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BCOM 426 Final Exam

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BCOM 426 Final Exam


1. In machine-assisted interpersonal communication, feedback is often limited to one channel, and is often difficult.

2. In both Internet-based and traditional mass communication, the source usually knows a great deal about the receiver.

3. Over time, mass communication has become less and less segmented.

4. Mass media can transmit values by enforcing social norms.

5. One key assumption of the functional approach to mass communication is that media use is driven by needs.

6. The arrival of writing was a great equalizer in society because information and knowledge were widely transmitted.

7. The first mass medium bringing music, news, talk, and sports into people's homes was radio.

8. The news value known as proximity reflects the fact that we value events that happen to important people.

9. Because TV is better at transmitting experience or impressions, it is better suited for in depth analysis and complex interpretations than is print news.

10. Print and TV journalism are similar in that they both should strive equally to uphold basic values and journalistic principles.

11. Though they can be interesting, blogs are not an influential force in online news reporting.

12. Public relations is similar to advertising, but advertising uses interpersonal communication much more.

13. The Internet has had little effect on the PR industry.

14. Advertisements for restaurant supplies are business-to-business ads, while ads for household cleaners are consumer ads.

15. Nontraditional forms of advertising are being explored by companies trying to reach customers who use new technology (DVR, iPod) to take more control over their media choices.

16. Radio ads maximize reach, frequency and selectivity, and minimize cost.

17. Message research is conducted during and after an advertising campaign to see how well the ads perform.

18. Selective demand is emphasized during the growth stage of the product life cycle.

19. The FCC interprets rather than makes law.

20. The Telecommunications Act of 1996 introduced sweeping changes affecting cable companies and phone companies, but not broadcasters.

21. In general, commercial speech receives the same amount of First Amendment protection as do other forms of speech.

22. Many broadcast and cable networks have standards and practices departments, which determine whether content is acceptable or not.

23. The advertising industry has no real self-regulatory system in place to deal with complaints about advertisers or advertisements.

24. The information obtained on the Internet must be viewed with caution, because the Internet's lack of gatekeepers means no guarantees of accuracy.

25. The Internet seems to have the most impact on TV usage.

26. Three of the primary factors of the mass communication audience are its dispersion, size, and:

27. Which of the following is true of traditional mass communication organizations?

28. Which of the following has increased the mobility of the mass media?

29. Which of the following is a media vehicle?

30. Consequences of relying on the mass media for interpretation include:

31. Moving pictures helped bring about the concept of:

32. Which of the following statements about TV is NOT true?

33. As a result of the digital revolution:

34. Which of the following statements about advertising is true?

35. The ultimate goal of _____ is to generate a profit for the firm by consummating the exchange of products.

36. Piggly-Wiggly is a supermarket chain that is only found in the southeastern United States. You would expect the supermarket to use _____ advertising if it were trying to convince Southerners its products were competitive, and its prices were lowest.

37. If a scheduled story about a boating accident on Monday gets pulled from Tuesday's paper to make space for something else, bcom 426 final exam. that story might not run in Wednesday's paper because of the _______ news value.

38. Hard news, which is the dominant type of news covered, usually reflects all of the traditional news values except:

39. How have blogs affected journalism?

40. The trend toward ordinary people becoming amateur reporters is called:

41. Public relations is best considered a __________ function.

42. Advertising serves a(n) _________ function in society.

43. The first medium allowing for truly national advertising was:

44. Of the following media, which has the lowest reach?

45. ________ occurs when companies create messages that are so intriguing that consumers share them with others.

46. The purpose of _____ is to conceive, analyze, and creatively select channels of communication that will direct advertising messages to the right people in the right place at the right time.

47. What is the status of copyright on the Internet?

48. What is the relationship between the First Amendment and advertising?

49. Which of the following is a social implication of the Internet?

50. Which medium may play the greatest role in socialization?

BCOM 426 Final Exam True/False 1. In machine-assisted interpersonal communication, feedback is often limited to one channel, and is often difficult. 2. In both Internet-based and traditional mass communication, the source usually knows a great dea
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