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For a limited time, subscribe to Futures Truth and receive our 3 Day Trading Tool absolutely FREE!  Learn More about the 3 Day Trading Tool here ----> http://bit.ly/2kUynMb

Each issue of Futures Truth Magazine is packed with a variety of information. The heart of each issue of course, is our Master Performance Table. In it, we rank and show performance on over 200 different 100% mechanical publicly offered commodity trading systems.

Also included in each issue is a complete vendor index giving you contact and pricing information for every system we track. But that’s not all we offer – we also include interesting interviews with trading system developers, articles on a wide variety of industry related topics ranging from “The 5 Biggest Mistakes Traders Make” to “Knowing When to Stop Giving Back Profits” and lots more.

George’s Corner is also a special feature in each issue. George Pruitt, our Director of Research, gives you an educated, in-depth look at indicators, systems, and many other technical related items. You’ll also find Book Reviews, Product Reviews, Press Releases from the CFTC and the NFA, and lots more.

Futures Truth Magazine is published quarterly.

What Issues does my subscription cover?  Your subscription will include 4 quarterly issues of Futures Truth Magazine, beginning with Issue #1/2017 (published April 3, 2017).  

Already a subscriber?  You can still take advantage of this offer.  We will extend your subscription for an extra year based off of your current end date.



George's Corner: Efficient Frontier

The Markowitz mean-variance theory is considered classical asset allocation.  The overall objective, of this theory, is to derive an optimal portfolio where risk and return are analyzed simultaneously.  Harry Markowitz introduced the concepts in 1952 and was later awarded the Nobel Prize for his research.  In his installment George discusses the Modern Portfolio Theory and how it was designed to work.


False Profits: Exposing Bias with Independent Performance Audits (Part V-Plans & Follow-Through)

In the fifth installment of Andrew Danik’s “False Profits”, the author discusses how vital it is for traders to constantly monitor their trading plan and stick with their goal, always accounting for any potential red flags, unintended bias and ultimately knowing when to stick with a plan or cut your losses.  He intersperses his discussion with a very tragic and powerful story of a Canadian couple, who veer off course on their way to a trade show in Las Vegas, and ultimately end up losing their way in the mountains of Nevada – with devastating consequences.   It is interesting to see how Andrew analogously used this unfortunate incident to illustrate the challenges of trading.  


System Spotlight: STARES

Joe Bobek highlights one of the many outstanding systems tracked by Futures Truth, STARES, providing a brief description and performance numbers to the reader.


EURUSD: When Price Pattern Trumps Other "Reasons"

This was an eventful week in politics, monetary policy and the markets -- and to many observers, the three seemed to be linked.


And, as always....

Top Ten Tables (updated through February 2017)

Systems Ranked by Commodity

Master Performance Table (200+ systems currently tracked)

CFTC Enforcement Press Releases

Vendor Directory

and More!!


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For a limited time, subscribe to Futures Truth and receive our 3 Day Trading Tool absolutely FREE! Learn More about the 3 Day Trading Tool here ---- http://bit.ly/2kUynMb Each issue of Futures Truth Magazine is packed with a variety of information.
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