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Chris-Craft Boats Magazine Ads Package

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Chris-Craft Boats! Download Vintage Full-Size High Resolution Images! 24 Magazine Ads in this package.

Products include: (1930) Chris-Craft 24-Foot Runabout. 17-ft. Runabout. (1943) Post-War Chris-Craft. You can expect great things from Chris Craft after the war. Greater safety afloat. New styling... through new designs. Miracles of economy from war-born fuels. (1947) 16-ft. Chris-Craft Rocket. (1959) Chris-Craft 17-ft Ski Boat. Exciting new 19-ft. Silver Arrow, Inviting 32-ft. Commander, Handsome 35-ft. Constellation, Luxurious 40-ft. Conqueror, Majestic 55-ft. Constellation. World's Largest Builder of Motor Boats. (1987) Amerosport 412 Cruiser. Chris Craft introduces a new class of express cruisers, from twenty-three to forty-one feet. (1945) 22-ft Custom Sportsman. Deliveries of this and other new Runabouts, Utility Boats, Cruisers and Motor Yachts will begin shortly after wartime restrictions are relaxed. (1947) Chris-Craft 20-ft Custom Runabout. 22-ft. De Luxe Utility Boat. 25-ft. Express Cruiser. 36-ft. Double Stateroom Enclosed Cruiser. (1947) Chris-Craft Super Deluxe Enclosed Cruiser. (1959) Chris-Craft Sport Fisherman. 55-ft. Constellation, 18-ft. Continental, 19-ft. Silver Arrow, 31-ft. Constellation. Which new Chris Craft suits your boating pleasure - one of the exciting sports boats for skiing and fast action thrills... a cruiser for enjoying family togetherness afloat... or a motor yacht for live-aboard luxury voyages to faraway places? (1958) 19-ft. Silver Arrow, 20-ft. Sportsman, 21-ft. Continental, 25-ft. Semi-Enclosed Cruiser, 32-ft. Sedan, 38-ft. Constellation, 40-ft. Sport Fisherman, 55-ft. Constellation. (1956) Chris-Craft Futura Sports Express. New... Advance Design Showboat! Greatest line-up of sports boats, cruisers and motor yachts in boating history! 38-ft. Constellation, 55-ft. Constellation, 28-ft. Constellation, 26-ft. Sports Express, 25-ft. Cadet, 21-ft. Continental Landau, 17-ft. Sportsman. (1957) Chris-Craft Cavalier Boats. 19-ft. Semi-Enclosed Sports Cruiser and new Cavalier 16-ft. Sports Utility. New Sea Skiffs. 40-ft. Ski Skiff Cruiser with fishing bridge. 30-ft. Semi-Enclosed Sea Skiff Cruiser. 26-ft. Trunk Cabin Cruiser. New 22-ft. Open Sea Skiff. Chris Craft Boat Catalog (1953) Free Catalog tells how to cut the cost of boating in half! Shown: A new Chris-Craft Boat Kit (14-ft. De Luxe Runabout) ready to assemble! Sleek 18-ft. Outboard Express. Chris-Craft 8-ft. Pram Kit Boat. Sail Kit. Also, kits for 10-ft. Utility Racing Pram and 12-ft. Penguin Sailing Dinghy. 12-ft. Kit Rowboat. New Sportsman and Duckboat. Chris-Craft Cruiser Kits. 17-ft. Kit Speedboat. 31-ft. Express Cruiser. New Chris-Craft Boat Trailers. (1960) New Ski Skiffs, Cruisers, Ranger - The leaders in design, power, performance! World's Largest Builders of Motor Boats. Presenting the smartest, fastest, most comfortable boats yet to come from the world's largest builder of sea skiffs! Models from 18 feet through 40 feet...agile open utilities, versatile over-nighters, sleek sport fishermen, full-fledged cruisers! Completely new boats, "at home" in salt of fresh water, built for ruggedness and easy maintenance! Round-bilge, full lapstrake construction for unmatched seaworthiness! New hull interiors and arrangements...stepped-up power options, including new V8 engines! (1960) Continental, Conqueror, Constellation, Sportsman - Unmatched in quality and value. Nimble sports boats, and majestic cruisers and motor yachts...all eager to prove their performance matches their appearance! Wide choice of power options features surging new V8's and diesel marine engines! 21-ft. Continental. New 18-ft. Continental seats six. New 40-ft. Conqueror sleeps 8, twin engine options to 550-hp. New 27-ft. Constellation, 33-ft. Sport Fisherman, new 55-ft Constellation and new 17-ft. Sportsman. (1929) Chris Smith and Sons Boat Company - World's Largest Builders of All Mahogany Motor Boats. Wherever you may be, at home or abroad, our merchants await the pleasure of giving you and your friends a boat ride. In principal centers throughout the world, our demonstrators lie in the water awaiting only the touch of the starter button to unfold for you a remarkable experience in water motoring. 18 Models. Runabouts, Sedans, Commuters, Cruisers. (1945) Double Stateroom Enclosed Cruiser - And even this picture does not tell the story. For there are 2 complete staterooms forward, built-in dinette...complete ship's can sleep 6 in solid comfort and cruise where you choose at speeds up to 23 mph. Ready after Victory. We are 100% on war work now. (1959) Cavalier Express Cruiser, Sports Utility - New 23-ft. Cavalier, $3725 fully equipped. Thrilling speeds. Beautifully decorated, full-height toilet room, dinette, stainless steel in galley, refrigerator, foam mattresses. Engine options to "283" V8 power. Right: New mahogany finished 15-ft. inboard Sports Utility, speeds to 38 mph, priced from $1995. Chris-Craft DeLuxe Sedan (1930) 26 foot, 250 hp., Chris Craft Marine Motor, Speed up to 43 mph. A real, big-water pleasure craft. It makes all weather boating weather, wherever there is open water. Starting, lighting, steering devices and instrument boards are like those of a motor car. Runabouts, Sedans, Commuters, Cruisers, Yachts. And More!

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Chris-Craft Boats! Download Vintage Full-Size High Resolution Images! 24 Magazine Ads in this package. Products include: (1930) Chris-Craft 24-Foot Runabout. 17-ft. Runabout. (1943) Post-War Chris-Craft. You can expect great things from Chris Craft
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