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General Electric (GE) Appliances Magazine Ads Package

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General Electric (GE) Appliances! Download Vintage Full-Size High Resolution Images! 101 Magazine Ads in this package.

Products include: (1934) GE All Steel Refrigerators. An amazing story of Faithful Performance! (1936) Thrift Unit. The famous sealed-in-steel G-E Thrift Unit - that requires no attention, not even oiling - was introduced nearly nine years ago. It revolutionized refrigeration costs. (1937) GE Triple-Thrift Refrigerators. Saves on Price! Saves on Current! Saves on Upkeep! Oil-Cooling and Forced-Feed Lubrication are exclusive G-E features! (1963) Spacemaker Model TC-479X. You don't have to search for frozen food - General Electric rolls it out to you. (1978) 1937 GE Refrigerator Jane Prater. From Tyler, Texas. Monitor Top Model. GE Side-by-Side. Elouise Prater, Temple, Texas. (1951) GE Food Freezer Model NA-11. Has three convenient baskets, one wide enough for large pies. The lids are counterbalanced to permit fingertip lifting. (1948) Alnico Magnetic Door. Seals itself tight to prevent the loss of precious cold air. (1935) G-E Monitor Top Refrigerator. Electric Flatop. Liftop. Monitor Top X4 - Specially designed for small homes and apartments. (1948) Photo: Art Linkletter, genial Master of Cermonies on radio's greatest daytime show, "The G-E House Party." (1956) GE Wall Refrigerator-Freeze Canary Yellow. Puts all foods at your eye level! (1964) GE Spacemaker Refrigerator TC-479Y. Dependable Self-Filling Ice Tray refills with water automatically when freezer drawer is closed. (1956) Book-Shelf Freezer Canary Yellow. Choice of left or right-hand door. Puts twice as much food within easy reach as a chest freezer! (1959) GE Straight-Line Refrigerator-Freezer. With Swing-Out Shelves has automatic defrosting in the refrigerator. Big zero-degree Roll-Out Freezer, Magnetic Safety Door, Swing-Out Vegetable Bins, Mix-or-Match colors. (1954) Upright Freezer. Holds 525 pounds! Yet this new 15-cubic-foot freezer takes less than one square yard of floor area. (1962) GE Spacemaker Refrigerators. No defrosting ever... with Frost-Guard! With big Roll-Out Freeze. (1972) J500XL Range. It cleans fast. Automatically. With our unique P-7 Total-Clean Oven System. (1955) Spacemaker Range. Compact, to fit small space... yet see the huge oven and other "big-range" features. (1959) GE Keyboard Cooking Range. Model J-408. Let's you bake, boil, roast, grill... barbecue, too... without being "tied to the stove"! (1959) Range Model J-308. It's automatic! (1956) GE Petal Pink Range. New range in a Mix-or-Match Color: canary yellow, turquoise green, petal pink, cadet blue, woodtone brown, satin white. (1962) Americana Model J790. 2 Full Ovens... Yet Only 30 Inches Wide. Turquoise Green. (1974) GE Ranges P-7 Self-Cleaning Ovens. The eye-level oven Model J785, The wall oven Model JK19R and J845 range. (1990) White on White. A full-line of appliances from GE. (1978) Microwave Cooking Center. It combines the speed and convenience of microwaving with the traditional benefits of conventional cooking, and fits comfortably in your current kitchen space. The range is also available with ceramic glasstop cooking surface. (1981) GE Grill Griddle Range. It has a cooktop that comes with interchangeable grill, griddle and Calrod plug-in cooking elements. (1986) Induction Cooktop. Unlike ordinary electric, gas and ceramic cooktops, it's induction method of cooking creates heat only in the cookware itself. (1990) GE Electronic Downdraft Cooktop. Now you can enjoy restaurant cooking. Without any reservations. Wall Refrigerator Freezer puts all foods at your eye level! New GE Wall Refrigerator comes in these Mix-or-Match colors: Canary Yellow, Turquoise Green, Petal Pink, Cadet Blue, Woodtone Brown - or White. So much room for all your foods. GE Monitor Top. 1950's GE refrigerator. Big GE side-by-side refrigerator. The Steele Family. Jane Steele, Verona, New Jersey. Great Aunt Agnes Splna, West Orange, New Jersey. Mary Ellen Steele Burns, Totowa, New Jersey. Junior Flat Top Refrigerator. Prices as low as $99.50 (1933). Monitor Top All-Steel Refrigerator. All-Steel Cabinet with stainless porcelain interior. Stainless steel quick freezing chamber. Sliding shelves, adjustable in height. Auxiliary foot-pedal opener. Automatic interior lighting. Temperature Control. Semi-automatic defrosting. Freezes more ice faster. Mechanism requires no attention - not even oiling. Spacemaker Refrigerator TC-479X. This big General Electric Spacemaker gives you almost twice as much room inside as an old G-E 10 cubic foot refrigerator (1948-1952) yet uses no more kitchen space. Big 5.8 cubic foot freezer rolls food out in plain sight. To re-fill ice tray, just close the freezer. No defrosting ever, not even in the Roll-Out Freezer. The entire mechanism of the GE Icing Unit is housed on top of the cabinet in one hermetically sealed casing. It marks an entirely new conception of electric refrigeration (1927). A GE Refrigerator is one sure way of making life easier for the woman who runs the house. Makes it Safe to be Hungry. It cuts marketing trips, it simplifies menu planning, it gives new ease and variety to cooking. It keeps foods safely, healthfully fresh. Plan your color gay kitchen around General Electric's built-in range. GE Mix-or-Match colors simplify the job of decorating your kitchen, by making sure that colors match exactly or combine well with each other. Same colors are used for all GE major appliances, Textolite counter tops and cabinets. With the General Electric Stratoliner, you simply push buttons to get all the wonderful advantages of G-E Speed Cooking! Calrod Units, Extra Hi-Speed Utility Unit, Automatic Oven Timer, No-Stain Oven Vent, Hi-Style Backsplash, Pushbuttons, Tel-A-Cook Lights Huge Master Oven, Smaller Speed Oven, Super Broiler and Built-In Pressure Cooker! Americana Range - GE invented the self-cleaning oven. Now we introduce a range with an oven that cleans itself, the oven racks, the reflector trays and the oven. You just pop the dirty pieces into the P-7 oven. 

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General Electric (GE) Appliances! Download Vintage Full-Size High Resolution Images! 101 Magazine Ads in this package. Products include: (1934) GE All Steel Refrigerators. An amazing story of Faithful Performance! (1936) Thrift Unit. The famous seal
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