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Technics Electronics! Download Vintage Full-Size High Resolution Images! 24 Magazine Ads in this package.

Products include: (1980) Model SA-818 Receiver. Technics SA-616 and SA-818. Two uncommon receivers because of the two things they have in common. Technics synchro-bias circuitry and quartz-synthesized tuning. Tuning both models can be preset to receive eight AM and eight FM stations. Cabinetry is simulated wood grain. (1979) Technics SA-400 Receiver. All Technics receivers, like the SA-400, are big on power, big on performance, big on technology, but not big on price. Hefty transformers, generous capacitors, bridged rectifiers and direct coupling. 3-stage direct-coupled phono equalizer section. Flat-group delay filters and a Phase Locked Loop IC in the MPX section. The Technics SA-200, 300 and 400. They're all big on performance. They're all small on price. (1979) SL-Q3, Q-Series Turntables. Nobody's perfect. But Technics quartz-locked, direct-drive Q-Series: the Q-2 semi-automatic and Q-3 fully automatic come incredibly close. So close that many discos and FM stations choose Technics quartz-locked, direct-drive turntables over any other. Soft-touch in-line controls conveniently mounted on the front panel. Statically balanced S-shaped tonearm. Technics Q-Series turntables are all mounted in a precision aluminum diecast base with a unique non-resonant compound, TNRC. (1976) RS-676US Front Loading Cassette Deck. Technics RS-676US has feather touch controls. Memory rewind-play. FM Dolby. A peak meter check switch. Our patented HPF head. High-gain low-noise transistors. Electronically controlled DC motor with twice the torque of our conventional motors. (1984) SL-P8 Digital Disc Player. The new Technics Digital Disc Players. Models SL-P8 and SL-P7. Now lasers and computers give you the one experience your conventional audio system never could: Reality. Auto Music Scan automatically plays the first 10 seconds of every selection. Fluorescent Display. There's even an infrared remote control. (1984) Technics Stereo Cassette Deck M245X. They don't just reduce tape noise. They eliminate it. Because unlike other decks that give you only one or the other, now we give you: Dolby B noise reduction for compatibility with your present tape collection. Dolby C for compatibility with the new C encoded tapes. And dbx to eliminate virtually every decibel of audible tape noise. All in one deck. (1989) SL-PC20, 5 Disc CD Changer. Our 5-Disc CD Changer Model SL-PC20 gives you at least 5 hours of uninterrupted playing time. Top-loading rotary design. Allows you to play any combination of five 3-inch or 5-inch discs in a row. It has a 25-key wireless remote control. And a high-speed linear access motor. (2000) DVD-Audio Video Player DVD-A10, Mamoru Takahara. Shot live at Kioi Hall. Tokyo, Japan. From the sweetest violins to the thunderous timpani, Takahara's passion with the music becomes your own. If you can't be there to witness this phenomenon in person, we want you to hear it as if you were. With our newest Technics DVD-Audio / Video player and DVD-Audio ready components, you can. (2000) Technics DVD Audio Video Player DVA-A10 - 30th Anniversary. 1970 Revolutionary Direct Drive Turntable. 1977 Open Reel Tape Recorder. 1981 Programmable Linear Tracking Turntable. 1989 Professional CD Player. 1995 Home Theater Receiver. 2000 DVD Audio. 30 years of creating pure sound. (1980) Stereo Receiver SA-505 - With all the receivers to choose from, how do you make the right choice? By comparing power, performance and price. It's the only meaningful way to tell how much receiver you're getting for your money. So compare. The SA-505 shown, mentions the SA-404. (1976) Technics Direct Drive Turntables. By Panasonic. Radio stations use it. Discos abuse it. Manual SL-1500. Semi-automatic SL-1400. Fully automatic single disc SL-1300. The world's first direct-drive changer, the SL-1350. Also shown: SL-1100A and SL-1200. (1982) SA-828 Receiver. Beyond quartz, the world's most precise tuning system, lies a new ability to expand sound. (1982) SL-1950 Direct-Drive Changer. The changer that outperforms all of our competitors' changers and many of their high-priced manuals. (1980) MK2 Series Turntables. Your next turntable should be as accurate as the ones many radio stations use. Now you can get professional performance in Technics quartz-synthesizer MK2 Series: The SL-1800 manual, the SL-1700 semi-automatic and the SL-1600 fully automatic. (1979) Technics D Series Turntables. Ask any disc jockey about direct-drive specifications as accurate as these and he'll tell you how important they are. He'll also tell you how expensive they are. Unless he's heard about Technics D Series turntables. (1977) Technics Receivers. SA-5760, SA-5560, SA-5460, SA-5360, SA-5160, SA-5060. (1978) RS-M85 Cassette Deck. You know what Technics quartz-locked direct drive does for records. Now listen to what it does for cassettes. (1981) SA-626 Receiver. No tuning system on earth is more precise than quartz. Technics quartz-synthesized receivers. (1980) RS-M51 Tape Deck. A new intelligence in a metal tape deck. After it senses the bias and EQ levels, it precisely controls the recording levels. (1976) Technics RS-63OUS Cassette Deck. The medium-priced cassette deck with high-priced performance. (1980) RS-M63 Tape Deck. Before you spend $380 on a metal tape deck, make sure it has 3 heads and double Dolby. (1976) Technics SL-1500 Turntable. It has the Technics direct-drive system. The same direct-drive system FM radio stations use. And More!

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Technics Electronics! Download Vintage Full-Size High Resolution Images! 24 Magazine Ads in this package. Products include: (1980) Model SA-818 Receiver. Technics SA-616 and SA-818. Two uncommon receivers because of the two things they have in commo
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