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Rambler Magazine Ads Package

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Rambler! Download Vintage Full-Size High Resolution Images! 36 Magazine Ads in this package.

Products include: (1959) Rebel Country Club Hardtop. Cartoon by Willard Mullin. The Center Who Dribbled Away His Money. (1961) Rambler Classic Custom Cross Country - The first Ceramic-Armored Muffler and Tailpipe. (1963) Rambler Ambassador 990 Wagon. Lockable compartment in rear floor. Classic Six 770 Sedan. New! Scena-Ramic Curved Glass Side Windows. New! Twin-Stick Floor Shift. All-New Rambler American 440-H Hardtop. Glamorous new Convertible with power top. (1965) Rambler Ambassador. New Spectacular Sports-Car Flair - Sporty reclining bucket seats. New! Three Sizes for 1965. Ambassador, Classic and American. (1962) Article by George Romney, President, American Motors Corporation. In the 1962 car announcements there will be so many names, models, and sizes, that people will be confused. You will be asked to "think big, think compact, or think small" as to the size or kind of car you need. WE recommend, instead, that you "Think Hard." Think hard about the things you want most in your next car. Rambler Ambassador V8 990 Sedan (1963) Looks longer, actually isn't. 250 hp (270 optional). Floor shift, bucket seats with console, headrests optional. Treat yourself to the luxury of Ramblers - the New Shape of Quality. American Motors. Ambassador V-8, Cedric Adams (1959) Mr. Northwest to many thousands of readers of his well-known newspaper column, and a popular figure with radio and television audiences. A Unique Combination of Luxury and Convenience. writes Cedric Adams. Maneuverability, riding comfort and response are just some of the joys I've experienced in my station wagon. Rambler Ambassador Wagon (1962) Makes Downhills Out of Uphills. The new slant on fun driving is a ready, robust and rollicking V-8 that would rather go uphill than down - and does both with superb ease. It's a sizzler. Rambler American 220 Sedan (1967) 2 Door Sedan. Do Americans want a car with American size, safety and performance at economy import prices? You're darned right they do! American 440 Convertible (1963) So smart, so spirited, so low priced! Powered with big-action 6-cylinder overhead valve engine that holds more major economy wins than all other compact cars! Rambler American Custom Sedan (1961) 4 Door. The leading economy compact car. Classic, the all-purpose compact car. Ambassador V-8, the high-performance luxury compact. Rambler Classic 770 Hardtop (1963) And Classic 770 Cross Country Station Wagon. Beautifully balanced, big inside and trim outside. Six or 198 hp V-8. Double-Safety Brake System, Ceramic-Armored exhaust system Optonal Shift-Command Flash-O-Matic transmission and Advanced Unit Construction. (1965) Love Letters to Ramblers. Photo: Carl L. Klocker. The Klocker family are experts. They have thirteen Ramblers in their past and present and are still buying. Read why they remain so loyal. Classic Convertible (1965) Top-down fun car. Longer, livelier, outmaneuvers all competitive cars. World's most advanced powerplants, Torque Command Sixes offer up to 155 hp. New! V-8 options up to 270 hp. 5 transmissions, including floor-stick automatic. Rambler Contest (1962) You may have already Won! In The Ramblers Success Celebration $1,000,000 Prize Party. First Prizes: Lucky Number Winners can choose from: American 400 Convertibles, Classic Six 400 Wagons or Ambassador V-8 400 Sedans. Cross Country Station Wagon (1962) Amazing vacation machine! With luggage Travel Rack, Airliner Reclining Seat. Outhauls bigger cars. Saves you money. Double-Safety Brake System. Performs better. In short, it makes the finest vacation you ever spent. Ogden Nash (1958) TV panelist and author of the best-selling book of humorous verse, You Can't Get There From Here, looked over the 1958 crop of bigger, longer cars, but chose Ramblers instead, about which he rhymes enthusiastically. (Love Lyric). Rambler Custom Sedan (1959) 4-Door. Big car room, small car economy. Not only outsells most big cars, but also outsells the top five foreign makes combined. Deep-Dip Rustproofing (1962) Our Consumer Progress Sharing Report. All our car bodies go through the exclusive rust proofing process. Here, the body is immersed - right up to the roof - in a huge, 40-foot-long tank of rust proofing primer paint. Rambler X-Ray Books (1963) Comparisons of 1963 Cars: Classic, Ambassador, Fairlane, Galaxie, Meteor, Chevrolet, Tempest, Olds F-85, Special and Plymouth. Ramblers win Motor Trend Magazine Award: Car Of The Year. Ambassador 990 Sedan (1965) 4 Door. Bold, handsome and sleek. Power to fit any need, up to 327 cu. in. V-8 option. Love Letters to Ramblers. Robert Ortenstein, Drug Company Sales Executive has his eyes opened about our cars and dealers. Read how he changed his opinions about car buying now and in the future. And More!

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Rambler! Download Vintage Full-Size High Resolution Images! 36 Magazine Ads in this package. Products include: (1959) Rebel Country Club Hardtop. Cartoon by Willard Mullin. The Center Who Dribbled Away His Money. (1961) Rambler Classic Custom Cross
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