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Franklin Mint Magazine Ads Package

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Franklin Mint! Download Vintage Full-Size High Resolution Images! 108 Magazine Ads in this package.

Products include: (1988) Franklin Heirloom Country Store Dolls. America's best-loved trademarks re-created in an heirloom collection of twelve hand-painted porcelain dolls. Dutch Boy, Morton Salt Girl and Fisk Tire Toddler. (1988) Franklin Mint Precision Models. Authorized Model of America's Greatest Luxury Car. The greatest "Duesy" of them all - the 1930 Duesenberg J Derham Tourster. Officially authorized by the Heritage Plantation of Sandwich Antique Automobile Museum on Cape Cod where an original is maintained in perfect order. (1988) Franklin Mint The Lady and the Unicorn. An original work of art by George McMonigle. (1984) Franklin Gallery Challenging Stallions. An original sculpture by Lanford Monroe, crafted in cold-cast bronze and hand-finished. (1989) Franklin Mint The Viking Knife. Wrought of Tempered Steel. 24 Karat Gold. Sterling Silver. Hand-Set Crystal Cabochons. Sid Birt, acknowledged the world's best knife maker and winner of the prestigious Beretta Award, captures the bold, adventurous spirit of the ancient Norsemen. (1986) Franklin Mint The Dance of the Celestial Dragon. By Chien-Ying May. A magnificent porcelain vase by a great Chinese master of our time. (1978) Franklin Porcelain The Flowers of Holland Thimble Collection. Authorized by The Royal Dutch Horticultural Society - twelve collector's thimbles of fine porcelain, created by the internationally renowned artist Ronald Van Ruyckevelt. (1991) Franklin Mint The Crystal Power Ring. (1988) Franklin Mint Le Cordon Bleu de Paris. Porcelain Mould Collection. (1982) Franklin Porcelain The Meadowland Butterfly Vase. By British artist, John Wilkinson. (1986) Franklin Porcelain Conversation. Charming baby songbirds... captured with freshness and delight in fine porcelain... by Peter Barrett. (1992) Franklin Mint The Faberge Imperial Egg Collection. Twelve luxurious eggs from the House of Faberge. Crafted by artisans trained in the tradition of excellence established by the jeweler to the Czars of Imperial Russia. (1988) Franklin Mint The Rubies of the Nine Heavens Ring. A magnificent ring inspired by the land of the maharajas. (1978) Franklin Porcelain The First Ladies of the United States Thimble Collection. A collection of fine bone china thimbles, individually decorated in 24 karat gold. Each thimble bears an original cameo portrait of one of the forty-two First Ladies of the United States. (1992) Franklin Mint Precision Models The Crescent Limited. The ultimate fully motorized replica of America's most beautiful locomotive. (1979) Franklin Porcelain The Garden Birds Thimble Collection. By Peter Barrett. (1993) Franklin Mint The Antique Doll Plate. For the first time ever the esteemed Hanau Wilhelmsbad Doll Museum presents a Limited Edition Collector Plate, "The Antique Doll." An enchanting portrait of a magnificent Bebe doll, designed by Bru Jeune et Cie. (1995) Franklin Mint The Diamond Unicorn Plate. The First-Ever Collector Plate with a Genuine Diamond by artist Kirk Reinert. (1995) Franklin Mint The Mask of Tutankhamun. Every feature of the pharaoh's likeness meticulously sculptured in Tesori porcelain. (1981) Franklin Porcelain Surprise. Portraying a charming little tiger cub. Designed for the World Wildlife Fund by Eva Dalberg. (1981) Franklin Porcelain The American Goldfinch. An original sculptured bell by Peter Barrett. (1981) Franklin Mint The Official Tankards of London's Historic Pubs. The Bull's Head. The Angel. The Flask. The City Barge. The Lamb and Flag. A collection of fine pewter tankards in miniature. The Cheshire Cheese, a favorite of such literary giants as Ben Johnson, Voltaire and Charles Dickens. The Trafalgar and the Prospect of Whitby. The Black Friar, London Apprentice and the Red Lion. (1989) Franklin Mint Crystal Caper. Crystal sculpture by James Carpenter. (1981) Franklin Mint The Woodland Animals. Miniature Pewter Sculptures by artist Jane Lunger. (1982) Franklin Porcelain Amy. The renowned illustrator of "Little Women" creates her first porcelain sculptures... Tasha Tudor. To celebrate the 150th anniversary of author Louisa May Alcott's birth. (1982) Franklin Mint The Official Flags of All Nations. Finely minted miniatures of pure gold on solid sterling silver. (1980) Franklin Porcelain The Empress Josephine's Rose Garden. Miniature Limoges porcelain box collection. A limited edition issue of the French National Horticultural Society. "Austrian Gold," Rosa Mundi, "Austrian Copper," Rose d'Amour, "Empress Josephine," Multiflora Carnea. (1988) Franklin Mint Curio Cabinet Cats. Each one unique. Beautifully crafted in bronze, crystal, brass, porcelain, pewter, Chinese jade glass and more. (1984) Franklin Heirloom Dolls The Strawberry Girl. By Kate Lloyd Jones. She is the first in a suite of costume dolls portraying Covent Garden vendors like The Lavender Girl, The Milkmaid and The Ribbon and Lace Seller. (1978) Franklin Porcelain The Grimm's Fairy Tales Plate. By European artist Carol Lawson. (1980) Franklin Porcelain Hummingbird's of the World. The World Wildlife Fund announces a most important new porcelain collection by artist Robin Hill. (1989) Franklin Mint The Official Vietnam Veterans Memorial Bronze. Created under the supervision of Frederick E. Hart, the artist who sculpted the original. (1992) Franklin Mint Beginners Luck. By James Killen. (1987) Franklin Mint The Treasure Coins of the Caribbean. A collection of 25 sterling silver Proof coins, issued by the government of the British Virgin Islands. (1989) Franklin Mint Jewels of the Sea. A collection of spectacular tropical fish transformed into fine porcelain by Richard Ellis. (1988) Franklin Heirloom Dolls Cinderella. Bisque porcelain doll by Gerda Neubacher. (1988) Franklin Mint Goldfinch Crystal Bell. Announcing the world's first porcelain and crystal bell by Wilhelm Buehler. (1988) Franklin Mint Precision Models 1954 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing. (1988) Franklin Mint The Jim Bowie Knife. (1992) Franklin Mint The Treasures of Tutankhamun. And More!

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Franklin Mint! Download Vintage Full-Size High Resolution Images! 108 Magazine Ads in this package. Products include: (1988) Franklin Heirloom Country Store Dolls. America's best-loved trademarks re-created in an heirloom collection of twelve hand-p
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