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DVD Combination PLDZ-23

Are you interested in learning everything there is to know about doing readings, HERE and NOW!?

This set combines our Tarot DVD set, Palm DVD set and Tea Leaf DVD set in ONE GIANT SET of downloads.  

Please note that it is several files, and some of them are large and will take some time to download....


For the psychic entertainer or Tarot Guru wannabe!  This class has been put together by an experienced teacher of Tarot.

Dean, your instructor has been reading tarot since the age of 4, teaching tarot for over 18 years and reading in an entertainment environment for over 15 years.  He has it all- The new age knowledge, The business know-how, the performer’s experience and more.

Dean has been teaching full day Tarot seminar for years and compiles much of that material, and the information from his Tarot with ‘Tude and Tarot CD set into this newly filmed DVD course.  For the FIRST TIME however, in addition to teaching a full system of Tarot card reading, Dean will share he secrets as a professional psychic entertainer, and his philosophy and theories about doing readings for the public as entertainment.  He will tell you the dangers and things to watch out for, help you work within your OWN beliefs (If you believe it this stuff or think it is all crap you CAN still do readings from an ethical place.) teach you how to make MONEY!

In this program you will learn a system of reading that is legitimate to those who believe in such things BUT it will allow you to interpret any deck of cards you might come across, even playing cards.  The instructional sections feature visual and auditory mnemonics build into comfortable animated and live video segments created in HD format.

This program will also be augmented through this page with occasional updates, expansions, hand outs and more. 

Plus, if you purchase this DVD directly from us, you can always E mail questions and get follow up consultation if you are confused about a given card or have a question about a given situation.  In fact, your e mails and questions will become additional follow up material for the benefit of ALL who purchase this set.

Also Includes DVD rom Content, PDF special version of Tarot With 'Tude book- a $19 value!

Note- the Downloads do NOT include subtitles.

TEA LEAF DVD details

In this new 2 DVD set we are tackling a subject matter that is seldom written about and one which can be daunting for the new reader to learn.

Dean will teach you, as he does members of the lay public and new age customers.  He will teach you the "For Real" methods used by tea leaf readers around the globe.

Using one on one narratives and interesting animated segments, you will learn how to interpret the various blobs, clumps and smears within the bottom of a tea cup.  But that is not all...  We are really going all out to try and give you a lot of BANG for your buck!

Because there is so much information in this set about symbolism and shapes, we will include DVD rom content on disc 2 that will have PDF files you can print out to study and learn from.

We are including bonus material in the form of several OTHER methods of readings that are similar to Tea Leaf Reading- these include:

Blei Giessen- A German method of divination using metal figurines that are melted down and tossed into water.  Still practiced today, this New Years Eve tradition is relatively unknown in the USA.

Wax Splatter Readings- This traditional method of reading popular among Santaria and similar religions, involves colorful wax, splattered into a dish of water.  A Nice alternative to Tea Leaf Reading in many circumstances.

Dry Tea and Herb Readings-  What do you do if you are not allowed (Or interested) in serving or drinking tea?  Here is a way to do tea leaf readings that using DRY tea or other herbs.  Never shared before.

Lip Stick Print Reading-  WOW this is a popular one with the ladies and for those who perform in convention environments. A simple lip print on a card and ALL can be revealed... Ok, maybe not all.

And as usual, we will discuss some of the business aspects of doing readings, Logistics of Tea Leaf Readings, What kind of tea to use, how to use Bag Teas and Loose Teas and much more!

 You can go here to see the description on our website

Palm DVD details

Palm Reading DVD set as a digital Download

This Two DVD set will have approximately three hours of video instruction supported by various animated segments to make learning Palm Reading FOR REAL as easy as it can be. Dean has taught many to read palms and knows how to teach a unique system that prepares you for almost anything you may come accross in a palm reading and readies you to interpret it, EVEN if it is the first time you have seen that particular line or symbol. 

Through Dean's conversational instruction and animation, you will learn just about everything you need to start doing highly competative palm readings in your market.

You will learn about the two different schools of palmistry, The Mountains of the hands, Elemental hand shapes, The Lines, Fingers and more. In addition, Dean teaches ADVANCED material about the significance of shapes, and unusual things one might see in a hand, as well as the significance of JEWELRY when word on the hand or fingers- material RARELY taught in Palm Reading classes.


Are you interested in learning everything there is to know about doing readings, HERE and NOW!? This set combines our Tarot DVD set, Palm DVD set and Tea Leaf DVD set in ONE GIANT SET of downloads. Please note that it is several files, and some o
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