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Evinrude Outboard Motors Magazine Ads Package

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Evinrude Outboard Motors! Download Vintage Full-Size High Resolution Images! 40 Magazine Ads in this package.

Products include: (1967) Evinrude Fishing Motors. Why do we build more fishing motors than anyone else? Because we've been building fishing motors longer than anyone else. And over the years, we've learned that the motor that fills the stringer for a Kentucky bass fisherman isn't always the answer for the man who goes for Mississippi River catfish, or Minnesota walleye, or Wisconsin muskellunge, or Florida snook, or Georgia bream. (1985) V-4 Power 120 and 140. More Cubes, Hotter Performance. (1950) Evinrude Cruis-A-Day Tank. Fastwin comes with separate 6-gallon Cruis-A-Day Tank. Fleetwin with Neutral-Forward and Safti-Grip Drive. (1965) What weighs 43 pounds?... Puts out 5 horsepower?... Gets lost in the trunk of a compact car?... Cuts the price of fish? It's Evinrude's brand new Angler. (1967) Evinrude 40 Lark. Meet the newest edition of Boating's Favorite Fun Machine. (1968) Triuimph 55. It puts fast runabouts and hot ski boats in the over-40 mph class. (1956) Evinrude Fisherman. Never was a motor more patly names! 5 1/2 horsepower, 51 pounds of everything a fishing motor ought to be. (1967) Evinrude Sportsman 155. If you like to fish, but don't like to abandon the wife and kids, The Sportsman is your kind of boat. (1969) Evinrude 85. Nothing in its power class is in its performance class. (1975) Finger-tip Tilt Motor. Makes tilting a 135 hp V-4 as easy as tilting a small fishing motor. (1942) Evinrude Outboard Motors Dealer. Visit your dealer... his store is "headquarters" for outboard motors and boating needs. (1940) Evinrude Mate Outboard. Weighs only 10 pounds. (1968) Evinrude Gull-Wing Boats. New Rogue II, Rogue I with a fold down windshield. Sportsman ans New GT Styled Playmate. (1940) Evinrude Zephyr. There's nothing like a four-cylinder outboard for marvelously smooth power flow and thrilling all-around performance! (1973) 135 Outboard. The twin rig for tournament skiing. (1953) Outboard Motors, 3 hp Lightwin - Prize Catch! Its Lightwin. 3 hp, only 32 lbs. Only $145. Prixe Catch is right, here's the handiest, lightest, full-powered motor that ever streaked the miles past the stern of a boat! Packed in its 32 trim pounds is a brimming measure of features, performance. Not a "single", but a beautifully balanced twin - smooth, fast-starting, quiet - the quietest of outboard motors. And Lightwin gives you the most important of light motor advancements - the famed Fisherman Drive! With it you can power through thick weeds and reeds - over rocks, deadheads, shallows...go "wherever there's water to float your boat!" (1956) Sportwin, Trailer Boating - Welcome to America's wonderful waterways. Trailer your boat to fun afloat! Seems like magic! (1955) 7.5 hp Fleetwin Aquasonic - Today you can choose a Whispering Power motor for any hull, small fishing boat to smart family cruiser. There's electric starting, too - with the brilliant Big Twin - the motor that "wrote the book" on big motor performance and finger touch starting. All are quiet! Electric Big Twin, 25 Aquasonic, hp. Big Twin Aquasonic, standard model. Fastwin Aquasonic, 15 horsepower. Fleetwin Aquasonic, 7 1/2 horsepower. Lightwin with Fisherman Drive, 3 hp. Evinrude 4 Motor (1941) Surging power for the finest of water sports: aquaplaning, water skiing, runabout racing, cruising, exploring. Four great four-cylinder Evinrudes to choose from, including the famous Zephyr. Write today for free catalogs, including catalog of 6 Elto models, also handy Boat and Motor Selector and Boat Guide of Leading Builders! (1974) 15 hp Fastwin, Electric or Rope Start - We put everything a fisherman wants in a motor he can carry. It's all there. (1960) 75 hp Starflite II - In case this is the only view you ever see of the 75 hp Starflite II, here's how it looks from the driver's seat. Try it and see why it's today's top-performance motor. (1960) Starflite II Ski Motor - Skiers never had it so good! The new Starflite II with Jetstream drive is the most versatile ski motor ever built. (1929) Speeditwin Twin Cylinder - Under Water Exhaust. More speed with improved quietness. (1974) Limited Edition Satin-Silver V-4 135 - The exciting new world of boating escape power. They're on the way to your dealer's now, 22 escape-inspired ways to get away. From 70 mph powerhouse V-4's to a tiny electric trolling motor. New super sophisticated "135" - A distinctively styled, limited edition satin-silver V-4 - with performance and luxury features no outboard at any price ever had before. New loop-charged "70" - Swift. Sleek. Strong. Loop-charged and pulse-tuned for performance and economy; power-geared for torque and thrust. New electric start "15" - All the features a fisherman could want; now, for the first time, in a motor he can carry. Electric and manual start. New low-profile 9.9 - Even smaller than our classic low-profile 9 1/2, and with all its great features plus exciting new ones. Electric and manual start. New Sport Evinrude - Now performance motors come in racing colors - with a bold new race "look" straight from the championship racing circuit. (1957) 35 hp Lark - Share the fun Family Style. Here's a family gift idea as full of promise as the first day of Spring! And so beautifully practical! Evinrude Lark II Outboard Motor (1960) New 40 hp Lark II. New power, new spirit and sports car go. A turn of the key - an instant start - will tell you something about its new automatic choke. Fleetwin (1953) 7.5. You've heard about it. Wait till you hear it! Whispering Power is on the way. Watch for announcement at your dealer's! And More!

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Evinrude Outboard Motors! Download Vintage Full-Size High Resolution Images! 40 Magazine Ads in this package. Products include: (1967) Evinrude Fishing Motors. Why do we build more fishing motors than anyone else? Because we've been building fishing
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