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COM 350 Final Exam

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COM 350 Final Exam

1. Which of the following is not a ramification of too much or too little status in an organization?

2. Contingency design theory suggest that when an organization exists in an unstable and highly complex environment, the organizational strategy used should include:

3. For rule systems to succeed in influencing employee behaviors.

4. Pete has a lot of faith in his employees, but he still makes most of the major decisions himself. What kind of manager would he be, according to Linkert’s PDM Theory?

5. An individual’s predisposition towards work, motivation to work, job satisfaction, and ways of dealing with peers, subordinates, and supervisors on the job are referred to as her or his what ? 

6. What characteristic of an organization is interrelated and interdependent to make the whole organization function?

7. Darren has realized that the best way to find out what is going on in the office is to hang out in the copy room. This is an example of what type of network?

8. Paul and Henry work within the same division in a large corporation. The two quickly became friends because they are both middle aged. Which type of homophily explains how this occurs?

9. Nancy, a low level employee, is e-mailing an organization vice-president about an idea she has for the organization. This is a form of what type of communication?

10. Jessica works in an organization that has many managers, who have managers over them. In fact, the organization hierarchical is very complex. What kind of structure does Jessica work in?

11. An individual’s position in a group organization is referred to as an individual’s

12. The process of stimulating meaning in the mind of another person or persons through the use of non verbal message is referred to as

13. Alfanso is very disgruntled with the status quo within her organization and despises the hierarchy within the organization. What organizational orientation does Alfonso have ?

14. What are the five factors of credibility?

15. Steve never seems to find out about what is going on in his organization until it is too late. He never seems to hear anything that is going on. Steve is an example of what type of person in an informal communications system?

16. Which form of homophily is created when two people are not honest about who they are and what their attitudes, beliefs and values are?

17. Which orientation to management believes that it is possible to integrate the goals of the organization with the goals of the individuals?

18. The influence granted to individuals as a result of their status or formal role in the organization is

19. Phil’s management communication style tends to consist of a high concern for task and a high concern for people. Which leadership style does he possess?

20. What is the phenomenon in which more communications or information comes into a unit or system than the unit or system can cope with or handle effectively?

21. Organizations require us to sacrifice some of our independence and replace it with:

22. Dwight encourages his subordinates to communicate with him and with their peers and tries to make communication very interactive. What management communication style does Dwinght have?

23. Role negotiation occurs when employees:

24. Sam and Hailey are very good friends. Sam can get Hailey to do things for him by mentioning that if she were a “good friend” she’s do it. Which type of power is Sam using?

25. Which of the following statements is false about the relationship between cultures and organizations?

26. Which of the following sets of needs create that all organizations must face ?

27. The basic constituents of a system are

28. What is the viewing of one’s culture as the center of the universe?

29. Organizations that face turbulent environments are most effective when their communication systems

30. Group think occur more often among what type of groups?

31. Participatory decision making has been shown to:

32. Organizational stories play which of the following functions?

33. Participants in an organizational ceremony of integration can be expected to feel:

34. Cross-functional teams are constituted to ensure that:

35. Traditional models of organization power suggest that:

36. Whitney walks on her coworker Andrew who is crying. Whitney asks Andrew what is wrong, to which he responds, “Nothing”. This is an example of which of the functions of nonverbal messages?

37. Asking technical questions instead of practical question….

38. Network organizations motivate and control their units and their units’ members through:

39. Conflict frames include preferences about:

40. Which of the following statements is correct about decision making?

COM 350 Final Exam 1. Which of the following is not a ramification of too much or too little status in an organization? 2. Contingency design theory suggest that when an organization exists in an unstable and highly complex environment, the organiz
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