Formation - Metamorphic
4. Plate Tectonics
5. Plate Tectonics and Volcanoes
6. Plate Tectonics and Fold Mountains
7. Plate Tectonics and Earthquakes
8. Measurement and Effects of Earthquakes
9. Positive Effects of Volcanoes
10. Surface Limestone Pavement
11. Fluvial Depostion - Deltas
12. Fluvial Erosion - Waterfalls
13. Human Interaction - Rivers
14. Historic Settlement
15. Rural Settlement Patterns
16. Development of a Town
17. Functions of a Town 
(Answers 14-17 are shorter than usual, but only because the exam answers would be accompanied with grid references and other easy SRPs!)

— Four A1 answers on the Option:
1. Soil Forming Factors
2. Soil Forming Processes
3. Characteristics of a Biome
4. Influence of Climate on Biomes

— Eight A1 answers on the Human Elective:
1. Causes of Overpopulation
2. Land-use Zones in Dublin
3. The Changing Land-Use Zones in Dublin
4. Effects of Migration on Donor and Receiver Regions
5. Effects of Rural to Urban Migration
6. Urban Problems in Dublin
7. Urban Problems and Solutions in Sao Paulo
8. Urban Hierarchy - Central Place Theory

A collection of 40 A-standard Geography answers on Regional, Physical, Elective and Option questions.— Eleven A1 answers on Regional Geography:1. Agriculture - Greater Dublin Area2. Manufacturing Greater Dublin Area3. The Growth of Dublin City4
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