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For a limited time, subscribe to Futures Truth and receive our 3 Day Trading Tool absolutely FREE!  Learn More about the 3 Day Trading Tool here ----> http://bit.ly/2kUynMb

Each issue of Futures Truth Magazine is packed with a variety of information. The heart of each issue of course, is our Master Performance Table. In it, we rank and show performance on over 200 different 100% mechanical publicly offered commodity trading systems.

Also included in each issue is a complete vendor index giving you contact and pricing information for every system we track. But that’s not all we offer – we also include interesting interviews with trading system developers, articles on a wide variety of industry related topics ranging from “The 5 Biggest Mistakes Traders Make” to “Knowing When to Stop Giving Back Profits” and lots more.

George’s Corner is also a special feature in each issue. George Pruitt, our Director of Research, gives you an educated, in-depth look at indicators, systems, and many other technical related items. You’ll also find Book Reviews, Product Reviews, Press Releases from the CFTC and the NFA, and lots more.

Futures Truth Magazine is published quarterly.

What Issues does my subscription cover?  Your subscription will include 4 quarterly issues of Futures Truth Magazine, beginning with Issue #4/2016.  

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False Profits: Exposing Bias with Independent Performance Audits (Part IV-Chance & Consequences)

In the fourth installment of Andrew Danik's excellent series, "False Profits", the author illustrates that our decisions based on outcomes from models influenced by randomness, simple or complex, can be unduly biased.  He drives this point home with the unlikely outcome of the election of Donald Trump.  Most polls had a Clinton victory gauged at an eighty plus percent probability.  Even though the historical models pointed to a Clinton victory, the real-time variables were just simply too diverse.  Andrew also illustrates outcome bias through the simplest of random models, the coin toss.

George's Corner: Torture Your Algorithms with Monte Carlo and Start Trade Draw-down Analysis

Randomness is usually a trader's nemesis, but when it comes to Monte Carlo analysis George turns the table and utilizes it as a very powerful tool to help eliminate the same bias that Andrew Danik describes in his article.  George also takes a look at Keith Fitschen's Start Trade Draw down analysis.

The Hull Moving Average Evolution into the Leavitt Market Projections with an Associated Probability

This article by Jay Leavitt initially discusses the Hull Moving Average, focusing on the quickness and smoothing aspects of the indicator.  He then introduces his Leavitt Projection and Leavitt Convolution constructs, which are based on linear regression.  Jay then does a comparative analysis on the reaction times between different moving averages and his regression based projection and convolution.

And, as always....

Top Ten Tables (updated through November 2016)

Systems Ranked by Commodity

Master Performance Table (200+ systems currently tracked)

Vendor Directory

and More!!

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For a limited time, subscribe to Futures Truth and receive our 3 Day Trading Tool absolutely FREE! Learn More about the 3 Day Trading Tool here ---- http://bit.ly/2kUynMb Each issue of Futures Truth Magazine is packed with a variety of information.
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